Social Game V Sydney Boys High XI

At Mackay Oval, Centennial Park On Tuesday 24 January: Report By Graham Buck

On a very hot 38 degree day with an early start to beat the heat and rain and reduced to 30 overs, C.C.N.S.W. were invited to bat first on a green and long grassed wicket. After the 15 minutes grace period the Captain still could not see any opening bats around so asked the bowlers and Joe Scarcella and Sadeep Deepak graciously, albeit a bit reluctantly, offered to fill in.

With the ball holding up from the pitch making timing difficult, Joe was first to go caught behind. Mick Weaver was first drop, completely unruffled with all the time in world, strolled out and hit a four but then, like us all, struggled to time the ball. Sadeep was watchful but was eventually bowled. Ed Robertson then came in and compiled a fantastic innings of watchfulness as well as punishing the few bad balls. Weaver departed bringing in John Mesar
who was out to a good caught and bowled. ‘Jonno’ Siefman came in blazing in his typical fashion, but after a couple of boundaries holed out trying to increase our meagre run rate. Graham Buck was promoted by the captain to Number 7 (it’s good to be Captain) and he played the junior role to Ed Robertson in the highest partnership of the innings. Both worked the singles with the odd four before Buck was caught deep on the on-side in the 23rd over. Valmik Ahire, after getting his eye in, reeled off three quick boundaries before holing out in the deep. Ed retired not out for 30 runs, well worth 50 any other day. Jay Patel got a ‘good un’ to go for a duck and Mark Smith sacrificed himself, run out, looking for runs with a couple of overs to go, bringing Ed and brother Ian Robertson to have a rare bat together in the middle. Ed was caught in the last over but, more importantly we had 101 runs on the score board, which did not look likely fifteen overs before.

After a quick lunch we took to ‘the furnace’, sorry field. Ian Robertson, with his raw pace, and Sadeep with his quick inswing breaking the stumps in his first over, and Jonathan Siefman’s cool headed run out kept the SBH top order watchful. Ian was swung to the south end and had their number 4 bowled to finish his spell. It is really very nice to stand back and watch two young, fast quicks ply their trade. Buck was tagged for 4 off his first two balls before striking back with a good catch by Scarcella at first slip.

Then the game changed! Joe Scarcella from the north end and Jay Patel from the south end; both bowled wonderful six over spells to have SBH reeling. Joe was hitting his lengths and getting the ball to seam around, having two caught and two bowled. Jay, at the request of his Captain, bowled a brilliant defensive line outside off stump that the SBH bats could not touch until that man Scarcella caught a ‘slo mo’ at first slip. Buck and Mesar finished off the overs with SBH needing 15 runs off 4 overs and C.C.N.S.W. one wicket. With their usual opening bat slotting in at number 11 they slowly got towards the total required despite some tight bowling. It all came down to the last over with SBH needing 6 runs to win, and 5 to tie. Buck bowled 2 dots, then a 2, another dot, then 1 run with SBH needing 3 to win off the last ball. Buck packed the offside; then bowled a slow ball outside off which was slapped in the air…. only to fall in between three fielders and they scampered through for 2 resulting in a TIE!

C.C.N.S.W. 10- 101 runs off 30 overs ‘tied’ SBH 9-101 runs off 30 overs

Thank you to all who showed up on such stinking hot day. Thanks to Jay Patel , John Mesar and ‘Jonno’ Seifman for helping me find extra players and also Mark Smith, Sadeep and Valmik for joining us. Thanks to Mike Weaver and Mark Smith for keeping on a day not designed for keeping.

(Views expressed in this report are those of the individual sender and are not necessarily the views of the Sydney Opera House Trust)

The Team was:- Joe Scarcella (1), Sadeep Deepak (3), Mick Weaver (w) (16), Edward Robertson (32), John Mesar (1), Jonathan Seifman (7), Graham Buck (c) (11), Valmik Ahire (15), Jay Patel (0), Mark Smith (w) (2) and Ian Robertson (1*)

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W: 10-101 (Edward Robertson 32) (30 overs)

Tied with

Sydney Boys High XI: – 9-101 (J. Scarcella 4-3) (30 overs)

FoW: – 1-1 (J. Scarcella), 2-18 (S. Deepak), 3-20 (M. Weaver), 4-22 (J. Mesar), 5-33 (J. Siefman), 6-67 (G. Buck), 7-96 (V. Ahire), 8-08 (J. Patel), 9-98 (M. Smith), 10-101 (E. Robertson)

The Bowling was: – . Ian Robertson 6-0-16-1, S. Deepak 5-1-23-1, G. Buck 5-0-31-1, J. Scarcella 6-3-3-4, J. Patel 6-2-8-1 and J. Mesar 2-0-10-0

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: Nil
Catches: 2 to J. Scarcella; One each to G. Buck and M. Weaver (w)
Run outs: One to J. Seifman

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