Well, what can I say? Despite the rain that was experienced during the week before the game and even on the morning of the match, it became obvious that both Captains and indeed the Umpire were all in unanimous agreement that the game must go on.

We arrived at the ground and with the covers off it was evident that the pitch was as expected, wet to say the least. In my experience 99% of the time this game would not have gone ahead at that point as there was some element of player safety in question.

However, it came down to what was thought to be the all-important toss of the coin, and for the first time this season Ian Allmey lost the toss and as expected CCNSW were sent into bat. It should be noted at this point that Lindfield’s decision to put us into bat categorically lost them the match.

Our innings started in disaster with the run out of Allmey, which then brought to the crease the  in-form and consistent Dan Turner elevated to No.3. Mike Weaver and Dan were travelling along nicely amid some testing bowling from the Lindfield opener who was proving to be a handful in the wet conditions.

Weaves’ was next to go for a fighting 12 which then brought the other “Mountain Man” Scott Wells to the crease. What happened next was a partnership that was to prove arguably the most valuable of the season, as these two piled on the runs. Dan reached his 40* (again) not out and retired happily. Scott also reached his 40* not out, but not before what the CCNSW Captain deemed to be the over ( scoring 18 runs) that really catapulted the team to well above our original target score of 140 (i.e. the turning point of the innings). 

Brett James followed shortly for 8, and then with two ‘in the bag’, instructions  came from the skipper  to the rest of the batsmen to go out and throw caution to the wind, and that’s exactly what they did. Lee Witherden and Harry (‘Harbour’) Bridge put a quick fire partnership together with some sweetly timed strokes with boundaries flowing but far too many twos for Harry’s liking, as he sucked up the big ones and continued his assault on the demoralised Lindfield bowlers.

Remarkably we ended up with 5-185, which is nothing less than unprecedented given the conditions of constant drizzle and a lush outfield which  our batsmen endured, not to mention a rather swollen, mutilated ball (we all know what’s that’s like!) that we also had to  deal with.

As we commenced our fielding stint the scenario was simple. 15 overs constituted a match and Lindfield had to score at a testing 4.6 runs per over to stay ahead of the required run rate. By this time the drizzle was becoming heavier and it was a race to get us to that all important 15 over mark. We opened the bowling with Ben Stanic who bowled well. However he found it extremely difficult to get traction on the heavily used and clay like bowling crease. At some points he resembled an ice skater as he slipped his way through the crease.

At the other end we opened with the supremely accurate spin of Andrew (‘Tex’) Dadswell who bowled with incredible control, and was for the most part unplayable, finishing with 8 overs 3-14.

Brett James then came on and like Dadswell, was absolutely unplayable. It was as if he were bowling on a dry wicket. Brett finishing  a superb impressive five over burst with 4-11 which can only be described as a brilliant spell.

Brett and Tex took us comfortably ahead of the run rate at the 15 over mark, and to the team’s joy, soon after at the 20.1 over mark, we had dismissed Lindfield for 36 (yes, you read it right).

A truly phenomenal performance given the treacherous conditions both teams had to endure, but as mentioned earlier in the report, losing the toss in this case was a blessing as the pitch continued to deteriorate given the constant rain, not to mention the unbelievable performance from our batsman and bowlers who simply handled the condition better.

The Team was: – Mike Weaver 12, Ian Allmey (c) 1, Dan Turner 41*ret not out, Scott Wells (w) 41* ret not out,  Brett James 8, Lee Witherden 30, Harry Bridge 22, Jose Poothokaren 10, Luke Holman 5*, Ben Stanic dnb, Andrew Dadswell dnb

The Result was:-

CCNSW: – 5-185 (D. Turner 41*ret not out); S. Wells 41* ret not out)   (40 overs)


Lindfield: – 10-36 (B. James 4-11) (20.1 overs)

By 149 runs

FoW: – 1-2 (I. Allmey); 2-25 (M. Weaver); 3-83 (B. James); 4-161 (L. Witherden); 5-176 (H. Bridge).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 4-2-5-1; A. Dadswell 8-2-14-3; G. James 5-1-11-4; L. Witherden 2-0-3-1; J. Poothokaren 1-0-2-0; L. Holman 0.1-0-0-1

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  4 to S. Wells (w); One to A. Dadswell

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to S. Wells; Two points to B. James; One point to A. Dadswell.


Batting first we got off to a good start with Ben Gorham and Jamie Murtha but wickets started to fall regularly and the retirement of Ben at 50* stemmed our flow of runs. Managing to get to a respectable 6-147 we were well in the hunt. 

Knowing wickets were crucial we mixed the bowling up with short spells. Unfortunately while we took wickets regularly, the runs were flowing. Some excellent catching by Josh Johnston helped us greatly but in the end we were about 20 runs short with the bat. Next week we play the same opponents so good chance to learn from this week and apply it to next week. 

The Team was: – Ben Gorham (c) 50*, James Murtha 16, Jonathan Seifman 11, Josh Johnston 32*, Daniel Eisenhuth (w) 21, George Arnold 0, Nathan Ching 10, Payton Ellis 5

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: – 6-147 (B. Gorham 50*) (20 overs)

Lost to

‘Vikings’: – 3-150 (18.2 overs)

By 5 wickets

The Bowling was: – N. Ching 4-0-37-1, J. Seifman 4-0-28-1, G. Arnold 3-0-30-1, B. Gorham 2.2-0-16-0, P. Ellis 2-0-12-0. J. Murtha 2-0-11-0, J. Johnston 1-0-15-0


Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 2 to J. Johnston; one to J. Seifman

Run outs: – Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): 3 points to B. Gorham; 2 points to J. Seifman; One point to J. Johnston.


Inaugural game with our Sri Lankan friends and everyone keen to do again next season 

With many Vintage games called off this season due to the rain, it was great to get in a game. Thanks to Jed Wesley-Smith, his son Oscar and a few randoms playing soccer we were able to get the covers down on the Monday afternoon as the forecast for the Tuesday was rain all day…and it did! Groundsman John Lee did a remarkable job on the Wednesday morning to prepare us a pitch, which turned out to provide a total of 300 runs and an exciting game of cricket.

A beautiful day with 25°C, a nice nor-easter and a picturesque Camperdown with an emerald green outfield. We all signed in to the COVID website and had photos of the teams to immortalise the event. Everyone was excited to play and especially many of the Sri Lankans who do not get many opportunities to play on turf (as their Sri Lankan local competition is played on synthetic pitches).

John Mesar assisted me by securing guests (Ed note: former CCNSW members) Craig McKenzie and Mitch Sturt who have played in quite a few  social games for CCNSW over the years and were helping out while a couple CCNSW Vintage players participated in an Over 70’s tournament.

CCNSW won the toss and elected to bat on a pitch with a bit of grass but dry. The wicket played true with the occasional ‘jagger’.

CCNSW innings

Mick Weaver and Peter Rolls opened the batting to some accurate slow in-swingers from ‘Paki’. Then ‘Raga’ came on at the other end and made a few jag around. After two off drives for four, Peter thought he would shoulder arms to a wide one outside off stump from Raga but it jagged back to ever so lightly brush his glove to the keeper. 1 for 15 off four overs.

Enter Ross Dalgleish who was just settling in when Mic Weaverk called for a suicide run and Ross quite rightly turned him back. A direct hit from an accurate Ashok Peiris from mid wicket saw Mick back to the pavilion after an entertaining knock with 4 boundaries. 2 for 37 off nine overs.

Raga again in the thick of it taking a skied off drive from Ross trying to force the pace off the tight bowling of Ashok Ponnudarai. 3 for 39 off 10 overs. Greg Brooks came and went in three overs but not before punishing the ball for a quick fire 12. He was deceived by a short slower ball from Vasee that bowled him while trying to swing it over the pavilion. 4 for 55 of thirteen overs.

John Mesar and Craig Mackenzie steadied the ship like a Carnival Cruise in Wollongong harbour. But no swab needed as they navigated safely to both retire at 30* .Frank Baliotis showed some nice drives with 3 boundaries until Janaka got a loopy leggie through his guard. 5 for 132 off thirty three overs.

Mitch Sturt showed good running between the wickets with Frank and then Paul Georgiadis until Paul sacrificed himself unselfishly being run out to give others a go with two overs left. 6 for 151 off thirty eight overs. Mitch and Joe Scarcella continued the urgency between wickets before Mitch was bowled second ball of the last over by Raga with a superb leg cutter hitting the top of off stump. Joe and Jed Wesley-Smith scrambled like rabbits for a hare-raising final few balls to get us to a competitive score. 7 for 163 off forty overs.

Raga’s XI innings:

Raga a true gentleman, put himself at number 11 (when normally opening) to give his guys a go. Jed Wesley-Smith and Joe Scarcella opened up the bowling for us with good control and Aruna and Bandula opened the batting for them. they faced three overs without any trouble until in the fourth over when Mitch Sturt took a blinder of a catch. Bandula hit a cut shot off Joe Scarcella that looked destined for the boundary when Mitch at deep gully threw his right hand out as if to try and knock it down but it stuck like a Pfizer syringe to the shoulder! 1 for 10 off four overs.

Ashok Peiris took quick singles until he chanced himself on a pouncing Mick Weaver at mid-on to Paul Georgidis (bowler) over the stumps for our first run out. 2 for 29 off nine overs. Enter ‘Wasa’ who looked in fine touch until a freakish stumping by Craig Mackenzie down the leg side that rebounded off his gloves onto the wicket with Wasa leaning forward just lifting his back foot trying for a leg glance shot. 3 for 36 off 12.

Janaka built his innings well cracking three boundaries along the way and soon retired at 30*.  Aruna played our pacemen with ease but came undone playing patient Paul too early as the ball went under his bat to hit the stumps. 4 for 58 off seventeen overs. Suba came in swinging and accumulated quickly until Greg Brooks got through his guard. 5 for 91 off twenty five overs. Vasee and Bede pushed the score along until Mitch Sturt in his final over rattled Vasee’s pegs. 6 for 118 off thirty one overs but still on target with Raga still to come in.

Ashok Ponnudurai was caught by Paul Georgiadis at fly gully for Mick Weaver’s first wicket after a wobbly start. The batsmen crossed and Bede now facing Weaver and Packi came to the crease at the non-striker’s end. Bede had looked solid with quick boundaries from a couple of wayward overs from Weaver but was then bowled, to becmme the second wicket in succession balls for Weaver now on a hat trick! 8 for 123 off thirty three overs.

Enter master blaster ‘Raga’ who doused the hat trick ball by taking an easy single. Packi and Raga keep the scoreboard ticking until in the thirty sixth over Raga saw a juicy full pitch ball on leg stump from his nets buddy Paul Georgiadis. He thumped it to cow corner heading for the boundary except Paul knowing Raga’s style, had Jed Wesley-Smith planted there who took a fine catch running in, Paul’s cheesy grin bigger than a Dr Seuss character.

Janaka returned to the wicket with Packi who hit a much needed boundary in Paul’s same over. Tension mounted, as we knew they were still in reach of our total with 28 to get with 4 overs in hand. Janaka on Paul’s final ball tried to squeeze two runs backward of square but Peter Rolls was able to whip it in to Craig Mackenzie, the keeper to have him run out by inches. An exciting finish with cricket the winner!

Drinks all round as we celebrate camaraderie with this fine sport.

The Team was: –  Peter Rolls (c) 10, Mike Weaver 23, Ross Dalgleish 1, Greg Brooks 12, John Mesar 30*, Craig Mackenzie (w) 32*, Frank Baliotis 16, Mitch Sturt 17, Paul Georgiadis 7, Joe Scarcella 5* and Jed Wesley-Smith 3*

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-163 (C. Mackenzie 32*; J. Mesar 30*) (40 overs)


Raga Sri Lankan Invitation XI: – 10-136 (35.5 overs)

By 27 runs

FoW: – 1-15 (P. Rolls); 2-37 (M. Weaver); 3-39 (R. Dalgleish); 4-55 (G. Brooks); 5-132 (F. Baliotis); 6-151 (P. Georgiadis); 7-159 (M. Sturt).

The Bowling was: – J. Wesley-Smith 5-0-17-0; J. Scarcella 7-1-17-2; P. Georgiadis 6.5-0-33-2 ; G. Brooks 5-1-14-1; M. Sturt 7-2-18-1; M. Weaver 5-0-21-2

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: One to C. Mackenzie

Catches:  One to each of P. Georgiadis, M. Sturt and J. Wesley-Smith

Run outs: Two; one each to P Rolls and M. Weaver


One of the more memorable days in   CCNSW’s  50 seasons of C&S history though for us, for all  the wrong reasons! The Old Aloysian fixture has often been cancelled in previous seasons as it generally clashed with the date of the Jack Pace Quarter Finals when both teams were drawn v different oppositions. Till now we had made the Quarter Finals of the Jack Pace every season and OAs have been finalists the last 3 seasons. This season neither we (deservedly) or OAS (more controversially) made the Finals.

Most if not all of our  C&S team had never played Old Aloysians at their  home ground and had hopes of a mass capitulation by the home team akin to their performance in last season’s JPS Final against I Zingari Australia (who are not a highly rated bowling side) when they were bowled out for 140.

Old Aloysians struggle to raise a side on Saturdays but can generally rely on assistance on Sundays from some OAs who play Grade on Saturdays. Based on his memory of playing us some seasons ago, their captain recalled CCNSW as a powerful C&S Team and paid us the honour of raising the strongest side he could, bringing in a number of OA Saturday grade players so they could make a game of it and not selecting some of his weaker players. As he commented later, he was surprised that he recognised almost none of our team.

The toss was won by Old Aloysians who initially chose to bowl, given the bowler friendly state of the wicket. However they shared with me that their batting side was exceptional, in particular with Tom Goh playing – he had already scored 255 v Barker Old Boys this season. Not a particularly big man Tom Goh is a professional golfer playing off a 2 handicap with great hand/eye coordination, very fast hands but limited technique. He plays cricket with a golfer’s driving technique and does not play grade where he might be found vulnerable.

Upon looking at the absence of grade cricket shirts among our group, the Old Aloysians became concerned that they would not be able to show their full batting potential if they bowled first and immediately revoked their decision to bowl and asked to bat instead. This situation is not covered in the Laws of Cricket but being a self umpired social game, I acceded to their request, with a plan to get them out cheaply.

Despite our best attempts to make use of the longer boundary, the other being ridiculously short, Matt Leong’s first over went for a few and Scott William’s first over went for a few more. Their first wicket fell at about 80 when Scott Williams bowled one through the North Sydney 3rd/4th grade opening batsman Mr.  I. Merlehan  on 35, (despite his averaging 7 in grade cricket this year) which brought Tom Goh to the wicket. First ball went well over cover for 4 and Tom was on his way to scoring 106* retired at a personal strike rate of about 2 per ball and overall team run rate of about 10 per over, before his captain retired him  with the total at about 220 after about 22 overs. He had however been carefully dropped on 96 and caught off a no ball shortly after. In the meantime the other opener Mr J. Leary (North Sydney 2nd Grade keeper/batsman) proceeded sedately to 96, copping some talk along the way for squeezing one to our keeper, Declan Thomas  for which the bowler,  George Arnold was well rewarded, courtesy of the OA’s bench.

The retirement allowed time for their later batsmen to have a go and their chief ‘George sledger’, their, captain Fudge Ashlan at No 7, had time to make 50* but not before we took a wicket or two, dismissing two of their middle order batsmen for ducks (include Tom Goh’s brother!). Scott Williams first set us in motion in his second spell and George Arnold and Luke Holman strolled through a seemingly shaky middle order with ambitions to accelerate the home team to 500. While a rather large total, it seemed a decent result to have held them back to 320 after 35 –only just over 9 an over needed! Time for one or three of our batsmen to make a big score.

To keep it brief, the CCNSW batsmen never really settled with most of the top order getting a start but not taking it any further. Scott Williams belted one over the fence onto and over Eastern Valley Way (revenge is sweet) and George Arnold  hit some decent cricket shots to keep the dream alive. The fabled capitulation was however for us. The lower order was soon reversed by our “sacrificial lamb” captain, with the lads holding out to the last ball. With 221 to win required from the final ball of the innings, only pure idiocy could have given us the 32 no ball sixes we required. The LBW golden duck that followed probably summed up the day, albeit a pleasant one should you be able to stomach the result without feeling embarrassed.

Given his technique, the OAs captain commented after the game to our honourable secretary that Tom Goh frequently gets out in single figures, just like our Tom. Must be in the name. With the benefit of hindsight, had we have removed their top 3 batsman early in their innings, we might have been looking at chasing down 65 or less (assuming the Old Aloysian team made their average of 5 or 6 as usual) but then they would possibly have batted differently. We will never now. Something to think about.

(Editor’s note: CCNSW has in the past won in the C&S by greater margins than we lost today; have to take the rough with the smooth).

The Team was: – Paul Nash 5, Declan Thomas (w) 12, Tom Robertson 10, Scott Williams 19, Matt Leong 11, George Arnold 25, Harry Bridge 1, Morley Goodchild 7, Len Volkov 2, Luke Holman 1*, Soren Hughes (c) 0

The Result was:-

Old Aloysians: – 6-320 (35 overs)


CCNSW: – 10-100 (35 overs)

By 220 runs

FoW: – 1-7 (P. Nash); 2-30 (T. Robertson); 3-44 (D. Thomas); 4-51 (S. Williams); 5-79 (M. Leong); 6-86 (H. Bridge); 7-96 (G. Arnold); 8-98 (L. Volkov); 9-100 (M. Goodchild); 10-100 (S. Hughes)

The Bowling was: – M. Goodchild 5-0-39-0, S. Williams 7-0-47-2, M. Leong 3-0-36-0, S. Hughes 3-0-21-0, P. Nash 4-0-51-0, H. Bridge 3-0-31-0, L. Holman 6-0-65-3, G. Arnold 4-0-28-1

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  One to D. Thomas (w)

Run outs:  Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): – Three points to S. Williams; Two points to G. Arnold; One point to L. Holman.


Burwood won the toss and chose to bat on another fine day for cricket at Camperdown.

Opener Deguara started confidently punching anything full through the off-side but in the fourth over played across a straight one and was trapped in front by Stuart Ridge to break the opening stand at 9. he picked up a second in his next over with the new batsman skying a slower ball to keeper Glenn Mortell.

Burwood’s Warwick Hayes was looking typically solid but lost another partner to a sharp overhead catch at slip by Ian Allmey with Mick Tarrant deservedly drawing the edge after another probing opening spell. Burwood now 3-28 in the 11th over.

Burwood looked to consolidate against change bowlers Garry James and Mick McCormick adding 29 runs without further loss. Mick then struck twice in the space of 5 balls including the prize wicket of Hayes, nicking a snorter of a ball to Glenn who took a one handed screamer at full stretch.

Burwood were 5-67 at drinks and David Craig joined the attack. Despite the batsmen eyeing the short leg side boundary to the wrist spinner, David and Garry tied things up nicely. The pressure was rewarded with two smart run outs as Burwood struggled to accelerate, a direct hit by David Craig from mid-on and a sharp return from backward square from Scott Wells catching the batsmen short.

Martin Speiser’s slow left arm spin picked where Garry’s off-spin left off, to continue the spin attack from both ends moving into the last ten overs. With the openers warming up to close the innings, the slow bowlers ensured they weren’t required with Craig giving a third catch behind to Glenn and a second catch to Ian Allmey before Speiser finished things off with a caught and bowled. Burwood all out 117 in the thirty sixth over.

Ian Allmey and Mike Pinter got the reply off to a brisk start with 20 off the first four overs. However, Ian was just warming up. After moving to 16 at a run a ball,  he bludgeoned another 16 off the next 3 balls to retire on 32* half way through the 6th over.

Scott Wells then joined Pinter and with the score at 0-57 off ten overs. 60 were required off the next ten to maximise bonus points, which was a realistic prospect. We then lost momentum against some tidy bowling and at 0-91 after 18, needed 27 to wrap things up before drinks. Mick McCormick, replaced Mike Pinter after his well hit 30* but holed out for 4. Scott wells closed out his 30* with a flurry to keep us in the mix, contributing to 13 runs off the nineteenth over before Glenn Mortell and Mike Weaver took the required 14 runs off the twentirth over for a second successive early finish.

Another outstanding all-round performance at Camperdown, with all the bowlers applying pressure and taking regular wickets, tight fielding, stunning catches, two sharp run-outs and a dominant chase.

The Team was (playing 12): – Ian Allmey 32* ret not out. Mike Pinter 30* ret not out, Scott Wells 32* ret not out, Mick McCormick 4, Mike Weaver 10*, Glenn Mortell 3*, Mike Tarrant dnb, Martin Speiser dnb, Garry James dnb, David  Benson dnb, David Craig dnb and Stuart Ridge (c) dnb

The Result was:-

Burwood CC: – 10-117 (35.5 overs)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 1-118 (I. Allmey 32* ret, M. Pinter 30* ret, S. Wells 32* ret) (20 overs)

By 9 wickets.

FoW: – 1-100 (M. McCormick).

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 7-1-15-1; S. Ridge 6-1-16-2; G. James 8-0-21-0; M. McCormick 4-0-26-2; D. Craig 7-0-23-2; M. Speiser 3.5-0-9-1

 The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: Nil

Catches:  Three to G. Mortell (w); two to I. Allmey; one to M. Speiser

Run outs:  One to D. Craig and one to S. Wells

Player Points (awarded by umpire): – Three points to I. Allmey; Two points to S. Ridge; One point to S. Wells.

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