Soren Hughes bowling at Willeton Oval

The club’s three match tour of Perth began on a warm and dry day so typical of a Perth summer. Our opponents were selected from the WA Veterans Cricket Association and included several of the state players from the recent over 50s Australian titles which were also held in Perth.

Willeton is about a 30 minute drive south east of Scarborough, the beachside suburb where we were staying.

Batting first on a hard well grassed wicket with good bounce the WA Vets were soon in to stride putting on 37 for the first wicket before a Joe Scarcella double strike put them on the back foot a little. The arrival of their gun batsman Joe  Santostefano saw the run rate accelerate and he duly retired for a well made 40*.

We kept chipping away with length bowling backed by some good fielding and the wickets fell regularly. Soren Hughes (3-9) and Andrew Spedding (2-12) in particular kept the middle order in check. Some late hitting from Noel Raymond (44) saw WA all out for 189 in the 35th over. This was a pretty good effort against a good side taking all 10 wickets.

We needed a good start but unfortunately three wickets fell early with Mike Beergah, Greg Brooks and Tom Robertson back in the shed with only 27 on the board. Scott Wells, Andrew Spedding and Soren Hughes all got starts but we continued to lose wickets. Our skipper Stuart Ridge batted well for 29* but ran out of partners. We finished up all out for 129 and never seriously threatened to run down the WA total.

While we were on the wrong side of the result it was a great day out in the Perth sunshine against a good side. We shared a few beers and stories following the match presentations and finally adjourned back to Scarborough for a poolside BBQ.

Starting each day with a swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, literally 100 meters from our apartment is a pretty good way to ready yourself for the next match!

The Team was: –  Michael Beergah 0, Tom Robertson 10, Greg Brooks 16, Scott Wells (w) 17, Soren Hughes 10, Andrew Spedding 13, Mick Tarrant 5, Stuart Ridge (c) 29*, David Craig 12, Mark Henwood 5, Joe Scarcella 1. Jed Wesley-Smith dnb (12th man ).

The Result was: –

W.A. Black Swans: – 10-189 (34.5 overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-129 (33 overs)

By 60 runs.

FOWs: 1-0 (M. Beergah); 2-19 (G. Brooks); 3-27 (T. Robertson); 4-49 (S. Wells); 5-68 (A. Spedding); 6-69 (S. Hughes); 7-78 (M, Tarrant); 8-97 (D. Craig); 9-122 (M. Henwood);10-129 (J. Scarcella);

The Bowling was: S. Ridge 4-0-17-0; M. Tarrant 5-0-19-0; G. Brooks 6.5-0-41-2; J. Scarcella 4-0-24-2; S. Hughes 6-1-29-3; D. Craig 5-0-30-0; A. Spedding 3-0-12-2; M. Henwood 1-0-13-0.

The Fielding was: –

Run outs: – 1

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: –  2 to S. Ridge and  one each to T. Robertson; M. Tarrant and J. Wesley Smith; 


Another Perth stinker greeted us at the beautiful Floreat Oval. There was some respite as the change rooms  were air conditioned!

Stuart Ridge went and lost the toss and we were in the field. A great opening spell between Stu and Mike Tarrant  had the home team off to a sluggish start on a wicket that seemed a batting delight. The big boundaries had us relay throwing almost 3 times on the way in. Luckily this didn’t happen too often as the bowling was good. David Craig again was outstanding in the field putting everything behind it and sometimes a little more than he had (a few injuries, hope you’re on the mend David).

C.C.N.S.W. stuck at the job and we kept the locals to a very achievable 9-151. Wickets were evenly spread throughout the bowlers with economy the key. Standouts were Tarrant and Andrew Spedding with wickets and a great economy rate. However, the prize wicket of C.C.N.S.W. member Clinton Palmer could not be taken as he toiled away for a well made 30*.

Afternoon tea was enjoyed and spirits were high believing 151 should be mowed down, no trouble.

Mike Beergah and Scott Wells got us underway. Mike continued his struggles at this longitude. And Soren Hughes lobed one straight to point without troubling the scorers. Wickets were the concern as we were cruising at over 5 per over. Tom Robertson and ’The Pres’, Greg Brooks  promised to both get 40 and they delivered. A patient innings from Brooks and a different one from Tom. A steady but slow middle order and a steady loss of wickets had everyone on edge. It was a bit much for some but we won’t go into that here.

Poor Jed Wesley-Smith was horribly run out by Tom Robertson after he returned from retirement. I’m sure he’s sorry Jed! That bought ‘the Prez’ back out and he had the most steely resolve I have ever seen. One focused Prez ! Runs came slowly as C.C.N.S.W. wanted to enjoy every over on this lovely first grade ground. Brooks made sure he wasn’t getting out and Tom kept getting singles to the deep. Last over and we need 4 to win. Wait!.. 6! Looks like the scorers missed a 2 in the 2nd last over. We had only scored 6 runs in the last 4 overs so 6 seemed an ask! Tom is on strike and the field takes what feels like an eternity to be set. As gracious hosts the spinner bowls a slow waist high full toss and C.C.N.S.W are victorious. We all draw heavy sighs of relief.

Great to catch up with the Palmers (Rob and Clinton). An awesome day and fantastic hospitality. As a Club we are blessed to play at such great grounds.

The Team was: –  Michael Beergah 2, Scott Wells (w) 13, Tom Robertson 62*, Soren Hughes 0, Greg Brooks 42*, Andrew Spedding 11, Mick Tarrant 0, Jed Wesley-Smith 17, Stuart Ridge (c) 0, Joe Scarcella 1, David Craig 0.

FOWs: 1- 6 (M. Beergah); 2- 43 (S. Wells); 3-44 (S. Hughes); 4-105 (A. Spedding); 5-107 (M. Tarrant); 6-107 (S. Ridge); 7-125 (J. Scarcella); 8-126 (D. Craig); 9-141 (J. Wesley-Smith)

The Result was: –

Subiaco Floreat: – 9-151 (40 overs)

Lost To

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-152 (T. Robertson 62*; G. Brooks 42*) (39.1 overs)

By one wicket

The Bowling was: S. Ridge 7-2-20-1; M. Tarrant 5-1-8-2; J. Scarcella 5-1-20-0; J. Wesley-Smith 3-0-16-1; D. Craig 5-0-26-0; S. Hughes 4-0-14-1; G. Brooks 4-0-16-1; A. Spedding 4-1-6-2; T. Robertson 3-0-17-0-.

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches: – 1 to each of D. Craig, M. Tarrant, A. Spedding; S. Wells (w); and 1 to Sub (Ezekiel Hughes).

Run outs: One


Andrew Spedding batting at the Gilbert Fraser Reserve

For our last game of the tour we were privileged to play at the lovely Gil Fraser Oval, situated on the banks of the Swan River. Prior to the game the tour party gathered at the Left Bank Hotel for brunch, just opposite the ground on the other side of the river.

Our opposition team was composed of some members of the WA over 50s State team we had played in game 1, together with some other local club players – all in all, a strong team. A few of our tour party had left the tour, leaving us short in numbers; but thankfully Andrew Spedding had found us one replacement player (and importantly, a wicketkeeper) Tim Knowles, and two of Soren Hughes’ sons (Ezekiel and Roman) were available to play. So, we were able to field a full team of 11 players, albeit a somewhat weakened one.

Skipper for the day Joe Scarcella “won” the “toss” (thank you  Noel) and batted first.

Openers Mick Beergah and Tim Knowles were confronted with a tight opening bowling spell, with some nice shape from both ends. Mick was bowled cheaply, bringing Tom Robertson to the crease. After a promising start with some typically aggressive shots, Tommy was struck on the pads in front hitting across the line of a straight one. Greg Brooks came in and went soon after, nicely stumped. Soren, who followed Brooks also looked good for the short time he was at the crease until he nicked one behind. Spedding then came in and proceeded to bat beautifully, anchoring the batting, and batting with a good mixture of resolve and aggression. He and Ezekiel Hughes, who also showed good skills beyond his tender years and played a lovely knock, put on a 40-run partnership for the 6th wicket – not a huge partnership by any means, but it was significant in the context of a low batting total. After Speds retired on 45*, wickets continued to fall at regular intervals, but a rearguard effort by Mark Henwood saw us reach a total of 120 from our allotted 33 overs (yes 33, I know …don’t ask… local limited over rules, apparently).

Defending a small total was always going to be difficult. And so it proved, with our opponents passing our total only 1 wicket down after 28 overs. Mick Tarrant and Greg Brooks took the new ball and bowled well but without success. The only bowler to take a wicket was Soren Hughes, clean bowling one of the established openers for our solitary wicket for the day. When it was obvious victory was not going to be ours today, the skipper tried to give everyone a bowl. Special mention should be made of the bowling efforts of the 2 younger Hughes’. Ezekiel bowled a very nice few overs of leg spin, managing to land some lovely deliveries and causing some watchful defence from the batsmen. And his younger brother Roman, although only bowling the one over, managed to rip a couple of big off-breaks, nearly clean bowling the surprised batsman… Well done boys.

The Team was: – Michael Beergah 1, Tim Knowles (w) 5, Tom Robertson 14, Greg Brooks 4, Soren Hughes 14, Andrew Spedding 45no (retired), Ezekiel Hughes 17, Mick Tarrant 5, Mark Henwood 8* n, Roman Hughes 1*, Joe Scarcella (c) dnb

FOWs: -: 1- 4 (M. Beergah); 2- 18 (T. Knowles)); 3-24 (T. Robertson); 4- 26 (G. Brooks)); 5-50 (S. Hughes); 6-90 (E. Hughes)); 7- 101 (M Tarrant);

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-120 (A. Spedding 45*) (33 overs)

Lost to

Fremantle/Mosman Park: 1-124 (28 overs)

By 9 wickets

The Bowling was:  M. Tarrant 5-0-15-0; G. Brooks 4-0-11-0; J. Scarcella 3-013-0; S. Hughes 4-0-24-1; A. Spedding 3-0-16-0; E. Hughes 4-1-12-0-, M. Henwood 2-0-14-0;  M. Beergah 2-1-4-0; R. Hughes 1-0-8-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches: Nil

Run outs:Nil

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