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Editor’s note: “I Zingari (from the Italian for “the gypsies”) Australia is amongst the oldest Cricket Clubs in Australia.  Formed in 1888, 43 years after IZ was founded in England, IZA took the field for the first time on Saturday 29 September, 1888,  defeating Newington Past and Present by 37 runs. Three years later it was recognised by the famous English Club and was given permission to wear the English Club’s black, red and gold colours (out of darkness, through fire and into light).” Extract from IZA web site.

Cancelled by rain.


Cancelled by rain.



Match was abandoned due to intermittent rain and hazardous levels of bushfire smoke, so the team adjourned to the Camperdown Hotel for a JPS strategy meeting.


“A bad toss to win”

Cricketers Club won the toss and risked batting first on a cool hazy afternoon after a brief shower before start of play.

At 2 down in the second over the skipper was quickly regretting that decision but Mike Pinter and Mick McCormick looked to be steering us out of trouble taking the score to 37 in the 10th over without further loss. Sadly, that was as good as things got, with the loss of 4 wickets for 5 runs ripping out the middle order to leave us reeling at 6-42. Glenn Mortell and Andrew Spedding briefly stopped the rot but, with runs hard to come by, the hoped for lower order cameo didn’t materialise as we succumbed for 59 all out after only 22 overs. Up against a strong attack in difficult conditions, a couple of harsh lbw decisions confirmed it was not our day.

Stuart took wickets with his first ball to each of the openers and Greg Brooks, into the attack early, also picked up a quick wicket to give us some hope we could at least make them work for the win. However, a counter attacking knock from the Georges River number 5, taking advantage of the short straight boundaries, quickly snuffed out any thoughts of a miraculous comeback and they passed our total at 3 down in the 15th.

A sobering loss to bring our winning streak to a halt with two more tough games against top teams to come in February.

The Team was: Weaver (0), Pinter (17), Benson (1), McCormick (12), Rolls (0), Mortell (wk) (7), Brooks (0), Spedding (3), James (2),   Ridge (c) (5), Craig (0*), Knox (dnb)

The Result was:

C.C.N.S.W.:  10 – 59  in 22.1 overs

Lost to

Georges River:  3 – 60 in 15.3 overs

By  7 wickets.

The Bowling was: S. Ridge 5-1-9-2; M. Knox  3-0-12-0; G.J. Brooks 4.3-0-20-1; G. James 3-1-17-0

The Fielding was:

Catches: Pinter 1, Ridge 1

Player Points: Ridge 3, Pinter 2, McCormick 1



For us, it was a chance to stroll through the ordinary Jace Pace Shield rounds undefeated. For them, it was a must win, do or die contest against their old foe and sworn enemy, Cricketers Club of NSW.

Sydney Uni Cricket was proud to announce the introduction of the Sydney Uni Lions to its pride for the 2017-18 season, a rebranding of the Sydney University Veterans. The Lions would closen ties to its grade club and maybe even give those Metro Cup kids a second game against some old blokes like Peter Buruma (how’s the hammy mate?) and an unnamed pensioner who taps on with a gold card on his way to the game these days.

The Lions were however to be a ‘social’ team competing in the City & Suburban competition for 2017-18 and provide students with a fun and flexible cricket experience, whilst connecting with a vast network of its Alumni who play for CCNSW and enjoy afteroons spent spanking balls around Camperdown as a new forms of “pure maths”, “cricket laws” or “advocacy by sledging”.

We won the toss and batted. Curtis looked the part with a solid on-drive but chipped one to mid-off. 1 for 5. Simon joined Tom and made sure of every opportunity to run Tom out by reply. At one point, the keeper fumbled one at the stumps with Tom halfway down and the partnership grew with a number of well struck boundaries to 2 for 91 at drinks. Tom (on 30) edged one to the keeper and Mr Paul Nash (18) was a suitable replacement until a fielder on the fence saved a six on the fence off Paul Moorhouse. 

Simon eventually missed a straight one on 51, leaving Sam Millar to do some damage. 6, dot or 4 was the order of business and a quick 42 from 23 balls was ended by yet another catch on the boundary. The new Robertson (Ed), looked to be building a good innings however a mis-hit on 17 led to his demise, caught, and left Soren and Jim Hadley to scrap it out over the last three overs. It was a victory for Jim on a countback, having connected more often. 6 for 225 meant time for the beast (and only) tea in City and Suburban.

The Lions were well fed at tea so as not to take issue with the same bowler opening from both ends. He must been tired after 10 overs straight but we’re all still wondering if it was Ed or Ian Robertson. Edwian? Well bowled either way, with figures of 2 for 46 from 10.

Not much has happening with the bat for the Lions who were 3/75 at the interval thanks to a wicket from Mr Nash. He and Jim Hadley tied them in knots for a while before Tim Croft decided the Lions’ JPS existence could still be recovered and so he started to hit the boundary. Taking singles on nearly every ball, we put Edwian back in the game with a couple of run outs in succession.  Edwian’s father hit the stumps in the field at the expense of Paul Moorhouse and Mark Henwood also picked up a couple of wickets. With Mr Croft gone and not too much hitting left in the bag, the Lions crawled along to the end until we finished their JPS dreams with a last ball wicket.

So it’s a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope we all get through bushfire season without incident. Enjoy the break lads. Solid start to the season. 

The Team was: Curtis Murray 4, Tom Robertson 30, S. James 51, Paul Nash 18, Sam Millar 42, Ed Robertson 17, S. Hughes 19*, Jim Hadley 20*, Jed Wesley-Smith, M. Henwood, Ian Robertson.

The Result was:-

CCNSW: 6-225 in 35 overs (S. James 51, S. Millar 42)


Sydney University Lions: 10-205 in 35 overs

By 20 runs.

FoWs: – 1-5 (Murray); 2-77 (T. Robertson); 3-108 (Nash); 4-139 (James); 5-184 (Millar); 6-195 (E. Robertson).

The Bowling was: – I. Robertson 7-0-40-3; E. Robertson 7-1-37-0; P. Nash 7-1-23-1; J. Hadley 6-0-29-1; J. Wesley-Smith 2-0-17-0; S. James 2-0-13-1; S. Hughes 2-0-16-0; M. Henwood 2-0-24-2.

The Fielding was: –

Run-outs: T. Robertson 2, I. Robertson 1

Catches: C. Murray 2, S. James 1, J. Hadley 1

Stumping: C. Murray 1

Player Points:- T.B.A.


CCNSW and XXIX teams in front of the pavilion at the Bradman Oval, 15 December 2019.
CCNSW Team: Back Row (Left to Right): P. Brandon, S. Ridge, G. Brooks, M. Knox, G. Mortell, C. Murray; Front Row (Left to Right): S. Hughes, B. James, T. Robertson, P. Knox (Scoreboard Official), S. James, M. Henwood.

Bradman Oval is the proverbial jewel in the crown for Bowral, a high point of tourism and cricket anthropology. According to the colony, the land formed part of Governor Thomas Brisbane’s original land grant of 2,400 acres in June 1823 to John Oxley, Surveyor. His son gave it to The United Church of England and Ireland, who promptly renamed it ‘Glebe Park’ and cricket commenced in 1891.

Lord Sheffield brought an English team captained by Dr W.G. Grace whom soundly defeated the  Twenty Four of Boural, all out for 46. The locals invented Don Bradman to return the lashing and eventually some statues of him and the museum et al, and in 1947 that the ground was formally marked as Bradman Oval.

The pitch is international standard is one of the most sought after playing grounds in Australia. For the club, it was an opportunity to take some 4 by 2 planks to the MCG “Mexicans” and make good a couple of close losses in recent memory. 

Losing the toss and being sent in to bowl, the XXIX team had erred in realising this was actually to Tom’s liking and probably a disadvantage to them given the haze of bushfires nearby impairing general visibility. The pitch was also dry and reminiscent of the now usual Camperdown wicket. 

Stu Ridge and Mr Knox opened for us, with some quality ball polishing locking in a good dose of swing bowling, Stu impeccable with 0 for 10 from 5 overs and Mr Knox impossible to get away with 8 overs 1 for 19. Brett James replaced Stu at one end, starting with a first ball bowled and another wicket fourth ball. A strong bowling partnership between Brett and President Brooks lasted until after drinks with only the occasional strike getting away from the fielders and Brooks picking up another batsman via a diving catch. 3 for 68 at drinks was a clear win in the contest for us and became a significant advantage.

The Melbournians had lay quiet in consolidating their way back into the game from 3 for 28. The next session would require more ambition. We too had tired a little and relaxed our fielding standards somewhat. While it was hot and the smoke had also cleared a little, there was still no explanation for Soren’s shirt shrinking 3 sizes after drinks. He looked a little like the Marshmallow Man in his 13 year old son’s playing shirt but alas, we digress.

XXIX ambition soon arrived in the form of Curtain and initially Brown (bowled by Brooks) then Stein who took a liking to Henshaw (aka Henwood) and Hughes (whose wardrobe stylist made his plump stomach seen upon each delivery) and scored 9 per over. Stu came back on for a bit, returned with interest, and they had set 207, Curtain with 104* to take back over the border.

From here it seemed smooth sailing. We rated it a 250 par score on a plush outfield, low and slow pitch and beautiful batting conditions on an international ICC accredited ground. Brando and Curtis opened up. Curtis was solid, evident from his first on-drive which seemed enough for the XXIX’s to move “Lightning Man” to straight on and save about 30 runs. Brandon was seeming them well but for some reason was hitting them directly at each of the fielders in succession. We had made a sliwish but positive start but lost Brando and Curtis shortly before drinks at 2/73. 

From here Simon and Tom were called to appear and the rest of us would be invited to watch a somewhat chanceless partnership that took us over the line with some ease. Both batsmen looked comfortable and assured of an imminent victory and the ball was hit to all parts of the ground. Some highlights were Simon nearly enacting revenge on Tom for running him out the week prior, Tom’s confidence on legside, Brett James and Soren (now struggling to breathe in his ever shrinking shirt) sitting on the sideline next in hoping Simon and Tom would run each other out and the elation and pure happiness on Mr Brooks’ face when we drew level with about 5 overs to spare.

Tom Robertson in action, all sleeves and aggression.
Simon James playing on the posh side of the field.

We spent the next 40 mins enjoying the sunlight and some cold beverages in the Bradman Library discussing whether the XXIX’s would host us at the MCG next year, how difficult it would be for them to beat us again and how well we played. Mr Brooks and some of the lads then continued the conversation late into the night at the Imperial Hotel and we were all better off for the experience. Well done lads, a good victory.

The Team was: P. Brandon 9, C. Murray 44, T. Robertson 71*, S. James 54*, B. James, S. Hughes, G. Brooks, G. Mortell, M. Henwood, S. Ridge, M. Knox.

The Result was:-

XXIX: 5-207 in 40 overs (M. Curtain 104*, M. Stein 44*)

Lost to

CCNSW: 2-208 in 35 overs (T. Robertson 71*, S. James 54*)

By 8 wickets.

FoWs: – 1-42 (Brandon); 2-61 (Murray).

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 8-1-40-0; M. Knox 8-3-19-1; B. James 8-0-39-2; G. Brooks 8-0-33-2; S. Hughes 5-0-49-0; M. Henwood 3-0-26-0.

The Fielding was: –

Catches: S. Hughes 1, M. Henwood 1

Player Points:- T.B.A.


A decimated CCNSW Masters side has suffered their second humiliating defeat of the season, this time on their travels to Riverwood to meet Georges River.

Coupled with the late overnight withdrawal of Andrew Dadswell due to family matters, CCNSW could only manage to field 9 players. This thanks to some last minute recruiting work  by David Craig to obtain Sam Skoulis, formerly of Cronulla Seagulls and rushed to the ground via ‘Uber’ transportation. 

Unable to summon any other reinforcements, which was largely due to the club having 3 fixtures scheduled on the same day, captain Mike Weaver exacerbated the situation by calling incorrectly at the coin flip. Georges River duly elected to bat first.

Responding somewhat to the Skipper’s pre-game talk that ‘this will be the greatest win in the club’s history’, Ben ‘Buzz’ Stanic and Lee ‘ Leeroy’ Witherden opened the bowling with zest and with Georges River donating a sub fielder. Ben picked up the GR opener early,  well caught at 1st slip by new chum Mike Dahl. 

One for 8, things looking positive for CCNSW. Thereafter, things went to steady, then to bad and then to worse. 

In a period where Georges River had 5 successive retirees until the 2nd wicket fell with their score at 261, there were at least 4 easy catches put down and several mis-hit shots lobbed into the air ,falling in between fielders. Wicketkeeper Favell struggled in the very hot, low air quality conditions. Unable to stop the several balls down leg side, and distressed when instructed to wear a helmet by the umpire  when standing up to the stumps, as was uncomfortable wearing it. Also ‘Favs’ went off the field at another point to rest a sore neck he had carried into the game. So CCNSW had even less troops to use, to plug gaps in the field. Mike Dahl did a good job taking the gloves for a few overs until Brett returned, in a debut game for the club he may long remember. 

Lee Witherden and David Craig sent down some good deliveries without much luck. Mike Dahl acquitted himself well considering the small ground and the time he was introduced into the attack. He will have success in future games bowling his off spin when the wicket is more suitable and he is afforded more protection on a smaller ground. Craig Fletcher bowled with a good plan and unfortunately suffered as well, as CCNSW simply didn’t have enough fielders on the day. Good effort from ‘Fletch’ in his return match, considering the circumstances. 

Mike Weaver was the sixth mandatory bowler used and the seventh, Emerson Wilshire, could only bowl one over before his shoulder gave way. Weaver, after being punished for two overs, switched himself to the other end later, to produce some reasonably effective death bowling. 

David Craig came back well also to ‘jag’ two late wickets, which were well deserved. 

But by far and away the best bowler on the day for CCNSW was Ben Stanic. For the first time for the club, he completed the individual maximum of 9 overs and there was only one wayward set amongst this. In his return spell, at ‘the death’, he picked up a very good wicket with a yorker and kept the runs down. Georges River were 4-316 at the close of their 40 overs and it could have been worse if not for the ‘never give up’ attitude of Ben. He is a player of immense promise in Masters and will continue to improve with regular nets training. 

Facing a monumental task with only nine batters and with ‘keeper Favell requesting to be number 9 due to fatigue/stress/sore eyes, Mike Weaver and Emerson Wilshire opened up with a resolve to be positive and keep up with the required run rate of 8 runs per over. Emerson struck a couple of nice shots before skying a catch to deep mid-on after attempting to smash the ball up onto the outside motorway. Mike Dahl, in at number 3, received a long hop early which he unfortunately hit straight to square leg to be well caught for no score. 

Lee Witherden and Weaver then looked good to put on a nice partnership only for ‘Weaves’ to mistime a pull shot to be caught for 17. Lee top scored with 21 and Ben Stanic played a useful innings of 17 runs. Both players cracked three 4s each in a fighting effort. In between their occupation of the crease, Craig Fletcher was unfortunately bowled off his pads for a duck and David Craig runout with just one run to his name. At the end it was a stodgy performance by Sam Skoulis who was the final wicket to fall. Sam displayed great determination in his first cricket match for 10 years. Brett Favell remained nought not out, facing just one over.

The final score of just 75 runs was a reflection of the terrible conditions that had prevailed. It was a very bad toss to lose under the sweltering, ‘ fire smoko’ conditions and CCNSW simply did not have the energy to mount any realistic challenge batting second, with such a large target runs required and with two players down. 

With more players available to select from, the new year of 2020, for CCNSW, promises plenty.

The Team was: M. Weaver 17, E. Wilshire 5, M. Dahl 0, L. Witherden 21, C. Fletcher 0, D. Craig 1, B. Stanic 17, S. Skoulis 6, B. Favell 0*.

The Result was:-

Georges River: 4-316 in 40 overs


CCNSW: 8-75 in 26.2 overs

By 231 runs.

FoWs: – 1-22 (Wilshire); 2-23 (Dahl); 3-28 (Weaver), 4-28 (Fletcher); 5-34 (Craig); 6-56 (Witherden); 7-74 (Stanic); 8-75 (Skoulis).

The Bowling was: L. Witherden 9-0-53-0; B. Stanic 9-1-48-2; C. Fletcher 6-0-49-0; D. Craig 6-0-52-2; M. Dahl 4-0-53-0; M. Weaver 5-0-41-0; E. Wilshire 1-0-13-0.

The Fielding was:

Player Points:- T.B.A.


Crashing back to earth in the third round with our first loss!

Well done Garry Winney for getting the team on the park with thanks for help from John Parker, an import from Georges River.

A 27°C sunny/cloudy day with smoke around from the bush fires. Lindfield won the toss and decided to bowl on what looked like a grassy but true wicket. But turned out to be a bit slow and a bit of seam.

CCNSW innings:

The cricket gods failed to smile on us this day.

Raga unlucky to be caught down the leg side off the third ball of the day. Credit to Billy the wicket keeper who did brilliantly for a mid sixty year old to take a diving catch. Ross LBW that was angling down leg side. Jim had a freakish slower ball from Paul Adams that pitched a foot outside off stump and came back to take top of off. Peter caught at first slip by an overhead fully outstretched one handed catch by Michael Collins.

Accurate bowling by Lindfield saw John bowled and Joe caught trying to force the pace. Garry was looking good until stumped. John Parker run out by a mix up with Jay. Paul LBW after a flurry and Jay top scoring with quick running and last man out with a couple of overs to go.

Our only hope was to get early wickets and bowl them out..

Lindfield innings:

A very exciting start with John Mesar hitting middle stump with his very first ball and finishing the over with a wicket-maiden.

Paul followed John’s great start with bowling the other opener with his 3rd ball. 2 for 4.

Then on comes Raga and strikes with his first ball bowling their number 3 but by then their total was 37 and less than 50 to get.

Jim Robson tried to weave his spinning magic but Ron Ness was up to the task and retires at 30 and they look home and hosed

Jay bowled tight and got the fourth wicket after John Parker asked Ian Iveson to “Have a go”! which he did next ball but missed it and was clean bowled.

John Parker had one economical over before the next over by Jay that they made the required runs.

Lindfield won with 19 overs to spare so at least we had enough time after the game to have a leisurely drink and a good sporting chat. The reason we play the game at this age in the first place.

The Team was (playing 11): –  Sittampalam Ragavan 0, Ross Dalgleish 2 , Peter Rolls 11(c),  Jim Robson 6, Joe Scarcella 8, John Mesar 10, Garry Winney 12, Jay Patel 18, John Parker 7, Paul Georgiadis 8, David Wright 1*.

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W:  10-84 (Patel 18) (37.4 overs)

Defeated by

Lindfield:  4-85 (21.1 overs)

By 6 wickets

FoW: – 1-0 (Sittampalam. R), 2-11 (R. Dalgleish), 3-19 (J. Robson), 4-25 (P. Rolls), 5-38 (J. Mesar), 6-38 (J. Scarcella), 7-58 (G. Winney), 8-73 (J. Parker), 9-83 (P. Georgiadis),  10-85 (J. Patel).

The Bowling was: – J. Mesar 4-1-20-1; P. Georgiadis 4-0-14-1; J. Scarcella 3-0-11-0; Sittampalam. R 3-0-8-1; J. Robson 3-0-12-0; J. Patel 3.1-0-14-1; J. Parker 1-0-2-0.

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: nil

Catches: nil.

                   Run outs: Nil.              

Player points: – Three points to J. Patel; Two points G. Winney; One point to J. Mesar

Umpire: Juris Turmanis



Cricketers Club won the toss and elected to bat against an unbeaten Warringah.

Scoring wasn’t easy against an accurate opening attack and we lost Mike Pinter early. Pete Nielsen and Glen Mortell consolidated but the steady Warringah pair both completed tight 9 over spells. Just as we were looking to build, Glenn was bowled trying to force the pace and Pete had to retire with a calf tear. After the double bowling change, Mick McCormick also fell cheaply to leave us effectively 4 down for 62 at drinks.

Fortunately, our trio of lefties were able to pick things up against the change bowlers with Martin Spieser just falling short of retirement for a well made 27, President Brooks threatening another explosive knock before being robbed of a 3rd 6 by a fingertip catch on the boundary, and Andrew Spedding getting to his 30 with the last ball of the innings to take us to a more competitive 175 at tea.

Stuart Ridge and Mick Knox both picked up a valuable early wicket to set back the Warringah run chase which then proceeded to 32 without further loss in the first 10 overs. Greg Brooks replaced the skipper, slotting into a great spell of stump to stump bowling. He joined Knox to strangle the Warringah innings, picking up a couple of wickets each with a succession of batsmen bowled or trapped in front and only 15 more runs added through to the drinks break,

Any hope of a Warringah recovery was smashed when a fired up Brooksie got another one through the defences of the Warringah skipper first ball after drinks in a perfect response to the send-off he had received in our innings.

A cameo from the Warringah number 9 delayed the victory push before the President completed a well deserved 5 wicket haul and David Craig finished things off with a neat caught and bowled to round out a clinical performance from the bowling unit.  

Not quite the same excitement as the nail biters against Georges River and Mosman last year but a great all round effort against one of the top sides.

The Team was: Pinter (5), Nielsen (24 ret hurt), Mortell (15), Benson (8), McCormick (5), Speiser (27), Brooks (23), Spedding (31), James (12), Ridge (c) (6), Craig (4*), Knox (dnb)

The Result was:

C.C.N.S.W.:  8 – 175  in 40 overs


Warringah:  81 all out in 27.3 overs

By  94 runs.

The Bowling was:  S. Ridge 5-1-12-1; M. Knox  9-3-20-3; G. Brooks 9-3-21-5; G. James 4-1-16-0; D. Craig 0.3-0-4-1

The Fielding was:

Catches: Pinter 1, McCormick 1, Craig 2

Points: Brooks 3, Spedding 2, Knox 1



There are only three sports: mountain climbing, bull fighting, and motor racing. All the rest are merely games, except cricket which is art. Cricketers are all apprentices in an art where no one ever becomes a master.

Birchgrove Oval itself is art. The first cricket field here was reclaimed from the harbour in 1885, and was home to the Sydney Cricket Club from 1897-1942. The field sits over ancient mudflats, where shellfish grew to feed the Eora nation for some 10,000 years, before colonialism and smallpox. Weathered stone seawalls poke through the soil, faintly marking the buried outline of Snail’s Bay, grown old in their easy retirement.

Walk past the old caretaker’s house and changing shed, to the path just below the old site of Birchgrove house, for a view of the harbour bridge past the wharves and sailboats. There was no bridge when Lieutenant John Birch named his home Birchgrove. The humble stone dwelling sat on the hill for 150 years before it was pulled down in 1967 and replaced by a dozen soulless moderns fighting for his view.

The day was overcast with gusty winds blowing off the harbour. It was one of those days that was pleasant enough when the sun shone, but when clouds hid the sun the wind was cool. Simon James, skipper, won the toss and decided to bat. It wasn’t a long deliberation; everyone could see it was a road. Tapping the pitch made a sound like knocking the hardwood top of a well-polished bar and the sunburnt shoots of grass grazed your knuckles.

Hearing this news, Pete Buruma laid out on the grass, rolling on his balls, the kind you put under your back to massage yourself with. He complained about working Saturdays, and in a little while he fell asleep with his cap over his eyes. Jed Wesley-Smith’s new bat was passed around: the grain, the weight, the feel, all drew nods and knowing comments. Eventually, Curtis Murray tied up the long laces of his shiny new boots into long loops, and the game began.

Tom Robertson was dropped by the keep on the first delivery. It shook him a little, and he played test for the next few overs. Meanwhile, Murray was playing straight, and striking some elegant fours down the ground. You could see those new boots glistening in the sunlight as he batted. Art.

An appeal broke over the rustle of the wind through the trees. Wesley-Smith raised the finger, Robertson out caught in gully. To everyone round about it looked a bump-ball. Tragedy. That’s cricket though, anyone of us is only one ball away from a rough call. Use it next week Tom against Knox. 1-28 in the 5th.

James joined Murray at the crease for a quality partnership of 58 runs from 10. Both worked the ball around the field. The outfield was lightning fast so anything past the fielder raced away. Drinks was coming along nicely. Murray struck a particularly fine 4 off the leggie, tried again, and was caught at long-on. A crow cawed moodily, turning his head to survey the field below him, from the roof of the changing shed. 2-86 in the 15th.

Paul Nash joined James at the crease. He was in a boundary striking mood. 4,4,4,4,6, out! Caught in the deep off the leggie too. Jim Hadley followed suit off a full toss by the part-timer not long after. It sounded sweet and crisp off the bat though. 4-126 in the 24th.

Soren Hughes walked out in his new helmet, safety first, swinging his weighty old blade. His first ball was struck sweetly for a 4. It was a sign of what was to come. Together with James the scoring rate lifted, and boundaries were flying all around the ground. Suddenly Hughes was bowled. The opposition skipper had been yelling instructions and trying to set his field, so called him back and the umpire signalled dead ball. Sportsmanship.

James edged a tired shot outside off behind with a couple of overs to go. So Buruma joined Hughes for a brief cameo of well-run 2s and 3s. Hughes then unleashed on the final over in a powerful display of hitting. One 6 landed up near the tennis courts and set off a kookaburra laughing. We all sat on the hill near the changing shed grinning as the over went for 18. That made 98 runs off the final 10. Wesley-Smith will have to wait to test his new bat. 5-233 after 35.

No tea was provided by the hosts, so little camaraderie took place between the sides at the break. Instead, both teams rested in the gloomy coolness of the changing rooms. The skip said we probably left 20 odd runs on the field. It’s his style; all stick and no carrot.

Nash and Buruma opened the bowling. The first few overs went by in a chanceless fury of boundaries. Heads went down, though if we could win from here, we could win from anywhere. Buruma pulled up lame. The world breaks everyone sometime. James finished his over. Short and wide, cut to Crooks at point. 1-32 in the 8th.

Greg Brooks came on to replace Nash. Cricketers don’t grow wise, they grow careful. Brooks was careful. After picking up a leg side caught behind, and noticing how easily the batsmen were flicking 4s through fine leg, he bowled outside off to much better effect. (President Brooks wants to make it clear that this was an off side caught behind, but that runs against the narrative). Wesley-Smith bowled tidily from the tennis court end. Dot balls came more frequently, the required run rate started to go up again, and pressure built on the Rangers. Despite a couple of missed chances, the match was turning. Drinks, 2-78 after 18.

The pressure told; Wesley-Smith drew a slog that top-edged to mid-on. The spinners came on. Hadley picked up an LBW. At the other end, Mark Henwood was struggling to find his length. Scores were shouted out, “80 needed off 5”. The batsman decided to go for it and ran down the pitch and missed a wide one. Murray flicked the bails off with a full arm stretch. It’s good to be lucky, but it’s better to be disciplined, then you’re ready when luck comes. The match was all but over, drifting towards a CCNSW win. Up on the hill a red setter bayed and howled in anguish. 5-151 in the 30th.

Hadley had a good LBW shout turned down. It looked plumb from mid-on. Cricket. The opener bought up his 100 by hitting Henwood out of the attack. We all take a beating every day, you know, one way or another. The openers had been a selfish and relentless innings, punctuated by some quality off-drives and flicks to backward square. Next over James, now bowling spin, beat a dirty slog to cow. Bowled. Hadley calmly finished off the match, defending the total. 6-201 after 35. CCNSW win by 32 runs.

Balmain has more pubs than people, everyone knows that, so it was strange there were no beverages on hand. Instead of celebrating the win, Skipper James gave a speech. The fielding had been sluggish and there were too many pastries on offer from the bowlers. There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. There will be tougher matches coming up this season, we will need to improve.

With that the players drifted into the late Sunday afternoon. This is a hell of a dull match report… How about some champagne?

In the style of Ernest Hemingway, Ian Henshaw.

The Team was: Tom Robertson 12, Curtis Murray 41, Simon James 61, Paul Nash 22, Jim Hadley 8, Soren Hughes 68*, Pete Buruma 2*, Greg Brooks, Jed Wesley-Smith, Mark Henwood, Peter Crooks.

The Result was:-

CCNSW: 5-233 in 35 overs (Simon James 61, Soren Hughes 68*)


Rangers:  6-201 in 35 overs (Flaherty 116*)

By  32 runs.

FoWs: – 1-28 (Robertson); 2-86 (Murray); 3-116 (Nash); 4-126 (Hadley); 5-200 (James).

The Bowling was: – Paul Nash 4-0-23-0; Pete Buruma 2.1-0-12-0; Simon James 4.5-0-23-2; Greg Brooks 7-1-19-1; Jed Wesley-Smith 6-1-30-1; Peter Crooks 2-0-17-0; Mark Henwood 4-0-41-1; Jim Hadley 5-0-35-1.

The Fielding was: –

Catches: Crooks 1, Murray 1, Hughes 1

Stumpings: Murray 1

Player Points:- T.B.A.


The CCNSW Masters side have surprisingly suffered another loss at home last Sunday 15 December 19, this time to a very well organised Warringah side.

A reshuffled CCNSW team took the field at Camperdown after the late withdrawal of Ian Allmey, while Mick Tarrant was also a delayed attendee on the day.  And the ‘Queensland Connection’ – Jono Shaw and Craig Fletcher – had earlier in the week succumbed to influenza and could not be available.

Fortunately CCNSW were able to call on the services of UK tourist, Dallas McDermott, and over 50s specialist Mike Pinter to make up the full line up. Both players gave their all in what was an honest performance by the team. For various parts of the game CCNSW gained ascendancy but were thwarted by a very determined and talented opposition. 

Captain Michael Weaver took a gamble by inserting the opposition to bat first on a particularly green wicket. The decision looked to be correct as a fresh Brett James commenced bowling with excellent rhythm, moving the ball considerably both ways and with decent carry to ‘keeper Favell. 

A few plays and misses with the ball being too good for the bat and a dropped catch saw Brett finish an excellent 9 over spell with just the one wicket. He did affect the first wicket of the match though, with an excellent throw on the run from from fine leg. It saw the unfortunate Warringah opener O’Connor stranded after being sent back by his partner who has initially called for two runs. After this early breakthrough, Captain Mick Weaver probably erred by not setting a more attacking field – short cover to go with the two slips ,etc. Although this goes the benefit of hindsight. 

The Warringah batsmen worked hard and despite two wickets from Lee Witherden, one a splendid caught and bowled, and some initial accurate bowling by Dallas McDermott,  persevered to  get themselves into a reasonable position at 3-90 off 20 overs. 

For the final 20 overs, despite taking regular wickets, CCNSW were not able to stem the flow of runs. Ben Stanic, Luke Holman, Mick Tarrant and Stu Ridge all had their moments but at other times were thrashed around the park. Luke received the appropriate accolades for dismissing the Warringah captain for a second ball duck and Mick Tarrant picked up a wicket in his 2nd and 5th overs before a final onslaught against him. Stu did well to collect a wicket at the death in his return spell after an accurate wicket-less stint at the start of the innings. 

Emerson Wilshire’s shoulder gave way in his only over and the set was effectively completed by his skipper. A fielding highlight for CCNSW was Benn Stanic’s direct hit runout from mid wicket. 

The final 5 overs yielded 58 runs though as CCNSW were not able to close the innings off after the 8th wicket fell. Only 4 boundary riders were set during this period. There are no restrictions on field settings in the Sydney Masters Competition, and perhaps this could be looked at in the future by the organising administration. As I believe no more 4 or 5 is a fair amount. 

Despite the early loss of opener Weaver, who continues his lean trot, CCNSW were given a strong start in the run chase by Emerson Wilshire and Scott Wells. Unfortunately Scott was dismissed lbw just 1 short of the 40 retirement mark in the 19th over. So instead of being just one wicket down at the drinks break, CCNSW were 2-95 after 20, a similar position to their opponents at the same stage. 

Emerson Wilshire performed admirably in playing the pace bowlers confidently, producing several strong drives and pulls in his 42 retired. Mike Pinter gene the innings together to prevent fall of further wickets with a well made 27 runs. Brett Favell was looking like it was his day after smiting the Warringah finger spinner over the far cover boundary, before he was unfortunately caught at mid-on off the same  bowler, succumbing to a change of pace. CCNSW were still looking  a chance when Brett James was joined by Lee Witherden. However an unfortunate mix up saw Lee runout at the bowlers end before he could inflict any damage. 

This was probably the telling wicket. From there on it was all Warringah as they tightened the screws with defensive fields, using more boundary riders than CCNSW had implemented in the first stanza of play. Brett made a solid 35 runs before bowled trying to address the ever increasing required run rate dilemma that had developed. Luke Holman was runout and Ben Stanic bowled, both cheaply, trying to do the same. 

With CCNSW 8 wickets down, 22 an over required and Warringah urging themselves to get full bonus points for taking all ten wickets, Dallas McDermott and Mick Tarrant combined to spoil that for the visitors, shutting up shop to prevent any further dismissals. Both players look to be well suited to test cricket, displaying sound defence and smart ‘leaves’.

Well done to Warringah and for CCNSW, it was back to the drawing board and the search to find a winning combination of players and an improvised selection situation, in so far as player availability is concerned .

The Team was: M. Weaver 1, E. Whilshire 42 ret., S. Wells 39, M. Pinter 27, B. Favell 12, B. James 35, L. Witherden 1, L. Holman 1, B. Stanic 5, D. McDermott 8*, M. Tarrant 5*.

The Result was:

Warringah: 9-262 in 40 overs


CCNSW:  8-182 in 40 overs

By 80 runs.

FoWs: – 1-1 (M. Weaver); 2-92 (S. Wells); 3-109 (B. Favell); 4-144 (M. Pinter); 5-147 (L. Witherden), 6-149 (L. Holman), 7-167 (B. James), 8-169 (B. Stanic).

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 9-1-41-1; B. James 9-1-44-1; L. Witherden 5-0-44-2; D. McDermott 4-1-22-0; B. Stanic 2-0-14-0; L. Holman 4-0-30-1; M. Tarrant 5-0-50-2; E. Wilshire 1-0-10-0.

The Fielding was: –

Runouts: B. James/B. Favell 1, B. Stanic 1

Player Points: T.B.A.



Match was forfeited by Old Oxleyans.


Roseville won the toss and elected to bat on an overcast day at Roseville Park.

There was plenty of encouragement for the new ball bowlers but it looked like a frustrating day was on the cards, with the ball evading the field and runs ticking over until Stuart removed both openers in the 9th over.  President Brooks picked up another wicket in his first over but he along with Mick Knox and Garry James had no further luck despite beating the bat and drawing frequent false shots, with nothing going to hand. Despite losing another wicket to a smart run out, Roseville must have been eyeing 200 plus at 4-132 in the 29th. However, a great death spell from Andrew Spedding with 3 wickets, supported by tight bowling from Garry and the returning skipper restricted Roseville to 8-172 at tea.

Mike Weaver started with positive intent but unfortunately lofted his first ball straight to mid-off for an early setback. Classics debutant Peter Nielsen and Mike Pinter steadied things as we slowly consolidated and it was good to reach drinks with two in the bank and no further loss. We were confident with 9 wickets in hand requiring 5 an over off the last 20 but after chipping away another 20 we lost a couple of quick wickets. Any jitters were quickly dispatched by some sweet hitting to the short boundaries from the President with an explosive 30 off just 12 balls. This took the pressure off, leaving Martin Speiser (23), a quick cameo from the skipper (15) and a returning Punter to finish things off in the 36th over.

Another good all round effort takes us to three wins on the trot and fourth on the ladder with a tough game against unbeaten Warringah next.

The Team was: Weaver (0), Pinter w/k (38*), Nielsen (33*), McCormick (2), Spedding (11), Speiser (23), Brooks (30*), Downey (1), James (1),   Ridge (c) (15), Knox (4*)

The Result was:-

Roseville: 8-172 in 40 overs

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.:  7- 173  in 36.2 overs

By  3 wickets.

The Bowling was: – S.Ridge 8-1-19-3; M.Knox  8-0-34-0; GJ Brooks 8-1-34-1; G.James 9-1-34-0; M. Speiser 1-0-7-0; A Spedding 6-1-17-3

The Fielding was: –

Catches: –   Ridge 1, Weaver 1, Downey 1

Run outs: Ridge/Pinter 1

Points: Ridge 3, Spedding 2, Brooks 1



On a very pleasant day at Camperdown CCNSW won the toss and elected to bat. The CCNSW XI were sporting a young debutant in wicket-keeper Declan Thomas.

Yaralla, made a strong start, making effective use of the short ball on a wicket that offered some pace and at times, irregular bounce. Both openers were removed inside the first ten overs, bringing to the wicket captain Simon James and Paul Nash.

The two Englishmen, employing correct techniques and no shortage of stiff upper lip, set about rebuilding the innings. Nash was the early aggressor, unleashing a number of lofted drives as the pair put on more than 120 for the third wicket stand. Nash was out for 64 off 71 balls; James 84 from 71 balls. A late charge by Hughes (22 of 16) meant CCNSW were able to set a very respectable 236 from their allotted overs.

In response, Yaralla were undone by accurate bowling and by recent standards, a sublime fielding effort. Again, the Englishmen Nash and James led the charge, opening the bowling and restricting the opposition in the ever important initial overs.

It was then the turn of the spin trio of Jim Hadley, Craig Kitson and Mark Henwood to come to the fore, taking nine wickets between them in a fine display of bowling. The spin triplets were well supported by a very solid fielding display  with Jed Wesley-Smith, and Tom Robinson both holding good catches, and some very tidy work behind the stumps by debutant Thomas.

In the end, 236 was always out of reach of Yaralla and the CCNSW XI romped to a comfortable bonus point victory.

The Team was: Tom Robertson (4), Mitch Hetherington (10), Simon James c (84), Paul Nash (64), Soren Hughes (22), Craig Kitson (8*), Jim Hadley (1*), Jed Wesley-Smith, Simon Muggeridge, Mark Henwood, and Declan Thomas w/k

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: 5-236 in 35 overs


Yaralla: – 10 – 112  in 28.2 overs

By 124 runs.

The Bowling was: – P. Nash 5-0-22-0; S. James 4-2-11-0; S. Muggeridge 4-0-23-1; J. Hadley 5-0-14-3; J. Wesley-Smith 4-0-24-0; C. Kitson 5-4-5-4; M. Henwood 2.2-0-10-2

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: –  Nil

Catches: – T. Robertson 2, P. Nash 1, D. Thomas 1, M. Henwood 1, M. Hetherington 1, J. Hadley 1, and J. Wesley-Smith 1

Run outs: –  Nil


The CCNSW Masters have recorded their first win of the season with an empathic performance, accounting for Balmain-South Sydney at Jubilee Park last Sunday

Stand in Skippers Brett ‘Favellous’ Favell and Ian ‘Allways get runs’ Allmey, working together, were successful in winning the toss somehow and elected to take first use with the bat

Ian and Tommy ‘Trigger’ Robertson gave CCNSW a reasonable start, although Tom never really ‘fired’, pardon the pun. Ian smashed several boundarys as usual in a quick fire 26. After being 0-36 though, CCNSW lost 4 quick wickets in succession after Tom was dismissed for just 8. 

Ian was bowled through the gate and was quickly followed by Jono ‘ Queenslander’ Shaw and Skipper Favell, both of whom nicked off to the ‘keeper early 

A revival partnership of 40 between Brett ‘ The Force’‘ James and new chum Emerson Wilshire got CCNSW back on track to obtaining what would prove a satisfactory total, on the traditionally sometimes tricky Glebe wicket. Emerson was looking very good, having cracked a towering six before trying one shot too many to be caught for 18.

Thereafter some handy runs from the tail, working with retiree James boosted the runs total to respectability, albeit CCNSW were unable to use every available delivery in being dismissed after exactly 34 overs. 

Andrew  ‘Junior’ Dadswell, ‘Mick ‘Tarantula’ Tarrant, Luke ‘ The Hoff’ Holman and ‘Buzz’ Ben Stanic all contributed handy runs although David ‘Dutchy’ Craig was left stranded not out when Brett was eventually dismissed, caught for a very well made 47 runs. 

With CCNSW taking the field very determined to make a good fist of things, Balmain Souths were never in the hunt against some persistent medium pace bowling. This was backed up by some excellent spin of both right hand varieties. 

The standouts were Mick Tarrant and Ben Stanic with two wickets each. Plus Dave Craig bamboozaling the tail to ‘jag’ 3 wickets. Jono Shaw grabbed a handy scalp with his sliders and Andrew Dadswell provided reliable off spin to tie the late order batters down, taking a wicket himself in the process. Andrew also converted a runout opportunity very well.  

A comfortable win in the end for CCNSW gaining all bonus points for dismissing the opposition. Congratulations to stand in Captain Brett and also Ian for his leadership support. CCNSW were to look forward to their next challenge against the well credentialed Warringah CC, on 1 December, back at home. 


The Team was : –  I. Allmey 27, T. Robertson 8, B. Favell 2, J. Shaw 1, B. James 47, E. Wilshire 11, A. Dadswell 10, M. Tarrant 18, L. Holman 10, B. Stanic 8, D Craig 2*.

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W:  10-159 (B. James 47) (34 overs)


Balmain-South Sydney:  10-86 (33.2 overs)

By 73 runs

FoW: – 1-36 (T. Robertson), 2-37 (I. Allmey), 3-42 (J. Shaw), 4-46 (B. Favell), 5-86 (E. Wilshire), 6-111 (A. Dadswell), 7-142 (L. Holman), 8-150 (M. Tarrant), 9-152 (B. Stanic), 10-159 (B. James).

The Bowling was: – B. James 5-1-18-0; M. Tarrant 6-0-14-2; B. Stanic  6-2-15-2; A. Dadswell 7-3-10-1; J. Shaw 2-0-10-1; D. Craig 2-2-9-3; L. Holman 3-1-5-1.

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: nil

Catches: Nil.

Run outs: Nil.              

Player points: – T.B.A.


A great follow up win for our second round of Vintage cricket!

Again well done Garry Winney for mustering a champion group of men.

A cool 22°C sunny/cloudy day with a bit of a breeze. We lost the toss but Stirling Hamman decided to bowl as the pitch had a bit of grass on it and he was not sure how his conglomeration of players from all over Sydney would go batting.

CCNSW innings:

1 for 34 after 13 overs with a cautious start by Ajoy and Ross due to some very tight bowling on a pitch that had them second guessing with some balls that kept low. Stirling opened the bowling and after 4 overs only conceded 9 runs which is amazing for a man in his early seventies. Khan up the other end also tighter than a Scotsman wallet had 4 overs for 8 runs. Ross caught at mid-on trying to lift the run rate but an admirable innings taking the shin off the new ball.

2 for 51 after 15 overs with Ajoy retiring at 30 with a well composed innings of respect to good balls and gay abandon to bad balls. Enter Peter who had a nice walk to the middle only to top edge a first ball full toss to the keeper that should have been despatched over the pavilion. A slow philosophical walk back to the pavilion, that’s cricket!

3 for 96 after 20 overs. After an enterprising innings, Raga was bowled (trying to sweep) first ball after drinks to a lolly-pop ball from a new bowler that could have brought rain.  Greg a superb knock soon retired at 30 after smashing a couple of balls into Australia Street!

4 for 134 after 29 overs. John ran well with 11 singles with Jim but out LBW to Kavanagh with one that kept a bit low. Jim running like a Goulburn Rabbit from a shotgun lifted our run rate and soon retired for 30 for an important knock at the right time.

5 for 150 after 32 overs. Joe short innings highlighted with a classic cover drive for four that soon ended caught trying to speed the run rate.

6 for 162 after 34 overs. Jay a nice boundary then bowled by Humphries trying for quick runs.

7 for 164 after 35 overs. Garry also some good running but bowled by the wily Kavanagh.

8 for 165 after 36 overs. David playing for the team caught going for it.

9 for 178 after 38 overs. Greg resumed with more big hitting but out with lofty top edge to keeper.

10 for 193 after 39.4 overs. Ajoy and Jim resume and running well until Ajoy run out going for 3. We thought the new defibrillator may be needed. The last time Ajoy ran 3 was after a hotter than normal Beef Vindaloo.

Thank you Paul for being our nominated 12th batter. Much appreciated. Will be shared around if we have 12 in future games this season. Came in handy having 12 as we had a few players needing a break during fielding.

A very competitive total after a difficult start.

Northern Stars innings:

1 for 2 after 2 overs. Paul strikes in his first over, a great catch behind by David our wicket keeper to get out one of their danger men.

2 and 3 for 27 after 9 overs. John bowls a good line and length to restrict them then Joe comes on to instant effect with his extra pace. Helped by John and Paul’s early overs pressure, Joe gets 2 plumb successive LBW’s and is on a hatrick. His next delivery narrowly outside off stump for almost a third LBW!

4 for 87 after 23 overs. Stars consolidate with Kavanagh retiring at 30 and get back on target. Then on comes Raga and also strikes in his first over bowling danger man Humphries.

5 for 101 after 30 overs. Joe, Raga and Greg put the brakes on the Stars and at 9 an over was out of their grasp. Inspirationally assisted by David with fine keeping skills for the odd delivery down leg side that he saved many runs. Sponsored by Voltarin for the amount of bending required on the low bounce wicket. Ross also asking for sponsorship as the ball followed him all afternoon with lots of bending over. Just as well he was not in Oxford Street!

6 and 7 for 107 after 32 overs.  Jim demoralises them with his flight and bowling from two metres behind the bowling crease. Peter takes a catch at mid-on and Greg a fine catch from behind square leg moving forward like a two door refrigerator on wheels down a drive way.

Resuming Kavanagh comes in with competitive Stirling who blocks out Garry and Jay to ensure no additional bowling bonus points for CCNSW. Final 8 overs go slowly for their total of 124. A good win by staying focussed to the last ball.

Thanks again for Paul entering the scores in MyCricket.

Stirling as usual held court after the match with entertaining commentary on how both teams performed. Peter chipping in when Stirling took a breath.

Comment of the day (that brought great laughter) was from Umpire Dennis Openheimer after Peter reminded Joe that he was warned by Dennis for swearing after delivering a number of balls that were hit into the air by cavalier Shaker that did not go to hand. Dennis said he would have reported Joe if not for the fact that Joe is also an Umpire!!! (For GPS school cricket).

The Team was (playing 12): –  Ajoy Roy 41, Ross Dalgleish 10, Sittampalam Ragavan 22, Peter Rolls 0 (c),  Greg Brooks 37, , Jim Robson 40*, John Mesar 15, Joe Scarcella 7, Garry Winney 6, Jay Patel 6, David Wright 1, Paul Georgiadis dnb (12th player).

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W:  10-193 (Roy 41, Robson 40*, Brooks 37, Ragavan 22) (39.4 overs)


Northern Stars:  7-124 (40 overs)

By 69 runs

FoW: – 1-34 (R. Dalgleish), 2-51 (P. Rolls), 3-96 (Sittampalam R.), 4-134 (J. Mesar), 5-150 (J. Scarcella), 6-162 (J.Patel), 7-164 (G.Winney), 8-165 (D.Wright), 9-178 (G.Brooks), 10-193 (A.Roy).

The Bowling was: – J. Mesar 4-0-11-0; P. Georgiadis 7-1-24-1; J. Scarcella 7-0-35-2; G. Brooks 7-0-16-0; Sittampalam R. 7-1-16-1; J. Robson 4-0-11-4; G. Winney 2-1-4-0; J. Patel 2-1-2-0.

The Fielding was: – Stumpings: nil

Catches: D. Wright 1, P. Rolls 1, and G. Brooks 1.

Run outs: Nil.              

Player points: – Three points to J.Robson; Two points A.Roy; One point to G.Brooks



A perfect day for cricket with a green hard wicket and a dry lightening fast outfield at Camperdown for the Classics encounter with the northerners from Kuringai.

Our opponents elected to bat first and soon found the line and length of Mick Knox and Stu Ridge difficult to score from. Early success for Mick with a caught behind and a clean bowled soon had Kuringai 2/24 and quickly 4/26 following the introduction of the Pres who bowled 9 overs unchanged to lock up an end.

The introduction of David Craig for the last over before drinks saw the damaging Budden undone by a terrific delivery and Kuringai lurched to 5/56 after 20 overs.

The resumption saw an improvement in the run rate but regular breakthroughs saw Kuringai all out for 139 with Martin Speiser, Mick McCormick and the returning Stu Ridge all taking wickets. Dave Benson tweaked his hamstring which was a pity as he was fielding superbly and we hope he is ok.

A superb afternoon tea well put together by Mick Weaver was consumed by all and the CCNSW boys then began the chase.

Mick Beergah (17) and Mick Pinter (30 ret.) opened up and ran really well between wickets to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Mick McCormick sporting a new Maroon colour helmet (???… We are the Blues Mick!) seemed determined to bat out the match, his glacial pace cooling us all down on a hot afternoon! Some discussion centred around what the Australian selectors would make of Micks’ cautious batting should he adopt the same approach at the Nationals in Perth next week! In all seriousness we wish him, Mick Weaver and Mike Pinter all the best in the tournament. We did lose a couple of wickets quickly while still in control on the scoreboard so a partnership was needed with Martin S. Batting around this was Glen Mortell (31 ret.) who made it look easy and ensured we remained on top. A cluster of wickets with victory in sight saw us finish 7 down with 10 overs to spare and a bonus point in the bank.

A solid display from all team members, well led by skipper Stu Ridge and played in the right spirit by both sides.

Well played gents and we move on to the next match in two weeks.

The Team was (playing 12):

Pinter(30 ret), Beergah (17), Biddle (0), McCormick (21), Brooks(9), Richards (0), Mortell w/k (31 ret), Speiser (12), Craig (0), Ridge (c) (0), Knox 1*, Benson.

The Result was:-

Kuringai all out 139 in 40 overs

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7- 140  in 29.5 overs

By  3 wickets.

The Bowling was: – S.Ridge 7-3-11-1; M.Knox  9-2-22-2; GJ Brooks 9-1-34-2; D.Craig 5-0-27-2; M.Speiser 5-0-12-1; M McCormick 6-1-26-2

The Fielding was: –

Catches: –   Richards, Mortell 

Run outs: –  Nil

Points: Ridge 3, Knox 2, Pinter 1.



The CCNSW Masters have suffered a heartbreaking loss of the points in their game v Mosman- Collaroy at Camperdown Park last Sunday, the first Sunday in November. 

CCNSW won the toss and with the newer strip prepared on the dressing room side, elected to take first use to set a total. The the lightening quick outfield had remained from the previous Sunday. The newer pitch seemed a plumb track to bat on, yet was a little deceptive throughout proceedings with the odd ball still doing a bit off a length. The wicket also changed a little, as light rain fell at different times throughout the afternoon and covers were utilised twice. 

Captain, Mike Weaver, and Russell Biddle gave CCNSW a reasonable start. Russell recorded his first runs for the club with nice leg side glance for two runs. It was third time lucky for Russell in getting off the mark and there will be many more runs from this classy bat. The now Sydney lawyer has come back to the game after many years and was a Gold Coast representative player in his youth. 

Weaver was first to go – after clipping three boundaries, he attempted a fourth with a swat to a short slower ball and could only succeed in hitting it straight back to the bowler, who took a good catch low down. Shortly after, Russell edged to to slip to make it 2-34, no runs having been added for the second wicket. 

With the initiative lost somewhat, Craig Fletcher, elevated to no. 4 as a pinch hitter, unfortunately nicked off early before he could get set, to a good ball that deviated off the seam. 3-35

Scott Wells and Brett Favell set about their rebuilding task very well with solid and positive batting, hitting the loose ball hard and picking up easy singles. ‘Favs’ was looking unstoppable, having hit too very powerful maximums, before the left hander was adjudged lbw by umpire Brian Breakspeare. It began a trend of dismissal that grew to a total of five lbws for the CCNSW innings.

Scott Wells had carried on regardless though and was looking a certainty to reach retirement score, until succumbing to a slower flighted ball from spinner Stepto, beaten and plumb lbw. Two fours and three destaining sixes were testament to Scott’s return to top form. He will play a bit part in future games, if CCNSW are to revive their current fortunes. 

Michael Thomson was a further victim of the deceptive wicket and of the umpire’s raised finger, sent on his way, lbw, by a decision which left the former North Sydney grade allrounder somewhat bemused. 

In his first appearance for the Blues this season, Lee Witherden answered his team’s  call with a well measured 35 runs that featured several fine cuts and drives, albeit being lucky to be given a life when only on five runs, when a regulation mid on chance was missed by the opponents. 

A solid knock from Mick Tarrant was cut short by the umpire’s raised finger for lbw, in tandem with Luke Holman, who was the one other of the ‘Big 5’ to be dismissed this way. The lesson for  CCNSW: use your bat as your best form of defence. 

Garry James boosted the total to a handy 186 with a very quick cameo 25 n.o. that featured a couple of booming drives. And CCNSW wound up their innings four overs short, all out, as Benny Stanic, after a fine effort with the bat the previous game, was unfortunately caught for a duck. 

With a reasonable total to defend, CNSW weathered an early onslaught by the opposition captain and opening bat, Varasdi, to fight back hard and give Mosman ‘the jitters’ for most of their innings. Rain, which had already interrupted play earlier was to eventually foil all attempts to complete a very tense contest. It was a match that was going really going down to the wire until then. Two dropped catches in the gloomy darkening conditions did not assist the Blues’ cause. 

For CCNSW, Mick Tarrant excelled with the new ball and was always menacing. He was well supported by Stu Ridge, Lee Witherden and Michael Thomson. Garry James used all his experience, guile and endless passion to almost bowl CCNSW to victory, before being forced off the field with a muscle strain, mid over, near the death. Ben Stanic bowled a good single over under the pressure, when summoned.

But try as they might, CCNSW were not able to effect the win that they seemed to deserve, as when the rain came again it did not abate, Mosman winning by superior run rate, eight wickets down with still six runs to win. It was a loss that afterwards the team could be very, very proud of, as each man had left nothing remaining in the tank, physically and/or mentally, in their efforts. 

The Team was: –  M. Weaver 13, R. Biddle 7, S. Wells 35, C. Fletcher 0, B. Favell 19, L. Holman 5, M. Thomson 4, L. Witherden 35, M. Tarrant 13, B. Stanic 0, and G. James 25*.

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: 10-184 (S. Wells 35, L. Witherden 35) (36 overs)

Lost to

MOSMAN-COLLAROY: 8-179 (J. Hadley 2-16)    (32.4 overs)

By Run-rate Calculations

FoW: – 1-34 (M. Weaver); 2-34 (R. Biddle); 3-35 (C. Fletcher);4-70 (B. Favell);5-95 (L. Holman); 6-96 (S. Wells);7-111 (M. Thomson); 8-142 (M. Tarrant);9-173 (L. Witherden); 10-184 (B. Stanic).

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 7-1-45-2; M. Tarrant 9-0-59-3; L. Witherden 6.2-2-31-1; G. James 6.4-1-31-2; M. Thomson 2-0-3-0; B. Stanic 1-0-4-0.

Player Points: L. Witherden – 3, S. Wells – 2, M. Tarrant – 1


For all and sundry involved, it was a beautiful day for cricket at SCG XI’s home ground in Balmain. While not quite as elegant nor immaculate as Drummoyne Oval, the last time i had seen a pitch so well prepared and cared for was the SCG itself. Perhaps only the state of the outfield was the difference, with the stadium and members areas replaced by greenery and a perfect view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge seen from long off or fine leg.

On the day, Mitch Sturt had kindly recruited from Lidfield Shires club a number of young gentlemen, one of whom was a worthy opening bowler who pitched and moved the ball away nicely for a number of overs. With four slips and a tight infield, Ben Bhabra nabbed two wickets – the first a nick to Jed at keeper and the second an outside edge to Mr Brooks who kept us all amused with his juggling abilities. Benno supported Ben by moving them in from the other end and was unlucky not to pick up the English opener at cover early. 

Taking the pace off altogether, Brad Small and Mitch were our first change, with Mitch going for a few and leaving the door open for Kitso to tie up the other end. Tight bowling from Brad saw him bowl seven straight, while Kitso kept the wickets falling and destroyed a settled partnership. 3/94 at drinks was a good result which allowed Mr Brooks (a.k.a. “the wicket machine”) to put some pressure on the new batsmen, almost taking a hat trick with 2 overs 3 for 3. Greg Cook bowled well and Ezekiel and his Dad each got a wicket. We were thinking 3 overs to go at 9/174 would be an easy task. Out walks game organiser Nick Govers who left us with an impression of what it takes to be a wicketkeeper batsman in the 1st grade T20 comp for Sydney Cricket Club. It went like this: 6,6,4,2,1,6,6,4,1,6,1 and he was 62 off 27 balls and we needed 223 to win.

We opened with Jed (29) and Richard (7) who made a solid start, especially Jed with his first dig at opening for the club. Ben Bhabra (37) was soon timing them sweetly over the fence before being the first victim of Bill Glaecken. For those who don’t know Bill, you don’t want to get hit on the pads late in the day as his umpiring is rather famous. 

Kitso (4) made a brief appearance before chipping one back to the bowler. Mr Brooks (17) was looking sharp with the bat before a mix up with Mitch (45) had Mr Brooks short of his crease. Brad (10) looked solid and Ezekiel (9) banged a couple of 4’s. Greg (0) kept Mitch company and Benno (10) hit some ball. We were 9/179 with 4 overs to hit 44. Soren (18*) hit 16 off the next over and 28 from 18 balls didn’t look so impossible with Mitch smashing them all over the park at the other end. Of course Bill was asked the question when Mitch attempted to flick one off his legs and passers by could hear Bill saying “that one sure wasn’t missing”. Up the other end, although the non-striker could see daylight between batsman and his leg stump however the umpire is always right and the game had ended competitive and close so all were pleased with the outcome and the day. 

Man of the match was Nick Govers for organising the game and winning it with some clean and memorable lofted drives. It’s nice to see some of that, even if you’re the bowler copping the stick.

The Team was: –  Jed Wesley-Smith 29, Richard Clarke 7, Ben Bhabra 37, Craig Kitson 4, Greg Brooks 17, Brad Small 10, Mitch Sturt 45, Ezekiel Hughes 9, Greg Cook 0, David Benson 10, and Soren Hughes 18*.

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: 10-198 (Mitch Sturt 45) (32.3 overs)

Lost to

SCG XI: 9-222 (J. Hadley 2-16)    (16.5 overs)

By 24 runs

FoW: – 1-13 (R. Clarke); 2-78 (B. Bhabra); 3-80 (J. Wesley-Smith);4-84 (C. Kitson);5-109 (B. Small); 6-115 (G. Brooks);7-141 (E. Hughes); 8-158 (G. Cook);9-179 (D. Benson); 10-198 (M. Sturt).

The Bowling was: – B.  Bhabra 6-0-37-2; D. Benson 3-0-22-0; B. Small 7-0-28-0; M. Sturt 3-0-27-0; C. Kitson 6-0-30-2; G. Brooks 4-0-21-3; E. Hughes 1-0-13-1; G. Cook 2-0-8-0; S. Hughes 3-0-31-1.

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: Nil

Catches: 3 to J. Wesley-Smith, 1 each to G. Brooks, B. Small, B. Bhabra, and R. Clark.

Run outs:  Nil



No report has been received.

The lure of a chance to get out of the office early and hit some balls by the Harbour at Rushcutters Bay on a sunny Wednesday arvo was just too good to pass up. That and the building rivalry between the two clubs over recent years. It used to be all CCNSW but nowadays the Primary Club seem to be getting it over us now and again. Well in fact the last two games straight so was a chance to turn the tables.

Jim Hadley was our proud captain on the day. The fittest of all of us too. He won the toss and sent us in to bat, the first two lads, Plugin and Scott, coming back with two ducks and wondering if we were supposed to be out hunting. Yardy (5) put in some resistance, hitting a couple of square drives through slips and ticking the run rate along well. Enter Tom Robertson (16) coming in off a double golden duck. Dropped early, he commenced spanking balls over the park like a man begrudging of all that is the Primary Club but soon caught on the boundary hitting them well.

Richard Clarke (9) and Jay Perera (29) also chipped in with some nice strokes around the ground before falling all too soon. With Peter Buruma and Mick McCormick also returning with ducks and Fordham a courageous 3, Soren (45*) put up a little resistance including a nice free hit for six over square leg into the childcare centre. With Soren running himself around in circles, Jim Hadley (21*) put his foot down and hit the last three balls for six, powerful hitting and a sound example for the rest of us.

We had set a total of 9/134 from our 20 overs.

With the new Dukes swinging like a rusty gate in a thunderstorm, Buruma had it going both ways at his home game and picked up two early wickets. Soren enjoyed the sideways movement and was economical for a change. With Perera and Fordham taken a liking to by Steve Sheakey (a potential new recruit for later in the season and a solid Navy rep cricketer), we were looking a few beers short of a good time and needed to do something more to change to game. Jim Hadley stepped up and took 2 for 16 from 3, however the damage appeared to be done. A bit of bowling practice for the weekend later and Primary Club had cruised home on the day with three overs spare.

The Team was: –  Rupert Piggin 0, Patrick Scott 0, Ken Yardy 5, Tom Robertson 16, Richard Clarke 9, J. Perera 21, Peter Buruma 0, Soren Hughes 45*, Mick McCormick (w) 0 , Craig Fordham 3 and Jim Hadley (c) 21*

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: 9-134 (S. Hughes 45*) (20 overs)

Lost to

The Primary Club: 4-135 (J. Hadley 2-16)    (16.5 overs)

By 6 wickets

FoW: – 1-0 (R. Piggin); 2-6 (K. Yardy); 3-13 (P. Scott);4-32 (R. Clarke);5-36 (T. Robertson); 6-38 (P. Buruma);7-40 (J. Perera); 8-90 (M. McCormick);9-102 (G. Fordham)

The Bowling was: -P.  Buruma 3.5-0-20-2; S. Hughes 4-0-11-0; J. Perera 2-0-26-0; C. Fordham 2-0-32-0; J. Hadley 3-0-16-2; R. Clarke 2-0-19-0

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: One to M. McCormick

Catches: One to P Buruma

Run outs:  Nil


(Editor’s note – It was the Victoria Barracks player who in the 1850s, originally developed what became the SCG; they also claim that their soldier spectators who came from the Barracks and supported them are the originators of the term “to barrack” as used in Australia.  (This is disputed by etymologists who ascribe the term either to Melbourne or Ireland) .

C.C.N.S.W. was invited by Cricket NSW to represent the civilian population of NSW v the Army at the SCG to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the SCG. Arising from that game C.C.N.S.W. and the Army jointly bought “The Barrackers’ Cup” which is kept in the Army Museum at Victoria Barracks and occasionally at the request of the C.C.N.S.W. Match Manager brought out on the day.

The ball with which C.C.N.S.W. bowled in the150th anniversary game can be seen in the SCG Museum.

To quote from the Army web site

“Victoria Barracks is one of the best-known examples of military architecture in Australia. The Regency-style Victoria Barracks were designed by Lieutenant-Colonel George Barney, who also built Fort Denison and reconstructed Circular Quay. Most of barracks was constructed using locally quarried sandstone between 1841 and 1849. The barracks were occupied by British troops up until 1870 and then taken over by the New South Wales colonial forces. After the Federation in 1901, Victoria Barracks housed the various headquarters responsible for administering and co-ordinating the military. Between 1931 and 1936 the barracks was home to the Royal Military College of Australia and from July 1938 to July 1940 it also housed the Command and Staff School. Today, Victoria Barracks is home to the Headquarters of Forces Command. The Barracks are widely considered to be one of the best examples of a military barracks in the world”

Another beautiful day for cricket at the Barracks.  It is certainly a lovely place to be on a sunny spring afternoon.  A 25 over game was agreed, as the Army boys wanted an earlier finish.

But on this occasion the less said about the cricket the better, at least from the C.C.N.S.W. perspective. The Army batted first, and had some strong hitters.  In my view this was the best Army side we had faced in this fixture for quite a few years.  And we were short of front-line bowlers.  Although the pitch was not an easy one to bat on, lots of bad balls (and some good ones also) were planted over the short boundaries.  Although we took some late wickets, the Army finished with the daunting total of 9-180 from their 25 overs.  Two stumpings by Will Jacobs behind the wickets perhaps the highlight for C.C.N.S.W.

When C.C.N.S.W. came into bat, the Army bowlers were better able to take advantage of the unpredictable wicket.  Although Richard Clark, Ken Yardy and Will Jacobs got C.C.N.S.W. to 1-45 after 8 overs, it was all downhill from there.  C.N.N.S.W. finished on 91 in the 23rd over.

But it’s not all about the result.  Both sides repaired to the Sergeants’ Mess (rather than the usual Officers’ Mess), and friendships were made or renewed.

The Result was: –

Army XI: 9-180 (25 overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – all out 91 (22.4 overs)

By 89 runs

The Team (in batting order, with batting) was: – Richard Clark (18), Ken Yardy (11), Will Jacobs (w) (21), Patrick Scott (5), Tom Robertson (4), Paul Moorhouse (c) (13), Joe Scarcella (4), Al Yap (3), Nick Tartachuk (4), Jaya  Perera Dandeniya (dnb – injured), Chris Boyle (dnb – sub provided by Army for fielding innings only)

Fall of wickets: – 1-23 (R. Clark); 2-46 (W. Jacobs); 3-48 (K. Yardy); 4-52 (T. Robertson); 5-71 (P. Scott); 6-82 (J. Scarcella); 7-86 (P. Moorhouse); 8-91 (A. Yap); 9-91 (N. Tartarchuk – last man stood, as C.C.N.S.W. was short of batsmen).

The Bowling was: J.Scarcella 5-0-15-2; P. Dandeniya 3-1-16-0; P. Moorhouse: 5-0-46-2; R. Clark 2-0-21-0; N. Tatarchuck 2-0-19-0; A. Yap 5-0-34-3-35; C. Boyle: 2-0-14-2; P. Scott 1-0-10-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: two to W. Joseph


Run outs:  Nil


It was a lovely mild October day in Rose Bay when C.C.N.S.W. faced Cranbrook Old Boys at Danger Oval. In truth, we were playing a group of quite opinionated and very “young” boys. 

Losing the toss, Captain Simon James was happy as Cranbrook went into bat on a greenish deck. An early wicket in the second over to Peter Buruma with a chop on was a great start. But a couple of missed caught and bowled opportunities and some flighty shot selection seeing the ball regularly and tantalisingly just fly over the circle saw Cranbrook reach 54 before 14-year-old Oliver bowled their number 3 who was staring skyward. Cranbrook was in control at 2-118 at drinks and continued after the break with their opener and number 4 reaching 65 and 75 respectively.

Jim Hadley and Simon james tightened things up a little through the middle overs and Jed took a wicket with his first ball dismissing the opener with a great outfield catch by Mark Henwood at Long Off. More drop catches with balls now falling agonisingly short of outfield players were finally righted with a flurry of wickets at the end with some good keeping by Mitch Hetherington and 2 wickets from Mark Henwood, and was finished off by another bowled by Oliver Sissian-Turnbull. But Cranbrook Old Boys (Young Boys?) looked in control at the changeover with a healthy score of 6-231 from their 35 overs. Best of the bowlers were Mark Henwood with 2-18 off two overs at the death, Oliver with 2-60 (7 overs) and Peter Buruma 1-18 off four overs before he realised he’d tugged his hamstring in the warm up kicking the AFL ball. 

After a slow start with no runs off the first 18 balls  and Michael Beergah getting adjudged LBW, Tom Robertson  and Richard Clarke slowly ticked over the scoreboard and saw off the Cranbrook openers. Tommy hit a couple of sixes off his legs and the bowling team were heard to say “he’s only got one shot”! How little did they know about Tom’s love of the ‘Great Offside’. Their change bowlers came on and were hit to all corners of the ground and were promptly removed from the attack – one bowler hit Tom 3 times with (slow/medium) beamers and was almost asked to wind up his spell by the ever knowledgeable and restrained Jed Wesley-Smith.

With the score on 95 after 13 overs, Richard Clarke went for one too many poorly middled swipes and was caught for 31 (18). This didn’t stop Tom’s plundering and with Mitch Hetherington out there in support, the score raced to 2-132 by drinks with the Cranbrook Young Boys losing a little of their voice. With Tom (a heroic 84 from 69) falling shortly after drinks and Mitch (15 from 19) soon after, both to skied catches, C.C.N.S.W. still had some quality bats in the shed but looked a little less assured at 4-155. The new batsmen saw the run rate slow and a steady loss of wickets. Soren Hughes’s solid 32 (24) kept us in the fight but with the fall of his wicket, the end came quickly with C.C.N.S.W. finishing bowled out for 202 from 32 overs. 

History, and our Captain Simon James, would put the loss down to some undisciplined bowling, too many dropped (albeit tough) catches, our top order getting starts but not going on with it and the tail not wagging. A very even sharing of the responsibility. 

But Tom walked away with the VBs and was the C.C.N.S.W. player of the match with his measured and striking 84 off 69. 

Better luck next week boys. 

The Team was: – Mike Beergah 0, Tom Robertson 84, Richard Clark 31, Mitch Hetherington (w) 15, Jim Hadley 8, Oliver Sissian-Turnbull 2, Simon James (c) 9, Soren  Hughes 32, Peter Buruma 0, Jed Wesley-Smith (w) 2*, Mark Henwood 0

The Result was:- 

Old Cranbrookians: 6-231   (35 overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: 10-202 (T. Robertson 84; S. Hughes 32; R. Clark 31) (32.4 overs)

By 29 runs

FoW: – 1-0 (M. Beergah); 2-95 (R. Clark); 3-144 (T. Robertson); 4-155 (M. Hetherington); 5-163 (J. Hadley); 6-167 (O. Sissian-Turnbull); 7-198 (P. Buruma); 8-198 (S. James); 9-202 (S. Hughes); 10-202 (M. Henwood).

The Bowling was: -S.  Hughes 3-0-25-0; P. Buruma 4-1-18-1; O. Sissian-Turnbull 7-0-60-2; J. Hadley 7-0-44-0, S. James 7-0-27-0, J. Wesley-Smith 5-0-34-1 and M. Henwood 2-0-18-2

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: One to M. Hetherington

Catches:  one to both J. Wesley-Smith and M. Henwood

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points: – Three points to T. Robertson;  Two points to M. Hetherington ; One point to J. Wesley-Smith


The C.C.N.S.W. Masters have suffered a humiliating home ground defeat at the hands of current league leaders Auburn at Camperdown Park last Sunday 

Brett Favell, in place of the late arriving Mike Weaver, won the toss and due to the uncertainty of eventual team numbers, elected to put Auburn into the field. With a few exceptions, it was an insipid display of batting that followed, despite reasonable batting conditions when considering the lightening quick outfield. 

With special mention to Ben Stanic, new chum Luke Holman and Mick Tarrant, who applied themselves very well, the rest would consider to a man that they did not perform to their potential with the blade in hand. The Auburn bowling attack could be considered nagging, but not highly threatening so it was a disappointed team that took the field to defend a total of just 9-130 off the full 40 overs

With so few runs to play with, captain Mike Weaver rang the changes and it was too no avail against the powerful Auburn batting list. Mick Tarrant again acquitted himself well with the new ball however and he is the rock on which the bowling group must rely. He is a real act to follow in coming games. 

Congratulations to Martin Speiser, who avoided complete embarrassment for the club by taking the only Auburn wicket to fall, that of Labrooy, with a looping left arm spinner. Otherwise the Auburn batters thrashed the C.C.N.S.W. attack to all parts of the ground reaching the sub-standard target in just the 18th over. Two dropped catches didn’t help the C.C.N.S.W. cause, meaning that no real pressure was ever able to be applied, in what was a dark day in the annals of the C.C.N.S.W. Masters team.

A splendid afternoon tea and after match inter team relations was a highlight of the day though. I applaud everyone for their after match conduct, it’s this that still makes me very proud to be part of this Club

Next game is again at Camperdown. C.C.N.S.W. will take on Mosman-Collaroy on November 3 and will be looking to atone. All supporters welcome !

The Team was (playing 12): –  Ian Allmey b 28, Mike  Pinter r.o. 7, Scott Wells lbw 2, David Benson lbw 0, Brett Favell (w) c 0, Russell Biddle c 0, Martin Speiser c 0, Ben Stanic c 24, Mike Weaver (c)  b 3, Luke Holman  20*, Mike Tarrant 19* , Craig  Fletcher dnb, Sundries 9

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.:  9-130  (40 overs)

Lost to

Auburn: 1-134  (17.2 overs)

By 9 wickets

FoW: – 1- (); 2- ();3- ();4- ();5- (); 6- ();7- (); 8- ();9- ();10- ();

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant  7-1-37-0B. Stanic 3-0-27-0; C. Fletcher 1-0-12-0D. Benson  4-0-28-0M. Speiser 2-0-20-1-M. Weaver 0.2-0-6-0

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  Nil

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points: – Three points to ;  Two points to ; One point to


A great start to the Vintage official competition!

A BIG thanks to Garry Winney for assembling a very capable group of gentlemen and all the lead up/background work to get us on the park. I use the word park very loosely as Waterloo Oval resembled more like a beach! (See team photo below).

A perfect 24°C sunny day and a perfect start by winning the toss and electing to bat on what  looked like a patchwork quilt. Tufts of green grass on a solid dry pitch.

1 for 46 after 12 overs for a superb start by Ajoy Roy and Ross Dalgleish.  Ajoy as swashbuckling as ever with a boundary off the first ball. With more net sessions than a Vietnamese fisherman, he made a quick fire 30* retired, so the nets paid off! Apparently, he also likes fishnet stockings!! Ross was stumped down the leg side by a sharp Lions keeper off a leggie.

2 for 89 after 16 overs with Greg Brooks and Peter rolls combining for some power hitting with a flurry of sixes. Peter was  caught by the keeper diving forward after playing a pull shot more prematurely than a teen on heat with the ball hitting toe of bat and spooning up. 

3 for 106 after 20 overs. Greg retired at 30* in quick time. Sittampalam Ragavan (‘Raga’) was run out after colliding with the bowler and thinking he would not run him out as he was a fellow net practicer…wrong for the second time in the day. First was wrong way to get to the oval as he went to Waterloo Oval in North Ryde. He covered more territory than Bourke and Wills! 

4 for 153 after 28 overs. Garry Winney caught hooking. Hope his wife doesn’t find out!

5 for 177 after 32 overs. with Jay Patel bowled looking for quick runs. Jay gave more calls than 000 but John  Mesar was not falling for any suicide runs and stayed rock steady to keep the paramedics away.

6 for 179 after 33 overs. David  Wright played for the team going for quick runs and was caught at cover.

7 for 205 after 37 overs. John Mesar retired after compiling a very composed and cool 33*. Enter back first retiree Ajoy Roy. But thinking of fishnet stockings during his break had his head in the clouds as he thought to lift one into cow corners atmosphere and was skittled like a jilted lover.

8 for 206 after 38 overs. Paul Georgiadis hit one of the most unusual hook shots you will ever see for 4 that wenr straight past the keeper with his bat lucky not to send the keeper to the boundary as well. Then run out on a very close call. Enter next retirees Greg Brooks and Jim Robson who blast the last 3 overs for 22 to get us a very impressive total.

We knew we had to bowl and field well with a strong Lions batting line up (with many ex C.C.N.S.W. players), a short boundary on one side and a fast outfield with half of it slick desert.

1 for 15 after 2 overs. Off Paul Georgiadis’ first over, a brilliant catch by Garry Winney at mid off, hit very hard by Prianta Kariawasam (ex C.C.N.S.W.) that left part of the red of the ball on his hand. 

2 for 61 after 15 overs. Tight bowling by John Mesar and Paul Georgiadis. John succumbing to his sore back after 4 gutsy overs with more true grit than the outfield! 

3 for 72 after 17 overs. Raga and Greg Brooks held more firm than a Double D bra to keep them well behind the run rate and picking up 3 wickets between them. Wasantha Hettiarachchi (‘Wasa’) (ex C,C,N,S,W,) retired for a well played 30.* 

4 for 112 after 25 overs. Lions pick up the rate with Stanley smashing a few boundaries to also retire at 30 putting them back in contention. Ajoy Roy missed a chance to dismiss Stanley off Raga’s bowling at short mid off. He had to lunge forward for a catch but looked more like a falling brick pit chimney crashing to the ground! 

5 for 114 after 25 overs.  Jay Patel’s reliable offies rips into their middle order like him tucking into a chicken tikka! Harry Solomons as sub for injured John takes an amazing catch diving forward low to the ground like a 20 year old to Jay’s delight. Very honourable man Harry!

6 for 114 after 25 overs. Jay strikes again with fine skills by David Wright to stump a dangerous Janaka for a duck (to the delight of Raga as Janaka was the one that ran him out).

7 for 127 after 29 overs. A fine outfield catch by Raga to give Jay Patel a smile that cool cats wear. 

8 for 151 after 33 overs. Jay Patel bowls number 10 and at a run rate of 11 an over, the game is ours.

9 for 151 after 34 overs. Wasa comes back in but the fat lady is in full voice. Garry Winney gets him stumped by David Wright trying to put the ball into orbit. Mission accomplished. Well done lads.

An exciting game of cricket played in good spirit. Thanks again to Paul Georgiadis for entering the scores in My Cricket.

The Team was: – Ajoy  Roy 34, Ross Dalgleish 8, Peter Rolls (c) 23, Greg Brooks 43*, John  Mesar 33*, Sittampalam Ragavan 7, Jim Robson 41*, Garry Winney 6 , Jay Patel 13, David Wight (w) 1 and Paul Georgiadis 14

The Result was:- 

C.C.N.S.W.: 8-228 (G. Brooks 42*; J. Robson 41*; A. Roy 34; J. Mesar 33*) (40 overs)


Sri Lanka Lions: 10-163   (J. Patel 4-22)    (35.4 overs)

By 65 runs

FoW: – 1-46 (R. Dalgleish); 2-89 (P. Rolls); 3-106 (S. Ragavan); 4-153 (G. Winney); 5-177 (J. Patel); 6-179 (D. Wright); 7-205 (A. Roy); 8-206 (P. Georgiadis).

The Bowling was: – J. Mesar 4-0-19-0; P. Georgiadis 7-0-33-1; S. Ragavan 7-0-33-2; G. Brooks 7-0-26-1; J. Patel 6-0-22-4; P. Rolls 1-0-16-0; G. Winney 2.4-0-5-2; J. Robson 1-0-9-0

The Fielding was: – 

Stumpings: Two to D. Wright

Catches: One to each of S. Ragavan and G. Winney

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points: – Three points to G. Brooks; Two points J. Robson; One point to J. Patel