On a very pleasant day at Camperdown CCNSW won the toss and elected to bat. The CCNSW XI were sporting a young debutant in wicket-keeper Declan Thomas.

Yaralla, made a strong start, making effective use of the short ball on a wicket that offered some pace and at times, irregular bounce. Both openers were removed inside the first ten overs, bringing to the wicket captain Simon James and Paul Nash.

The two Englishmen, employing correct techniques and no shortage of stiff upper lip, set about rebuilding the innings. Nash was the early aggressor, unleashing a number of lofted drives as the pair put on more than 120 for the third wicket stand. Nash was out for 64 off 71 balls; James 84 from 71 balls. A late charge by Hughes (22 of 16) meant CCNSW were able to set a very respectable 236 from their allotted overs.

In response, Yaralla were undone by accurate bowling and by recent standards, a sublime fielding effort. Again, the Englishmen Nash and James led the charge, opening the bowling and restricting the opposition in the ever important initial overs.

It was then the turn of the spin trio of Jim Hadley, Craig Kitson and Mark Henwood to come to the fore, taking nine wickets between them in a fine display of bowling. The spin triplets were well supported by a very solid fielding display  with Jed Wesley-Smith, and Tom Robinson both holding good catches, and some very tidy work behind the stumps by debutant Thomas.

In the end, 236 was always out of reach of Yaralla and the CCNSW XI romped to a comfortable bonus point victory.

The Team was: Tom Robertson (4), Mitch Hetherington (10), Simon James c (84), Paul Nash (64), Soren Hughes (22), Craig Kitson (8*), Jim Hadley (1*), Jed Wesley-Smith, Simon Muggeridge, Mark Henwood, and Declan Thomas w/k

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: 5-236 in 35 overs


Yaralla: – 10 – 112  in 28.2 overs

By 124 runs.

The Bowling was: – P. Nash 5-0-22-0; S. James 4-2-11-0; S. Muggeridge 4-0-23-1; J. Hadley 5-0-14-3; J. Wesley-Smith 4-0-24-0; C. Kitson 5-4-5-4; M. Henwood 2.2-0-10-2

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: –  Nil

Catches: – T. Robertson 2, P. Nash 1, D. Thomas 1, M. Henwood 1, M. Hetherington 1, J. Hadley 1, and J. Wesley-Smith 1

Run outs: –  Nil


The CCNSW Masters have recorded their first win of the season with an empathic performance, accounting for Balmain-South Sydney at Jubilee Park last Sunday

Stand in Skippers Brett ‘Favellous’ Favell and Ian ‘Allways get runs’ Allmey, working together, were successful in winning the toss somehow and elected to take first use with the bat

Ian and Tommy ‘Trigger’ Robertson gave CCNSW a reasonable start, although Tom never really ‘fired’, pardon the pun. Ian smashed several boundarys as usual in a quick fire 26. After being 0-36 though, CCNSW lost 4 quick wickets in succession after Tom was dismissed for just 8. 

Ian was bowled through the gate and was quickly followed by Jono ‘ Queenslander’ Shaw and Skipper Favell, both of whom nicked off to the ‘keeper early 

A revival partnership of 40 between Brett ‘ The Force’‘ James and new chum Emerson Wilshire got CCNSW back on track to obtaining what would prove a satisfactory total, on the traditionally sometimes tricky Glebe wicket. Emerson was looking very good, having cracked a towering six before trying one shot too many to be caught for 18.

Thereafter some handy runs from the tail, working with retiree James boosted the runs total to respectability, albeit CCNSW were unable to use every available delivery in being dismissed after exactly 34 overs. 

Andrew  ‘Junior’ Dadswell, ‘Mick ‘Tarantula’ Tarrant, Luke ‘ The Hoff’ Holman and ‘Buzz’ Ben Stanic all contributed handy runs although David ‘Dutchy’ Craig was left stranded not out when Brett was eventually dismissed, caught for a very well made 47 runs. 

With CCNSW taking the field very determined to make a good fist of things, Balmain Souths were never in the hunt against some persistent medium pace bowling. This was backed up by some excellent spin of both right hand varieties. 

The standouts were Mick Tarrant and Ben Stanic with two wickets each. Plus Dave Craig bamboozaling the tail to ‘jag’ 3 wickets. Jono Shaw grabbed a handy scalp with his sliders and Andrew Dadswell provided reliable off spin to tie the late order batters down, taking a wicket himself in the process. Andrew also converted a runout opportunity very well.  

A comfortable win in the end for CCNSW gaining all bonus points for dismissing the opposition. Congratulations to stand in Captain Brett and also Ian for his leadership support. CCNSW were to look forward to their next challenge against the well credentialed Warringah CC, on 1 December, back at home. 


The Team was : –  I. Allmey 27, T. Robertson 8, B. Favell 2, J. Shaw 1, B. James 47, E. Wilshire 11, A. Dadswell 10, M. Tarrant 18, L. Holman 10, B. Stanic 8, D Craig 2*.

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W:  10-159 (B. James 47) (34 overs)


Balmain-South Sydney:  10-86 (33.2 overs)

By 73 runs

FoW: – 1-36 (T. Robertson), 2-37 (I. Allmey), 3-42 (J. Shaw), 4-46 (B. Favell), 5-86 (E. Wilshire), 6-111 (A. Dadswell), 7-142 (L. Holman), 8-150 (M. Tarrant), 9-152 (B. Stanic), 10-159 (B. James).

The Bowling was: – B. James 5-1-18-0; M. Tarrant 6-0-14-2; B. Stanic  6-2-15-2; A. Dadswell 7-3-10-1; J. Shaw 2-0-10-1; D. Craig 2-2-9-3; L. Holman 3-1-5-1.

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: nil

Catches: Nil.

Run outs: Nil.              

Player points: – T.B.A.


A great follow up win for our second round of Vintage cricket!

Again well done Garry Winney for mustering a champion group of men.

A cool 22°C sunny/cloudy day with a bit of a breeze. We lost the toss but Stirling Hamman decided to bowl as the pitch had a bit of grass on it and he was not sure how his conglomeration of players from all over Sydney would go batting.

CCNSW innings:

1 for 34 after 13 overs with a cautious start by Ajoy and Ross due to some very tight bowling on a pitch that had them second guessing with some balls that kept low. Stirling opened the bowling and after 4 overs only conceded 9 runs which is amazing for a man in his early seventies. Khan up the other end also tighter than a Scotsman wallet had 4 overs for 8 runs. Ross caught at mid-on trying to lift the run rate but an admirable innings taking the shin off the new ball.

2 for 51 after 15 overs with Ajoy retiring at 30 with a well composed innings of respect to good balls and gay abandon to bad balls. Enter Peter who had a nice walk to the middle only to top edge a first ball full toss to the keeper that should have been despatched over the pavilion. A slow philosophical walk back to the pavilion, that’s cricket!

3 for 96 after 20 overs. After an enterprising innings, Raga was bowled (trying to sweep) first ball after drinks to a lolly-pop ball from a new bowler that could have brought rain.  Greg a superb knock soon retired at 30 after smashing a couple of balls into Australia Street!

4 for 134 after 29 overs. John ran well with 11 singles with Jim but out LBW to Kavanagh with one that kept a bit low. Jim running like a Goulburn Rabbit from a shotgun lifted our run rate and soon retired for 30 for an important knock at the right time.

5 for 150 after 32 overs. Joe short innings highlighted with a classic cover drive for four that soon ended caught trying to speed the run rate.

6 for 162 after 34 overs. Jay a nice boundary then bowled by Humphries trying for quick runs.

7 for 164 after 35 overs. Garry also some good running but bowled by the wily Kavanagh.

8 for 165 after 36 overs. David playing for the team caught going for it.

9 for 178 after 38 overs. Greg resumed with more big hitting but out with lofty top edge to keeper.

10 for 193 after 39.4 overs. Ajoy and Jim resume and running well until Ajoy run out going for 3. We thought the new defibrillator may be needed. The last time Ajoy ran 3 was after a hotter than normal Beef Vindaloo.

Thank you Paul for being our nominated 12th batter. Much appreciated. Will be shared around if we have 12 in future games this season. Came in handy having 12 as we had a few players needing a break during fielding.

A very competitive total after a difficult start.

Northern Stars innings:

1 for 2 after 2 overs. Paul strikes in his first over, a great catch behind by David our wicket keeper to get out one of their danger men.

2 and 3 for 27 after 9 overs. John bowls a good line and length to restrict them then Joe comes on to instant effect with his extra pace. Helped by John and Paul’s early overs pressure, Joe gets 2 plumb successive LBW’s and is on a hatrick. His next delivery narrowly outside off stump for almost a third LBW!

4 for 87 after 23 overs. Stars consolidate with Kavanagh retiring at 30 and get back on target. Then on comes Raga and also strikes in his first over bowling danger man Humphries.

5 for 101 after 30 overs. Joe, Raga and Greg put the brakes on the Stars and at 9 an over was out of their grasp. Inspirationally assisted by David with fine keeping skills for the odd delivery down leg side that he saved many runs. Sponsored by Voltarin for the amount of bending required on the low bounce wicket. Ross also asking for sponsorship as the ball followed him all afternoon with lots of bending over. Just as well he was not in Oxford Street!

6 and 7 for 107 after 32 overs.  Jim demoralises them with his flight and bowling from two metres behind the bowling crease. Peter takes a catch at mid-on and Greg a fine catch from behind square leg moving forward like a two door refrigerator on wheels down a drive way.

Resuming Kavanagh comes in with competitive Stirling who blocks out Garry and Jay to ensure no additional bowling bonus points for CCNSW. Final 8 overs go slowly for their total of 124. A good win by staying focussed to the last ball.

Thanks again for Paul entering the scores in MyCricket.

Stirling as usual held court after the match with entertaining commentary on how both teams performed. Peter chipping in when Stirling took a breath.

Comment of the day (that brought great laughter) was from Umpire Dennis Openheimer after Peter reminded Joe that he was warned by Dennis for swearing after delivering a number of balls that were hit into the air by cavalier Shaker that did not go to hand. Dennis said he would have reported Joe if not for the fact that Joe is also an Umpire!!! (For GPS school cricket).

The Team was (playing 12): –  Ajoy Roy 41, Ross Dalgleish 10, Sittampalam Ragavan 22, Peter Rolls 0 (c),  Greg Brooks 37, , Jim Robson 40*, John Mesar 15, Joe Scarcella 7, Garry Winney 6, Jay Patel 6, David Wright 1, Paul Georgiadis dnb (12th player).

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W:  10-193 (Roy 41, Robson 40*, Brooks 37, Ragavan 22) (39.4 overs)


Northern Stars:  7-124 (40 overs)

By 69 runs

FoW: – 1-34 (R. Dalgleish), 2-51 (P. Rolls), 3-96 (Sittampalam R.), 4-134 (J. Mesar), 5-150 (J. Scarcella), 6-162 (J.Patel), 7-164 (G.Winney), 8-165 (D.Wright), 9-178 (G.Brooks), 10-193 (A.Roy).

The Bowling was: – J. Mesar 4-0-11-0; P. Georgiadis 7-1-24-1; J. Scarcella 7-0-35-2; G. Brooks 7-0-16-0; Sittampalam R. 7-1-16-1; J. Robson 4-0-11-4; G. Winney 2-1-4-0; J. Patel 2-1-2-0.

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: nil

Catches: D. Wright 1, P. Rolls 1, and G. Brooks 1.

Run outs: Nil.              

Player points: – Three points to J.Robson; Two points A.Roy; One point to G.Brooks

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