If you’re driving through Wolli Creek, you might notice a bus station in front of Woolies. It’s a functional modern bus station, but it has a pleasing aspect. Sitting on the bench, one can gaze through the blur of six lanes of traffic and the greenery of Cahill Park, towards the Cooks River. It’s a quasi-idyllic scene. I was enjoying this aspect in the morning sunshine when a voice hailed me from the road.

I jumped, and in a rapid quarter hour was soaking in the ambience of Camperdown Park, together with a soothing flat white from Gather on the Green. The park was indeed green, and the team began to gather, including Morley Goodchild in an iconic brown ‘Steely Dan’ tee. The covers were neatly folded in a way Ed Smith would’ve been proud to see had he arrived earlier than 2 min. before match time.

Our illustrious skipper, Jimmy Hadley, strolled out wanting to bowl on a pitch that was hard and a healthy shade of green. The recent precipitations had left the whole park looking green, even the usually sandy perimeter had an ominous four blocking look. Immediately though we were batting, and Tommy Robertson was unscrewing his dilapidated kitbag to access his batting pads. Those pads would be put to fine use in his lengthy stay at the crease. The sun shone warmly as the Beavers, pink striped and pink capped, scattered across the field. The sky was just that shade of blue that NSW puts on for special occasions. Robertson (85) and debutant, Peter Constantinou, strode out to commence our innings. Constantinou (0) returned rapidly for an unlucky two-baller, which brought young Declan Thomas (17) to the crease. From here things began to develop, spurred on by Robertson peppering deep square and greedily taking 18 off an over.

After Thomas, came Matt Leong (14), and after him came Jamie Murtha (11), all providing balance to their partnerships with Robertson and pushing the score along. At the other end Robertson was struggling to middle it with his front pad, but trying his best not to run his partner out. When Murtha skied one (possibly he was out another way but I imagine he skied one), Soren Hughes (26) strode out to the middle. Hughes was wound up and ready to swing away. He did too, while also watching Robertson and then Lenny Volkov (0) depart. That bought out the skipper, Hadley (22*), for a few choice lusty blows. The scoring rate blossomed, and it was only in the final few overs that Smith (4) and Goodchild (0*) made entertaining cameos. The final score 186 runs for 8 wickets down after our 35 overs.

In these Covid times, each man looks to himself for sustenance, and sadly, the once-famous afternoon teas are but a distant memory. Remember those home-made sausage rolls or pickle sandwiches with real cheese? Somehow, in spite of these troubled times, the team steadied itself, confident in the bowling attack waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps our morale was boosted by the ‘Prez‘ Greg Brooks in attendance on the sidelines.

Smith (7-1-39-2) and Goodchild (7-0-22-1) opened up with the fresh red cherry. There was only one over where Smith took some tap over cow from one of the finest Maharajan moustaches to grace Camperdown Park. It was quality bowling though, well supported in the field. Runs dried up, pressure built,. Smith got his man caught on the run by Leong at cow, and then Hughes took a blinder at gully, all reflexes, to dismiss the danger man off Goodchild. Enter Leong (5-0-15-0) and Hughes (4-0-21-1), and the pressure kept on. The R.R.R. was building nicely into sevens and eights.

Spin was introduced at the climax of the innings. Match pressure told as Hadley (2-0-15-1) immediately struck with a bowled, clean through an agricultural attempted hoick. Meanwhile, from the RPA end, Henwood (3.4-0-19-5) was on his way to a 22 ball honours board spell. Credit to Weaver for his Monday night nets. The first fell to a rank long-hop outside leg that deceived the batsman for pace and looped off the back of the bat to give the keeper the easiest of catches. This was followed immediately by a flighted delivery that the new batsman on the charge could only chip out to Leong for another running catch in the deep. Only a shaky forward defence saw off the hat-trick ball.

The R.R.R. went up another notch, and the lower order was forced to bristle with aggression. So it was no surprise an over later another charge had the batsman playing all around the ball, as he didn’t get fully to the pitch, and the top of the leg bail was dislodged. It was only an umpire’s call impact, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

Panic had truly set in amongst the Beavers tail, and with quick runs needed they tried to hit out. Revs on the ball – credit to Curtis Leigh Murray – were now causing late dip, and a brace of stumpings followed off desperate running swings as Thomas showed quick work behind the stumps. It should be noted that at the other end during this mayhem Murtha  (2-0-20-0) was unlucky to have a lolly grassed by mid-on in his tidy spell. So the game was over in a flash, with Beavers a few dozen runs behind with five to go.

A few beverages in the evening followed as the side celebrated a comprehensive win. Aside from the cricket, the Prez was most impressed by Goodchild’s chosen attire, and conversation easily drifted into concerts attended.

The Team was: –  Tom Robertson 85, Peter Constantinou 0, Declan Thomas (w) 17, Matt Leong 14, James Murtha 11, Soren Hughes 26, Len Volkov 0, Jim Hadley (c) 22* , Ed Smith 4, Morley Goodchild 0*, Mark Henwood dnb

The Result was:-

CCNSW: – 8-186 (T. Robertson 85)   (35 overs)


Beavers CC: – 10-156 (M. Henwood 5-19) (30.4 overs)

By 30 runs

FoW: – 1-1 (P. Constantinou); 2-58 (D. Thomas); 3-85 (M. Leong); 4-118 (J. Murtha); 5-138 (T. Robertson); 6-140 (L. Volkov); 7-177 (S. Hughes); 8-181 (E. Smith).

The Bowling was: – E. Smith 7-1-39-2; M. Goodchild 7-0-22-1; M. Leong 5-0-15-0; S. Hughes 4-0-21-1; J. Hadley 2-0-15-1; M. Henwood 3.4-0-19-5; J. Murtha 2-0-20-0

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Two to D Thomas

Catches: – 2 catches to M. Leong; One each to D. Thomas (w) and to S. Hughes

Run outs: – Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): – Three points to; Two points to; One point to.


(Editor’s Note: – by permission of the Masters Association, this game was permitted to be played a week after the regular round)

After our initial fixture for Rd.8 at Jubilee Oval was washed out, there was much organising behind the scenes by the Skipper to arrange this clash, to be held in Lane Cove.

Balmain sent us into bat which was welcomed in good spirit, and there were some plain instructions by Captain Ian Allmey: “ I want 200”.

Tim Croft was promoted to open with Ian which was a sign of intent, however Ian fell early, caught behind for 5.  Paul Nash, playing his first game of Masters this season as Mike Weaver was ill, entered the frey and forged a boundary laden 47 run partnership with Tim. After hitting 4 boundaries in an over, Paul wanted a 5th but found a fielder and was caught for an entertaining 24, score 2/56. 

Balmain started tightening up their lines with some bowling changes and before too long Tim was bowled (29), Dan Turner, Brett James and Lee Witherden had come and gone for not many and we were 6-91 before drinks, and things were definitely not going to plan. 

But then the true essence of this Masters team shone through with lovely comeback batting and partnerships via Harry Bridge (33), Jono Shaw (24), Jose Poothokaren (35) and Ben Stanic (22*). All dug in initially and then swung hard contributing to get the team up above the Skippers expectation, getting the team to a fantastic total of 9-202. From where we were, it was a great effort.

Brett James and Tim Croft took the new ball and both were on the money from ball one. Croft struck in the 2nd over with an LBW in front, and Brett soon had the first-drop batsman clean bowled. Tim broke through the defence again to claim his 2nd and Balmain were 3/not much. Both opening bowlers were well and truly on top. The 4th wicket dug in and was going along nicely for Balmain as they were trying to get back in the game. 

The openers were replaced by Ben Stanic and Lee Witherden who were both looking good and swinging the ball considerably, with both picking up a wicket. Lee in particular had quite a few plays and misses, and could have had more wickets on another day. Ben’s in-swing did manage to confound first time keeper Dan turner  (as Scott Wells was out) when he realised it was actually his job to stop those fast in swinging deliveries, and he may even need to dive (or roll) doing it.

Tight bowling led to quite a bit of confusion with the batting as CCNSW secured 3 run outs with some great execution in the field. Andrew Dadswell came on with his mystery off spinners. He was bowling with a very short mid-wicket boundary, and he played it perfectly by not offering anything to hit and then tempting with some slower turners, securing 2 wickets for himself. In the end Balmain were dismissed for 127, and CCNSW had a 75 run victory. The game was played in good spirit and we should thank Balmain for playing their part in getting the game on. But it was another good performance by CCNSW. A real team effort with a great resilient batting innings, followed up by another tight bowling effort with some very good support in the field.

The Team was: – Tim Croft 29, Ian Allmey (c) 5, Paul Nash 24, Dan Turner 14, Harry Bridge 33, Brett James 1, Lee Witherden 6, Jonathan Shaw 24, José Poothokaren 35, Ben Stanic 22*, Andrew Dadswell dnb

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.:- 9-202 (J. Poothokaren 35) (40 overs)


Rangers CC: – 10-127   (29.3 overs)

By 75 runs

FoW: – 1- 9 (I. Allmey); 2-56 (P. Nash); 3-68 (T. Croft); 4-84 (D. Turner); 5-85 (B. James); 6-91 (L. Witherden); 7-130 (H. Bridge); 8-178 (J. Poothokaren); 9- 202 (J. Shaw).

The Bowling was: – B. James 5-1-17-1; T. Croft 6-3-14-2; B. Stanic 5-0-25-1; L. Witherden 8-2-28-1; A. Dadswell 5.3-1-22-2; P. Nash 1-0-6-0

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings:- Nil

Catches: – One to each of A.  Dadswell, B. James and B. Stanic

Run outs: – Three: – one each to P, Nash, B. Stanic and J. Poothokaren

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to T. Croft; Two points to D. Turner; One point to B. James.


A good toss to lose.

After the sobering defeat at Mosman, the CCNSW Classics were looking to get back on track at Roseville Chase. Despite a greenish patchy wicket, Stuart Ridge was keen to bat but called wrongly and Roseville chose to make first use of the track.

Mick Tarrant hit the spot straight away and a big shout second ball was rewarded with the Roseville opener on his way without scoring. A lively first over from Stuart Ridge at the other end had the ball passing the bat regularly and any disappointment at losing the toss was quickly forgotten. With Roseville yet to trouble the scorers, Mick went up again and the Roseville skipper came to the crease at 2-0 in the 3rd over. 3 balls later, another shout, another lbw, Roseville 3-0 after 3.

Roseville’s next in started solidly, hitting everything cleanly in the middle but struggling to pierce the field as they edged into double figures without further damage. Then, as often happens when runs are tight, a loose ball made the breakthrough with a flick down the leg side off Stuart going straight down the throat of Frank Baliotis at short fine leg.

Garry James’ off spin replaced the skipper and after a couple of looseners, he got in the act with the help of a sharp catch by Scott Wells at mid wicket. 5-21 after 12. David Craig’s leggies were also looking dangerous replacing Mick Tarrant  at the other end.

The next Roseville bat tried to break the shackles taking on Mick Tarrant’s golden arm in the deep and was caught short to leave them 6-30.  Garry James then struck twice for the 4th lbw duck of the innings shortly followed by another catch to Scott Wells – 8-36 in the 18th.

Roseville’s Rowan Harry steadied the ship, farming the strike from the tail enders to reach his retirement at 30*. He did not get much of a rest as Martin Speiser took the 9th wicket, caught Tarrant at cover for the 6th duck of the innings.   Harry returned to make 42 out the eventual total of 70 before being last man out caught by Glenn Mortell standing up to Mick McCormick in the 31st over. 

With Mike Weaver absent, David Benson opened the CCNSW innings with Mike Pinter  but with only 4 on the board, both were dismissed, ‘Beno’ with a leading edge to cover for the 7th duck of the match and Mike to a lifting delivery outside off to be caught behind.

Scott Wells was wasting no time and hit the Roseville skipper out of the attack before losing partner Frank Baliotis bowled to leave us 3-29 after 9 overs. Scott quickly moved to his 30 * ret and we were looking good for maximum bonus points for another chase inside 20 overs at 3-41 after 11. However, retirements can quickly change momentum and Martin Speiser was run out going for a quick single, followed by Glenn Mortell caught behind, unlucky to get a snorter first ball. 5-45 after 15 and a scurry of activity in the pavilion as one or two who had checked out for the day had to put the whites back on.

Mick Tarrant joined Mick McCormick and we got through to drinks without any further mishap at 5-57 and only 14 required. McCormick was keen to finish things quickly but after a lofted four was out caught trying to repeat the act leaving Garry James to close out the win in the 22nd over.

A good win set by up another great bowling and fielding performance led by Mick T (3-9 off 6 overs plus a catch and a run out) with Garry James (also 3-9 off 9 overs) and a tricky chase with Scott Wells looking like he was playing on a different wicket to the rest on a day with 8 ducks.  

The Team was: – Mike Pinter 3, David Benson 0, Scott Wells (w) 30* ret, Frank Baliotis 5, Mick McCormick 8, Martin Speiser 4, Glenn Mortell 0, Mick Tarrant 10, Garry James 8*, David Craig dnb, Stuart Ridge (c) dnb

The Result was:-

Roseville CC: – 10-70 (M. Tarrant 3-9; G. James 3-9)    (31.3 overs)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 6-71 (S. Wells 30* ret) (21.5 overs)

By 4 wickets

FoW: – 1-4 (M. Pinter); 2-4 (D. Benson); 3-29 (F. Baliotis); 4-45 (G. Mortell); 6-45 (M. Speiser); 6-62 (M. McCormick).

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 6-2-9-3; S. Ridge 5-1-8-1; G. James 9-5-9-3; D. Craig 6-0-26-0; M. Speiser 4-0-7-1; M. McCormick 1.3-0-10-1

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Two to S. Wells; One each to F. Baliotis, G. Mortell (w) and M. Tarrant

Run outs: – Nil

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to S. Wells; Two points to M. Tarrant; One point to G. James.

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