Long Weekend Sunday Super Smash T25: “cricket was the winner”.

The block at Camperdown Park was looking fresh and green after the light rain on Saturday. Some good work by Michael Weaver after the rain to remove the covers had allowed it to dry out in the pleasant morning sunshine. Nineteen keen C.C.N.S.W. members, including a few new to the club this season, eased out of the off-season to play the C.C.N.S.W. warm-up match for a whole season of bragging rights.

Tom Robertson won the toss for the President’s IX and immediately put Mike Weaver’s Chairman’s X into the field. New committee member, Craig Fletcher, turned up with a BBQ and supplies for afternoon tea, and play got underway. Jed Wesley-Smith, following the official MCC rule book, pinged ‘Jono’ Shaw for multiple wides in an extended first over. The President’s IX eased into the innings, slowly building up the run rate, with some good contributions from Craig Kitson (33), Paul Nash (41), and Ian Allmey (22). However, debutant Simon Muggeridge (3-0-18-4) caused a mid-innings stutter with some challenging mediums, including removing Robertson (0) for a golden duck. 

The score had flatlined to 5-112 in the 21st over, when Wesley-Smith (4) was bowled by the younger Muggeridge (1.1-0-11-1) while playing his shot a full 2-3 seconds after the ball clattered into the stumps.  It was left to the President, Greg Brooks (43*), to finish the innings with some impressive hitting, and force the total to 6-159 off the allocated 25 overs. Special note should be made of the way David Craig fielded with a disregard for personal safety, particularly off his own bowling, diving this way and that, Fletcher’s efforts on the BBQ and in the kitchen had to be seen, and tasted, to be believed – many thanks from all present!

Weaver (2) and David Benson (28) then walked out to bat for the Chairman’s X (reduced to IX during the previous innings as young Muggeridge had twisted his ankle bowling). Immediately, Kitson (2-0-6-2) struck with a brace of wickets. Benson and Shaw (27) then formed a lengthy partnership that kept the scoreboard ticking over. However, three quick wickets from Wesley-Smith (3-26) in an extended spell of bowling that far exceeded the usual limits of 4 overs, tore the momentum back to the President’s IX. That bought out Craig (20*) and the second effort of another debutant Brett James (0 & 33*) to face what all in the field thought was the final over from Brooks (5-0-39-1). 

James unleashed on the President in a fury of boundaries that was completely unexpected to take the score to 8-155. Further discussions on the field led to an additional over, and so it was that in the 26th over of a 25 over match, Craig dispatched Nash (4.2-0-35-0) for a boundary to “win” the game for the Chairman’s X. Fortunately, Ed Smith wasn’t present to dissect the scorebook, and so much had all enjoyed the days play, that it was easy to declare “cricket to be the winner”. A few frosty beverages followed, before a select group headed to the Lady Hampshire to see the Roosters win the NRL grand final for another year. 

Thanks to those organizing, particularly Weaver and Fletcher, as well as all who took part in the match and played with great sportsmanship throughout. It was the perfect start to the 80th season of the Cricketers’ Club of NSW.

The Teams were:

President’s X: Mike Beergah 1, Craig Kitson 33, Paul Nash 41, Ian Allmey 20, Mike  Sturt 3, Mark Henwood 4, Jed Wesley Smith 4 , Greg Brooks 43*, Tom  Robertson (c) 0 and James Muggeridge (dnb)

Chairman’s X:  Mike Weaver (c) 2, Dave Benson 28, Scott Wells 5, Brett James 0, Jono Shaw 27, Mike Tarrant 5, Dale Richards 14, Simon Muggeridge 5 , David Craig 20*, Brett  James 33* 

The Result was

The President’s X: 8-159 (25 overs)

Defeated/lost to

The Chairman’s X:  8-163 (25.2 overs)


President’s IX: – 1-13 (M. Beergah); 2-89 (M. Sturt);3-95 (C. Kitson);4-101 (I. Allmey); 5-112 (J. Wesley Smith);6-122 (M. Henwood);7-122 (T. Robertson ););8- 122 (P. Nash);

Chairman’s X: – 1-2 (M. Weaver); 2-11 (S. Wells); 3-59 (D. Benson);4-59 (B. James);5-69 (J. Shaw);6-87 (S. Muggeridge);7-95 (M. Tarrant );8-117 (D. Richards).

The Bowling was:

Chairman’s X: J, Shaw 4-0-16-0; B James 5-0-31-1, M. Tarrant 5-1-31-1; D. Richards 2-0-19-0; D. Benson 2-0-11-0, D. Craig 2.5-0-22-0, S. Muggeridge 3-0-18-4 and J. Muggeridge 1.1-0-11-1

President’s IX:  C. Kitson 2-0-6-2; M. Sturt 3-0-13-0; P. Nash 4.2-0-35-0; G Brooks 5-0-39-1; M. Beergah 4-0-14-2; J. Wesley-Smith 4-0-26-3; and M. Henwood 3-0-20-0

The Fielding was:-

Stumpings:  Chairman’s X – One to Scott Wells

Catches: President’s IX: P. Nash 2, One each to G Brooks and T. Robertson.

Note: All other catches and run out anonymous – no details in scorebook

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