Social game v Old Oxleyans


It was one of those weekends where it seemed almost impossible to get a team together. Tom Robertson was struggling to get numbers for Saturday’s game and I was also struggling to get numbers for Sunday.

Before I get in to the details of the game, a massive thank you to Tommy and Graham Buck who helped muster up a few extra folks to get a team together. Also a special thank you to Charith Amarasinghe, Shehantha Dias, and Daniel Louw for helping out at short notice.

There was a bit of a drizzle on Saturday evening and we were hoping the ground would be good for a game as the covers hadn’t gone on. Upon arriving at Camperdown it was great to see the ground in fantastic shape…flat, dry, and lush. Sunday in Sydney was putting on a good show.

C.C.N.S.W. won the toss and put O.O.C.C. in on a green and somewhat furry wicket hoping to get a few early wickets. Whilst the opening bowlers (Tom Robertson and Graham Buck) started off well, we were unable to get an early breakthrough as the O.O.C.C. openers batted well and aggressively.

Charith Amarasinghe took over from Tom at one end and bowled economically to keep one end tight. Greg Briggs was introduced in the tenth over and immediately got their danger man J. Goring (39) out to a well-judged catch at deep square leg by Charith (1-60). O.O.C.C. sent in a pinch-hitter at number 3 to keep the momentum going. It worked as Hunter went on to score 50* after we dropped a chance at mid off. Greg’s fantastic control and clever variations were a treat to watch and he was the pick of the bowlers on the day.

Matt Abeysekera shuffled the bowlers around looking for wickets and also trying to get some of the new faces involved in the game. Before the drinks break, Tom Payne and Shehantha Dias shared the bowling duties on one end for four overs whilst Briggs was troubling the batsmen from the other. Briggs was rewarded for his efforts again in the sevententh over when he clean bowled their other opener S. Goodfellow for 40. (2-102). This was the last wicket C.C.N.S.W. would get for another 100 runs.

After the drinks break Matt brought himself on with Andrew Dadswell replacing Briggs at the other end but neither bowler had any success with the wickets and the O.O.C.C. batsmen managed to keep the runs flowing with Hunter and Lewis managing to get 50* and 53* respectively before retiring. Matt then took the gloves to give Leeroy Maurer a bowl and he struck in his second over to dismiss R. Jones for 3 (3-202) in the thirty second over.

Buck and Briggs were brought back on for the final six overs and they did a good job of limiting the boundaries. Tom Payne fielded well throughout the day but the highlight was his diving stop and direct hit at the bowlers end, fielding at mid-off to have N. Reinhardt run out for 21 when the striker Britton had called for a single. 4-229 in the thirty fifth over. O.O.C.C. ended on 4-267 off their 40 overs.

After a hearty arvo tea, we opened the batting with Ian Allmey and Matt Abeysekera. We were keen to get a good start but things didn’t quite work out when Ian fended an edge to the keeper in the second over after getting to 13 with 3 scoring shots (1-14 in the second over).

School kid Leeroy Maurer (making his debut for C.C.N.S.W.) joined Matt and impressed everyone with his very elegant left handed batting – Tommy take note 😉 Matt and Leeroy kept the scoreboard ticking over nicely with a constant serving of boundaries and quick ones and twos.

O.O.C.C. slowed things down by introducing the spin of Goring to the attack in the ninth over, who dismissed Leeroy in his first over – bowled after misreading the line of a straight one (2-65). This was a big blow as a good partnership of 51 runs at almost 7 an over was ended.

Charith Amaradinghe was next in and played intelligently – rotating the strike well. Matt and Charith added a further 38 quite comfortably. When Matt gifted his wicket (bowled on 49 by Goring) attempting an ugly shot to get the maximum before having to retire on 50, the stage was set for Tommy to take over the aggressor’s role (3-98 in the fourteenth over).

Tommy immediately took charge and got in to his grove dismissing the second ball he faced for a six. Charith again fed Tommy the strike but fell for 12 (caught at mid off), after a 21 run stand (3-119 in the thirteenth over) to give Goring his third wicket.

Charith was replaced by Shehantha Dias (another debutant for the club). Shehantha ensured that he held an end up and got Tommy on strike – who was hitting everything in his zone to the fence by this time. This pair was batting really well for a 38 run stand until Tommy ended up at the wrong end of a surprising l.b.w. decision when on 47 (5-157 in the twenty first over). Captain Phillipson was the beneficiary. The O.O.C.C. keeper admitted after the game that he thought the ball would have missed leg stump by a mile. This turned out to be a crucial blow as it knocked the wind out of the C.C.N.S.W. sails and triggered a mini collapse.

Shortly after Tommy’s wicket Shehantha misjudged a straight one and was given out lbw for 7 (6-168 in the twenty third over), Goring again making a contribution to the wickets tally. Daniel Louw (the third debutant for C.C.N.S.W.) contributed a four through square-leg before missing a slow full-toss which would have crashed in to his middle stump and was given l.b.w. in the very next over (7-174 in the twenty fourth over) . Captain Phillipson taking his second wicket.

Our ‘insurance’ in the lower order and bowling hero of the day Greg Briggs joined Andrew Dadswell (who’d been batting very calmly and nicely at one end during the rush of wickets). A lot would depend on this pair to get us close.

Unfortunately, after a short but attractive stand of 18 runs, Briggs also fell after miscuing a shot to be caught at mid-wicket and gave Phillipson his third wicket. At 8-192 in the twenty eighth over, C.C.N.S.W.’s chances of making it close seemed all but lost.

Enter Tom Payne. Tom was the fourth debutant for the day and had earlier claimed that he hadn’t played for a very long time. Third ball he faced was dispatched for a clean six followed by a well-timed 4 the very next ball and suddenly C.C.N.S.W. were starting to have some hope. Andrew took on the solid anchor role – rotating strike and dispatching the bad ones to the fence without taking any undue risk whilst Tom Payne settled in after his initial scoring shots. With only Bucky to come, these two had to get us close…and they did just that. Tom found the fence frequently with muscle and power whilst Andrew (cool as a cucumber), batted beautifully to keep the score ticking along nicely. The situation was turning in C.C.N.S.W.’s favour and the atmosphere was quite intense.

To add further drama to the situation, Phillipson miscalculated the number of overs his opening bowler Hunter had bowled and brought him on to bowl a ninth over. Despite the scorers shouting out for the game to stop to rectify the situation, O.O.C.C. ignored them and Hunter continued to bowl and ended up getting Tom out (who skied a catch to mid-wicket). There was a bit of controversy as Phillipson refused to admit he had miscalculated and ignored the scorers. After both scorebooks were shown and Phillipson was questioned as to which other bowler had contributed to the 37 overs that were bowled, he admitted that the scorers were correct and Tom was re-instated. The over had to be re-bowled and finished without further drama.

We were on 249 with 3 overs left to get 19 runs. It was looking good…until Andrew got bowled against the run of play. Britton got his first and possibly the most important wicket in the circumstances with the first ball of the thirty eighth over (9-249). Tom and Andrew had put together an invaluable 57 (highest partnership for C.C.N.S.W. on the day) in just under 10 overs. We still needed 19.

Tom Payne took on most of the strike for the next three overs and did his best to get us over the line with Bucky contributing 5 in 5 as well. The last over consisted of several balls bowled outside the leg stump line (which weren’t wide) and we were left with 3 to get off the last ball for a win. Tom managed to hit it to the deep…but it was fielded well and he was run-out (a great knock of 38) trying to attempt the second run. We were all out for 266 at the close of 40 overs. A very tight and tense finish indeed.

C.C.N.S.W. were a bit unlucky on the day, but in hindsight O.O.C.C. probably deserved to win as they put up a solid batting display and managed to field well with only ten on the field.

After the match both captains made short speeches thanking their teams and the opposition on a well fought game of cricket. C.C.N.S.W. awarded a CCNSW navy polo shirt to J. Goring for his 39 runs and figures of 8 overs, 1 maiden, and 4 wickets for 60.

There were plenty of beers and food to enjoy after the presentations and the O.O.C.C. boys took a fair bit of time to mingle with us and enjoy the refreshments.

Note to the team (and Club) from Matt:

Guys – I’ve really enjoyed the last five seasons with you all and look forward to a few more games in the future at some point (either in Sri Lanka or here in Sydney)!

I wish you all the best for the rest of the season and know that you guys would be lifting a few more trophies over the coming years. Till next time…

The Team was: – Ian Allmey 10, Matt Abeysekera (c) 49, Leeroy Maurer (w) 22, Charith Amarasinghe 12, Tom Robertson 47, Shehantha Dias 7, Andrew Dadswell 43, Daniel Louw 4, Gregg Briggs 10, Tom Payne 38, Graham Buck 5

The Result was: –

Old Oxleyans: – 267 for 4 (40 overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 266 all out (40 overs)

By 1 runs:

FoW: – 1- 14 (I. Allmey) 2-65 (L. Maurer) 3-98 (M. Abeysekera) 4-119 (C. Amarasinghe) 5-157 (T. Robertson) 6-168 (S. Dias) 7-174 (D. Louw) 8-192 (G. Briggs) 9-249 (A. Dadswell) 10-266 (G. Buck)

The Bowling was: – T. Robertson 2-0-11-0, G. Buck 8-0-46-0, C. Amarasinghe 7-0-38-0, G. Briggs 8-0-36-2, T. Payne 2-0-24-0, S. Dias 2-0-18-0, M. Abeysekera 4-0-31-0, A. Dadswell 4-0-38-0, and L. Maurer 3-0-20-1

The Fielding was: Catches – C. Amarasinghe 1, G. Briggs 1

Run-out: – Tom Payne

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