Game cancelled because of Covid 19; Trundlers unable to leave Queensland to play in Sydney. An attempt was made to replace the game with an over 60s game v Sri Lanka Lions but rain led to that proposal also being cancelled


It had been a while since we won a toss and Tom Robertson, captain on the day in the absence of Jim Hadley, sought advice from Ed Smith, who happened to be inspecting the pitch, about what we might do. With a chorus of “bat” we were on our way in comfortable conditions on a hard crusted pitch with a good cover of green grass closest to the fig trees.

Sydney University Lions pre game pep talk seemed to focus on bowling to the long boundary and Curtis Murray and Mike Pinter soon had carefully negotiated past the opening bowlers, albeit with not too many runs. A solid foundation for us. Before long we were at drinks for about 60. A brief and aggressive foray from Harry Bridge and Lenny Volkov soon brought Scott Williams and Jamie Murtha to the crease for a partnership that lifted us to 110 odd with not many overs to go. Before long Tom Robertson and Ed Smith batted out  the final overs quite successfully, with the red ball flying over and into the boundary fence regularly. We had set a competitive total at 9-166 from our 35 overs.

The plan for our bowlers was much the same as the Lions; a fourth stump line from the Australia Street end and to hit leg stump from the RPA end. On debut,’ Roop’ Singh bowled his heart out in his first match for the club, hitting a yorker length like there was no other option and Scott Williams hitting his usual line with variable length to great success. The first change gave Soren Hughes another hat trick opportunity not taken. Jed Wesley-Smith  and Ezekiel Hughes then took over, both bowling effectively and creating chances, Ezekiel racking up 3 wickets from his seven overs. By the time Jamie Murtha came on, the pressure was on Sydney and he was good enough to capitalise with a couple more wickets and take the game with 3 overs to spare. 

Sydney all out for 126 and our impeccable C&S record to date this season in non competitive games, (I.e. outside the Jack Pace games) intact – the Bill Wray Shield screaming from a dusty cabinet somewhere calling for us to polish it and take it to Camperdown for the 2020/2021 season.

(Editor’s note: The W B Wray Shield was awarded on a quotient basis to the best team in the competition during the 1980s. The C&SCA discontinued it in 1990 on the basis “it was contrary to the traditional social spirit in which our cricket was meant to be played”. The shield has been lost despite the efforts of the current secretary Brian Breakspear to trace it)

I guess we may have to settle for the President’s Cup once again – no offence Prez.

The Team was (playing 12): – Curtis Murray (w) 20, Mike Pinter 11, Harry Bridge 10, Len Volkov 3, Scott Williams 38. Jamie Murtha 19, Soren Hughes 8, Tom Robertson (c) 24*, Ezekiel Hughes 0, Ed Smith 15, R Singh 4*, Jed Wesley-Smith dnb

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-166 (S. Williams 38) (35 overs)


Sydney University Lions: – 10-126   (32.3 overs)

By 40 runs

FoW: – 1- 38 (C. Murray); 2-51 (M. Pinter); 3-51 (H. Bridge); 4-65 (L. Volkov); 5-112 (S. Williams); 6-112 (J. Murtha); 7-122 (S. Hughes); 8-122 (E. Hughes); 9-159 (E. Smith)

The Bowling was: – S. Williams 4-2-11-0, R. Singh 7-1-19-1, S. Hughes 6.3-0-26-3, J. Wesley-Smith 6-1-14-1, E. Hughes 7-0-34-3, J. Murtha 3-0-20-2

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  Three to C. Murray (w); One each to Ezekiel Hughes and Soren Hughes and two to sub (G. O’Shea)  

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): – Three points to S. Williams; Two points to E. Hughes; One point to. J. Wesley-Smith


In a stop start season, the New Years return of CCNSW Masters cricket for the 20/21 season was at Boronia Park, Hunters Hill on an unusually sunny, COVID free, heat free, rain free, Martian invasion free day. 

Based on previous games, we could expect a bit of a minefield pitch especially after rain and an ankle deep kikuyu outfield. Ian Allmey  won the toss and elected to bat on what was a great summers day for cricket. Unexpectedly, the pitch was hard with good pace.

Ian got off to a flier with 4 great shots in the opening over resulting in four all run twos doubling his season tally of twos to date in one over! Alas that was the end of Ian until the final ball of the game. Ian’s wicket in the second over bought in new gun this season, Dan Turner to partner Mike Weaver. Mike looked very solid with great defence and some very classy shots in between, for want of a better term – ‘indecisive’ – running between the wickets. Regardless a very productive partnership with Dan was had in very trying outfield conditions. From memory the first boundary may have not even come in the first 10 overs. Mike was the first to go with Dan picking up where he left off in the previous game with a solid defence backed up by putting away anything short. 

Scott Wells and Brett James both started solidly but didn’t get going. Lee Witherden and Jose Poothokaren also fell after looking the goods, leaving CCNSW 5 for 101 after about 25 overs. With Dan Turner  in the bank with another classy 40* we had a good platform to aim to progress towards 170 which we agreed was probably worth 270 at Camperdown. 

With the departure of Luke Holman, Ben Stanic and the ever reliable Mick Tarrant steadily accumulated runs with the bowling continuing to be tight. Lots of fours turned into twos and even an all run 4. A final total of 8-162 (3 boundaries) was achieved after 40 overs. A great effort given the conditions. 

After the break, the new ball was taken by Brett James. With 8 scored off his first over, we were thinking the outfield must have been cut during the innings break. Post the first over, some real quality swing bowling was dished up. With the ball seemingly on a string, Brett enticed their best batsman to shoulder arms in the third over knocking over his off stump with the perfect inswinger.

From there, Mick Tarrant and Brett continued to strangle the batting. With the assistance of a torn hamstring by one of the Hunters Hill batsman, and  Lee Witherden and Jose Poothokaren bowling tight lines, Hunters Hill were struggling at drinks at 5 for 50

CCNSW didn’t let up on the pressure post drinks with  Andrew Dadswell and Dan Turner completing the demolition, ultimately bowling the opposition out for 86 in under 30 overs with Ian Allmey taking the final catch of the day after recovering from the first over of the day.

A solid win placing us in the top eight. 

The Team was: – Ian Allmey (c) 8, Mike Weaver 25, Dan Turner 40* ret not out, Scott Wells (w) 6, Brett James 2, Lee Witherden 7, Jose Poothokaren 9, Mike Tarrant 30, Luke Holman 3, Ben Stanic 18*,  and Andrew Dadswell 3*

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 8-162 (D. Turner 40*) (40 overs)


Ryde/Hunters Hill: – 10-86   (29.3 overs)

By 76 runs

FoW: – 1-9 (I. Allmey); 2-64 (M. Weaver); 377 (S. Wells); 4-86 (B. James); 5-101 (J. Poothokaren);     6- 113 (L. Witherden); 7-118 (L Holman); 8-157 (M. Tarrant)

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 4-1-5-1; B. James 5-0-16-1; B. Stanic 5-0-15-2; J. Poothokaren 4-2-8-1; A. Dadswell 5-1-11-2; L. Witherden 3-2-4-1; L. Holman 2-0-18-0; D. Turner 1.3-0-6-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  One to each of S. Wells (w), I. Allmey and L. Witherden

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to D. Turner; Two points to M. Tarrant; One point to B. Stanic


Second game of the season and the infamous Nelson strikes twice!

Round 5 and a picture postcard day at Concord with 27°C and a nice nor’easter.

Well done Garry Winney for getting the team on the park for the first game of 2021 although we all looked heavier than a Christmas hamper. Ross Dalgleish looked happier than Schapelle Corby after just being freed from the Northern Beaches lockdown. We welcomed Mick McCormick to his first CCNSW Vintage game who turned 60 in November and keener than Joe Biden to take the inauguration! (Editor’s note: players are eligible to play Vintage if they will have turned 58 by 1 April next. They do not have to wait till they are 60)

CCNSW won the toss and elected to bowl on a pitch with a bit of grass and after all the rain during the week had a thick and lush kikuyu outfield with a big boundary. The wicket played true with the occasional jagger.

Ashfield innings:

Tight bowling from both ends saw batting pressure risk a run on newbie McCormick’s arm at mid-wicket with a pick up and throw in one motion to keeper David Wright for our first wicket. Joe Scarcella  clean bowled the next batsman with a beautiful in-swinger for us to be on team hat trick (but the new batsman kept out the third ball that was on the stumps).

Joe had an amazing spell with five maidens from his first five overs including a wicket in his third, fourth and fifth overs. Joe had the rhythm of an eighties disco dancer with 3 for 7 off 7 overs. He would have felt right at home at the Concord RSL located next to the oval. The RSL was a hotspot for groovers in the eighties but sadly closed its doors a couple of years ago due to lack of Joes!

Paul Georgiadis was unlucky not to have picked up a wicket in his first over with an attempted cut skied and dropping between Dr. Sittampalam Ragavan (“Raga”) and Stuart Ridge (at point and cover respectively). Raga yelled out “yours” to Stuart but everyone else yelled out  “Raga”! Raga later took a sharp catch at point off Stuart’s bowling and this time even the umpire called out Raga’s name!

Paul bowled 5 straight then came on at the end of Ashfield’s innings for his final 2 overs to shut them down for a miserly contribution.

Spring chicken Stuart Ridge (59yo) dived at cover to stop a certain four but ball bounced awkwardly and hit him on the top lip splitting it with claret flowing. Dr Raga was quick on the scene and offered to put a couple of stitches in it as he had needle and thread and local anaesthetic in his bag but Stuart didn’t have his Medicare card with him so he decided to soldier on. Brave effort and he didn’t even take a break! A couple of overs later Stuart replaced Joe and took a wicket with his third ball caught by Raga (mentioned above). What a medicinal combination for the team!

Mick McCormick found his mojo after one over and was rewarded with a wicket in his fifth over. Jim Robson came on when their hard hitting No. 7, Threlfo, was in full flight and unlucky with a hard hit catch from the other batsman put down at mid-wicket. Garry  Winney came on after Mick and came in for some early stick with a massive 6 by Threlfo to help him retire. After that ‘Gaz’ was  economical.

Raga followed Jim Robson for the last three overs from the north end and dropped straight onto a good length first ball and a wicket second ball with a loud snick well taken by David Wright. An lbw in his third over saw superb figures of 2 for 5.

CCNSW innings:

Only 111 to get but we knew we still had to bat well as it was more like 150 would have been on a faster, smaller oval.

Peter Rolls and Raga opened and got off to a good start with quick running as boundaries hard to come by with the thick grass on this massive oval. Peter retired for 30* first and Raga a couple of balls later for 30*.  Half way there.

Garry Winney and Frank Baliotis continued the charge until Garry let a yorker through. We think he was glad to take his helmet off. This was the first time he has tried one in readiness for an over 70s tournament where they are mandatory.

Frank Baliotis and Mick McCormick were swift in picking up sharp singles until Mick decided he was puffing too much and needed to go aerial. He was unlucky to be caught on the boundary by what is probably the first boundary catch this season in the Vintage competition. The Ashfield scorer also said he has never seen the fielder take an outfield catch in his life!

Jim Robson (“Jungles”) continued the quick running with Frank Baliotis with Jungles calls of “YES” heard at Drummoyne Oval in the next suburb. We were on track for a quick finish until one got through Frank’s guard with the score on 106. 6 runs to get with 3 wickets down and 14 overs remaining.

Ross Dalgleish  came in hoping to get us over the line as in the last game by starting with a quick single with Jungles (although no such thing as a slow single with Jungles). Unfortunately, Ross was given out LBW on 111 (Nelson). Joe Scarcella strode confidently to the crease expecting to hit a boundary to win the game like last game. As Joe walked to the wicket Stuart Ridge said to the Captain: “Maybe I should put my creams back on and get padded up?” The Captain hesitantly agreed, thinking no need with 1 run to get. But Nelson again stepped in and Joe was fired out LBW first ball.  Ashfield on a hat trick and Stuart still to put boots and pads on and at risk of being timed out. Stuart suggested Paul also to put the pads on in case he is either timed out or fired out.

Stuart hurried out to the wicket like Gladys Berejiklian going to a press conference to explain why she went to Wagga! Two balls later Stuart relieved us with a well timed cover drive to get us home.

Again winners’ beers tasted good and the Ashfield team very accommodating and fun to be with on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

The Team was (playing 11): – Peter Rolls (c) ret 30* not out, Sittampalam Ragavan ret 30* not out, Garry Winney 2, Frank Baliotis 14, Mick McCormick 17, Jim Robson 13*, Ross Dalgleish 1, Joe Scarcella 0, Stuart Ridge 1*, David Wright (w) (dnb), Paul Georgiadis (dnb).

The Result was:-  

Ashfield De La Salle Old Boys: – 8-111 (J. Scarcella 3-7) (40 overs)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 5-112 (P. Rolls 30*; S. Ragavan 30* (28 overs)

By 5 wickets

FoW: – 1-63 (G. Winney); 2-89 (M. McCormick); 3-106 (F. Baliotis); 4-111 (R. Dalgleish); 5-111 (J. Scarcella)

The Bowling was: – J. Scarcella 7-5-7-3; P. Georgiadis 7-0-20-0; M. McCormick 7-1-19-1, S. Ridge 5-2-5-1; G. Winney 6-0-27-0; J. Robson 5-0-25-0; S. Ragavan 3-0-5-2.

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: –  Two to D. Wright (w), one to S. Ragavan

Run outs: –  One to M. McCormick (throw to D. Wright (w))

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to J. Scarcella; Two points to S. Ragavan; One point to J. Robson.

Umpire: Tony Bergman

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