Classics Round 5 Vs Roseville CC

At Kingsford Smith Oval, Longueville On Sunday 4 December, 2016: Report By Garry Winney

Beautiful weather and a good batting track today. We struggled to get a side together. Thankfully Greg Brooks could play, as did Jay Patel, and we had two fill-ins, friends of Sittampalam Ragavan’s (“Raga”), Umasaran (“Saran”) and Doraisamy Sripathmasri (“Pat”). We also had a few sore bodies with Mick McCormick, John Mesar, Wasanta Hettiarachchi (:Wasan”), Raga, and Peter Hall all playing midweek Over 50s games for NSW – our club was certainly well represented in this inaugural tournament.

As usual, C.C.N.S.W. lost the toss and fielded. Raga and Paul Georgiadis opened the attack, however once their openers settled in the runs started flowing as we were slow in the field. First opener retired at 31* (0-45). Their good bat Minnet came in and started with some booming drives. Paul was unlucky not to take his wicket; he advanced down the pitch and would have been stumped except for a little bottom edge to go below Peter’s gloves. The other opener also retired; now 0-74 off 16 overs.

Greg Brook’s introduction to the crease halted their onslaught. He soon had the new bat caught behind by Peter Hall (1-85), then lbw for 0 the next bat – at 20 overs – 2-96.

After drinks, Greg then bowled the next bat 3-97 and two overs later Saran took a good catch from Greg’s bowling to have them 4-120. Jay Patel came on and immediately bowled their No 9, 5-127, with 31 added in 10 overs as Greg finished his spell 9ov 4-21 a brilliant display of line and length bowling giving them nothing to hit.

With the change of bowling Mick McCormick came on to do a four over spell – quite mixed, two quick wickets then smashed all over the ground, as was Raga. Garry Winney finished up bowling Minnet for 56 – an aggressive powerful bat who made the difference. They reached 9-214 – 30 more than we had hoped. Paul Georgiadis nearly took a screamer in the outfield, running 20 metres and thrusting out both arms full stretch to have the ball rebound out, he did so well to even reach it.

A big task, Ajoy Roy’s early six showed our intent, but Raga’s inside edged of a ball onto his pads and was given out for 1; that really hurt our chances. Wasan and Ajoy took the score to 36 (8 overs) before Wasan was caught for 14; he batted well. John Mesar came in. Ajoy hit a lofted four but was then judged lbw for 25 well compiled runs, now 3-41. John smashed a ball to midwicket, a metre either side was 4, but he was caught for 2, 4-43. Mick McCormick and Pat consolidated, and by drinks we were 4-72. Pat worked the ones and Mick hit 4x4s in his 30*ret.

Enter Greg Brooks determined to get us back in the game – well 5×4’s and a mighty 6certainly helped. His big booming drives were unstoppable as he retired for 34*. Saran
was soon caught for 1, Peter Hall was run out for 2 from a poor call. Pat too was run out for 17 as we strived for quick runs 7-135. Garry Winney was out for 9 but we had 2 in the bank. Mick McCormick returned and smashed a few fours before being bowled for 43, with Jay Patel hitting a few crisp fours 9-171, Greg came out needing over 40 in 2 overs but was soon out.

All out 177 38 short of the target

Cricket is a game of inches. Minnet’s bottom edge saved him, whilst Raga’s inside edge didn’t save his innings. Roseville played the better cricket in an enjoyable game, but had those two incidents been reversed, it would be a whole new ball game. That’s cricket, and why we love the good with the bad in the game. What if … always the losers mindset.

The Team was (playing 12): – Sittampalam Ragavan 1, Ajoy Roy 25, Wasanta Hettiarachchi 14, John Mesar 3, Mick McCormick 43, Doraisamy Sripathmasri (Pat) 17, Greg Brooks 35, Umasaran (Saran) 1, Peter Hall (w) 2, Garry Winney (c) 9, Jay Patel 21* (Georgiadis 12th dnb)

The Result was: –

Roseville C.C.: – 9-214 (40 overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – all out 177 (38.5 overs)

By 37 runs.

FoW: – 1- 14 (S. Ragavan),2-36 (W. Hettiarachchi),3-41 (A. Roy),4-43 (J. Mesar),5-126 (Umasaran) ,6-127 (D. Sripathmasri),7-135 (G. Winney) 8-142 (P. Hall),9-171 (M. McCormick,10- 177 (G. Brooks)

The Bowling was: – S. Ragavan 7-0-49-1, P. Georgiadis 7-1-26-0, M. McCormick 9-0-61-2, G. Brooks 9-2-21-4, G. Winney 6-0-44-1, J. Patel 2-0-8-1

(Wasan injured his bowling finger & didn’t bowl).
The Fielding was: – Stumpings: one to P. Hall
Catches: One catch to P. Hall (w) and one catch to both Mick McCormick and Umasaran
Run-outs: – Nil
Player Points: – 3 points to G. Brooks; 2 points to M. McCormick; 1 point to J. Patel

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