What a magnificent one-day strip prepared at Camperdown for the first JPS game of the 2019/20 season, it was a real credit to John Lee and his staff of groundsman in setting a new record for variable bounce and unexpected worm rooters in true Camperdown style. Simon James took one look at look at the pitch and the opposition and decided to bat with instructions to score no less than 400.

Sadly, St George Veterans couldn’t get more than 7 players together nor could they produce 7 men aged less than 50. We kindly offered three of our blokes to field for them and sent Tom  Robertson (as twelfth man) to the shops to make sure he couldn’t lock in a hat trick of golden ducks. The simmering dry heat at this point was reminiscent of an oven ready to bake some meat pies on a Monday night. 

Ian Allmey (49) and Mick Beergah (73) opened  for us, two blokes as big as the grand canyon and they made real damage to some of the bowlers early. It didn’t take long for Ian to get the fence posts singing like a xylophone in a kindergarten. The picnics soon began to disperse as Mick’s marathon of quick singles motored on. Shortly after Ian had sent the ball over to the cafe for coffee and croissants, he missed a straight one (and a fifty). This brought Simon James (28) in for, by his standards, a quick cameo against the veteran bowling attack in briefly building a partnership with Mick. 

Curtis Murray (16) was next in, hitting with lusty blows and solid striking, supported well by Mick turning the strike over and adding runs. While we wouldn’t make 400, 250 was looking good. Brett James (42) took over from Curtis and contributed more quality hitting. Our only nemesis appeared to be the slightly damp and crumbly surface, which had quickly deteriorated after the first over play and was turning bouncers into yorkers. Variable bounce removed Brett James, Paul Nash  and Mick Beergah (closing an innings of solid effort)  in quick succession. Ed Robertson and Soren Hughes added 44 in the last four overs by committing to the front foot and we closed with 6-278 – Craig Kitson, Jim Hadley, Peter Buruma in the bag and Tom sitting on the bench. A good start to the year and potential for consistent results for the season ahead.

Peter Buruma  opened the bowling with Soren Hughes, ‘Brooms’ leading the charge with 1 for 20 from 5 straight. Soren’s first ball was a full toss to gully but he recovered to create some infield catching opportunities and some good bounce from the otherwise dead pitch. Wherever Simon James looked, there were bowlers with their hand up ready to go. Brett James challenged the batsman briefly and Jim Hadley’s first over presented a missed stumping, a dropped catch and then another catch. He followed up with a second wicket next over and was the clear pick of the bowlers with 4 for 25 from seven overs. Craig Kitson bowled well at the other end, finishing with two wickets however was probably rushing through his overs due to the onset of rain. 

Mr Nash and Ed Robertson closed out the Vets, Ed unlucky to miss out on a wicket more than once and unleashed figures of 0 for 3 from four overs. Mr Nash sealed the deal in the 32nd over at a total of 138, the Vets never really threatening the bonus point win for C.C.N.S.W. 

Well played – and good performances from Mike Beergah, Ian Allmey, Jim Hadley, Edward Robertson and Craig Kitson.

The Team was: –  Ian Allmey 49,Mike  Beergah 73, Simon James 28 (c), Curtis Murray (w) 16, Brett James 42, Paul Nash 0, Edward Robertson 21*,  Soren Hughes 22*, Jim Hadley dnb, Craig Kitson dnb, Peter Buruma dnb

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: -6-278 (M. Beergah 74; I. Allmey 49; B. James 42) (35 overs)


St George Veterans: – all out 138 (J. Hadley 4-25)    (31.4 overs)

By 140 runs

FoW: – 1-64 (I. Allmey); 2-140 (S. James); 3-173 (C. Murray); 4-228 (P. Nash); 5-228 (B. James); 6-245 (M. Beergah).

The Bowling was: – P. Buruma 5-1-20-1; S. Hughes 4-0-18-0; Brett James 2-0-17-0;  J. Hadley 7-2-25-4; C. Kitson 6-0-42-2; P. Nash4-0-12-1; Ed Robertson  4-2-3-0.

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: One to C. Murray

Catches:  One each to J. Hadley, S. Hughes and C. Murray (w) 

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points: – Three points to M. Beergah;  Two points to I. Allmey; One point to J. Hadley.


Back to Camperdown on a worn and weary wicket furthest from the stand. Captain Stuart Ridge won the toss and chose to bat. Mike Pinter and Mick Weaver opened the batting. (The team has more Micks than a St Patricks day lunch). In the second over Mick Weaver in attempting a run was impeded in the straight when the bowler dived in front of him, slowing him down to ensure an easy run out for Lindfield.

Peter Rolls was batting well (17) then slammed a fully blooded forehand back to the bowler and was miraculously caught in a reflex grab at the ball. Mick McCormick patted a few back and then clipped a well time drive off his pads some eight inches off the ground to be plucked up very well at backward square.  Two good catches had ensured the pressure quickly mounted on CCNSW. Undaunted, Mike Pinter, like a good accountant kept compiling the numbers. However when John Munden went LBW at 4-55 the captain was a little concerned.

Mike Pinter then consolidated with Glen Mortell forming a much needed partnership, both retiring on 30. Martin Speiser (32) in his first game for the club put a very useful 30 together. Garry James and Mike Downey attempted to up the scoring rate as the overs diminished but succumbed. David Craig hit some good shots for a quick fire 7.  Mike Pinter returned (44no) and patiently added to his score.   Glen Mortell (43 no) hit three consecutive fours off the last three balls, a perfect final over finish resulting in CCNSW posting a reasonable target of 169. Providing the bowlers could take wickets and keep the pressure on Lindfield (who had a reasonably strong top order) the target was defendable.

Following the lunch break, full courtesies were shown to the umpire. The opening attack of Stuart Ridge and Joe Scarcella both settled into good lines.

Stuart got an early breakthrough bowling the opener.

Mick McCormick bowled like a junior school band, not a lot of rhythm but the occasional in tune high note that produced some wickets. The pitch was definitely keeping lower. Garry James bowled consistently and lacked a little luck in not rapping up the tail earlier. David Craig bowled some biting leg breaks and got a good wicket with a nice zooter.Stuart Ridge came back into the attack and had immediate results taking the remaining wickets in concert with the spinners.   

A good result rolling Lindfield for 116.

The Team was (playing 12): –  Mike Weaver 3, Mike Pinter 44*, Peter Rolls 17, Mick McCormick 0, John Munden 5, Glenn Mortell (w) 43* ret, Martin Speiser 32, Mike Downey 6, Garry James 0, Joe Scarcella 2, David Craig 7 and Stuart  Ridge (c) dnb

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: 9-169 (M. Pinter 44*; G. Mortell 43* ret) (40 overs)


Lindfield Larrikins: 10-116 (M. McCormick 4-21; S. Ridge 3-15)    (31.1 overs)

By 53 runs

FoW: – 1-10 (M Weaver); 2-37 (P. Rolls); 3-50 (M. McCormick); 4-55 (J. Munden); 5-114 (M. Downey); 6-126 (G. James); 7-140 (D. Craig); 8-147 (J Scarcella); 9-157 (M. Speiser) 

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 7-1-15-3; J. Scarcella 6-1-28-0; M. McCormick 4-0-21-4; G. James 9-1-26-2; M. Weaver 4-1-11-0; D. Craig 1,1-0-6-1

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: Nil

Catches: One each to G. James, M. McCormick and M. Pinter

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points: – Three points to ;  Two points to ; One point to

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