Tour Game Vs Titoki C.C Nelson New Zealand

At Conway Oval, Nelson On Sunday 29 January: Report By Euan Robertson

Electrifying C.C.N.S.W. Powered To Shock Win By John Wise Spark 🙂

Back Row: Keith Elloy; Rodger Robertson (Manager); Ross Dalgleish; Soren Hughes; Greg Brooks; Euan Robertson ; Bruce Pendlebury
Front Row: Mike Pinter; John Wise; Tom Robertson (c); Steve Kish; Peter Harrison

A brilliant day was had by all at Conway Oval in Nelson as the C.C.N.S.W. tourists again pulled off a victory in the last over. Conway is a beautiful ground on private property surrounded by farmland and overlooked by mountains. We played Titoki C.C., a social team who counted among their number our very own Jim Morrison.

Two local rules were to shape the game: no lbws and if a batsman retires on 30* the player who returns at the end is the person who got out for the lowest score.

The pitch was low and slow meaning there were in all likelihood at least eight to ten lbws that would have been given throughout the day.

Tom Robertson won the toss at the third time of asking and sent Titoki in. Soren Hughes bowled beautifully, taking two wickets in his first spell and conceding just four runs off five overs. Off spinner John Wise found it more difficult with pads frequently coming between him and the wicket.

Rodger Robertson bowled first change and was in his second over when his calf decided that his “effort ball” was too much to take. He hobbled off. Mick Pinter took the rest of Rodger’s over. The first ball was in Mick’s half of the pitch. The second sailed over the batsman’s head and was still rising as it passed wicketkeeper Steve Kish.

Euan Robertson (none for 25 off 8) and Peter Harrison (none for 32 off 8) kept things tight. At drinks the score was just 71 on a very small ground. The scoring accelerated but wickets fell too. Tom Robertson (2 for 26) bowled Jim Morrison and celebrated in uncouth fashion.

Bruce Pendlebury chipped in with three wickets, one well caught by Mick Pinter off a ball that bounced twice. Soren Hughes returned and took another wicket to finish with 3 for 6 off 7.

The last over was chaos. Bruce Pendlebury picked up the number 11 caught by John Wise for 1. The opener who made a duck returned and was run out by Euan Robertson for 1. Then the number 11 returned as the next lowest scorer. He was also run out off the last ball to be dismissed twice in the same over.

Unquestionably the memorable moment of our fielding was President Greg Brooks retrieving a ball from adjacent farmland over an electrified fence. The presidential nuts were well roasted climbing both over and back. It is understood anyone who sniggered is docked 10 John McDonald points immediately.

At the end of the innings Titoki had made 10-187 which seemed chaseable.

Greg Brooks and Steve Kish opened and gave us a perfect platform. The newly neutered Brooks smashed a six over long on and hit some chunky fours to retire on a valuable and rapid 32* retired. Kish was more circumspect making 21 before being run out. Peter Harrison made a typically classy 30* retired – he has so far made 98 runs on tour without being dismissed.

There were solid and important contributions down the order. Soren Hughes blundered a quick 24. Ross Dalgleish smashed two straight fours in his 13 and Keith Elloy made 20.

Euan Robertson was caught at the long on boundary for a single and Tom Robertson hit his first ball for six and was bowled by his second. These two were to be our wickets “in hand” at the end of the game.

With three overs to go we needed 17 with John Wise and Bruce Pendlebury at the crease. Bruce was solid and calm, compiling 11*. But Wise (148) was the hero. In the second last over he relieved the pressure smashing a six into the pavilion fence. Then off the first ball of the last he elegantly cut a boundary to bring us home. Legend.

The post match hospitality was as good as anyone could remember. More beers were offered than even we could get through in a session. A terrific barbecue was provided and table and chairs were pulled out onto the outfield.

Warm speeches thanked our generous hosts at this fabulous venue while even the President cracked a smile at the endless jokes about his electrification.

The Team was (playing 12):- Steve Kish (w) 21, Greg Brooks 32 * ret. not out, Peter Harrison 30* ret not out, Ross Dalgleish 13 , Keith Elloy 20, Mike Pinter 10, Euan Robertson 1, Bruce Pendlebury 11*, Tom Robertson (c) 6, Soren Hughes 24, John Wise 14* and Rodger Robertson (dnb)

The Result was: –

Titoki C.C.: – 10-187 (S. Hughes 3-6) (40 overs)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W: 7-188 (G. Brooks 32* ret not out; P. Harrison 30* ret not out) (39.1 overs)

FoW: – 1-53 (S. Kish); 2-90 (R. Dalgleish); 3-123 (M. Pinter); 4-124 (Euan Robertson); 5-134 (K. Elloy ); 6-140 (Tom Robertson); 7-169 (S. Hughes)

The Bowling was: – S. Hughes 7-3-5-3; J. Wise 8-1-47-0; Rodger Robertson 1.4-0-7-0; Euan Robertson 8-0-25-0, M. Pinter 0.2-0-12-0, P. Harrison 8-1-32-0; Tom Robertson 4-0-26-2; B. Pendlebury 3-0-21-3

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: None
Catches: One catch to each of P. Harrison, M. Pinter and J. Wise
Run outs: 2 to S. Kish

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