Back Row: Jed Wesley-Smith, Douglas Latto, Paul Adams, David Craig, Ajoy Roy, Joe Scarcella, Graham MacDonald, Nihal Ramanayake (w for Raga XI), Greg Brooks, Michael Collins, Pillai Prapaharan, Gunaratnam Kandakumar.

Front Row: Neville Emerson, Ashok Victor Ponnudurai, Peter Rolls (c for CCNSW), Sittampalam Ragavan (c for Raga XI), Simon Lyon, Wasantha Hettiarrchchi, Garry Winney, Paul Georgiadis, David Wright (w for CCNSW).

Absent: Michael Weaver.


With the days leading up to this game the rain was on and off like a brides nighty but we were blessed to get a beautiful day for this game with perfect conditions at 24°C.

Sittampalam Ragavan (‘Raga’) won the toss and elected to bat on a good wicket. He and Neville Emerson streaked away to a quick start like a nudist evading security on the SCG. No wicket for 38 after 6 overs. Then disaster struck for them in the 7th over  with Raga caught by Peter Rolls at cow corner off Joe Scarcella only 3 runs short of our agreed 25 runs retirement plan. Neville continued his hard hitting onslaught with Simon Lyon until Neville soon retired at 25 and our fielders relieved with hands stinging more than 6 cuts of the cane.

Simon and Doug Latto  kept the scoreboard ticking over with sharp singles until a direct hit from Peter  Rolls dug out Doug. The run rate slowed once David Craig’s leggies found their range then a bizarre run out of Simon (only 2 runs short of retiring) when the keeper (David Wright) still had the ball in his hand after a Craig wobbly wide delivery.

“Cenny Coast”  Mike Weaver (‘Weaves’) took an easy (but still nervous) catch off Greg Brooks to remove danger man Wasantha Hettiarachchi (‘Wasa’). Greg had been bowling well without luck and was frustrated by Wasa hitting a ball to the boundary past Sleepy Joe (Biden) at mid-on who took an eternity to react to a ball passing close by him. If Weaves would have dropped that catch then Greg would have sent him back to the Cenny Coast without needing a vehicle!

Weaves came on after David Craig  and Jed Wesley-Smith after Greg Brooks. Both showed good line and length at a fair pace but unable to make a break through with Michael Collins and Nihal Ramanayake  settling in.

Ajoy Roy came on with his tweakers to instant success in his 1st and 2nd overs. First was Michael who had been very patient against David’s leggies but keeper Wright was swift to have him stumped with the score on 130 off 28 overs. Second was Nihal, caught by Jed Wesley-smith  at mid-on the next over which then slowed the run rate considerably.

Garry Winney came on after Jed and in his 3rd and 4th overs a wicket in each assisted by Paul Georgiadis with two fine catches. The first was Gunaratnam Kandakumar (‘Kanda’) and the second was Ashok Victor Ponnudurai. The second catch was a reflex one handed screamer forward of square leg at head height stretching right. Paul looked more shocked than Gladys when the word got out about Daryl Maguire.

Intro Graham McDonald for his first social game with CCNSW (second for the club from the week before Vintage game). He also had a quick impact getting the final wicket in his second over (40th over) also assisted by a catch from Jed at forward of square leg who looked like he turned to chase the ball to the boundary but instead stuck his right hand out to take it low down as it was passing his body. Amazing catch!

170 was a fair total to have to chase down.

By comparison CCNSW start was very slow with only 16 runs off the first 6 overs but no wickets. Patience is a virtue (like a Covid PCR testing line) and ‘Weaves’ and Ajoy saw off the tight opening bowling of Paul Adams and Raga to take charge and both retired once 25 runs was acquired by each.

Garry  Winney and Peter Rolls continued with quick running between wickets until Garry was bowled by Neville with one that yorked him. Score 1 for 95 off 22 overs and on track (like a gun club construction in Wagga).

Peter retired then Greg and David Craig but not before some mighty blows from Greg and mesmerizing reverse pull shots from David.

Graham McDonald and Jed Wesley-Smith finished the job with 4 overs to spare.

The match did not finish there with Raga presenting Peter with the inaugural CCNSW vs Raga’s Invitational XI shield that he had made and donated for this wonderful event which we hope to continue for years to come. Raga recited a nice poem from his late mother relating to the tree emblem on the shield

Covid safe drinks lasted until bad light was called and Joe had told more stories than Hans Christian Andersen (thanks Joe).

The CCNSW Team was: – Mike Weaver 26*, Ajoy Roy 25*, Garry Winney 20, Peter Rolls (c)25*, Greg Brooks 26*, David Craig 27*, Graham McDonald 17*, Jed Wesley-Smith 2*, Paul Georgiadis dnb, David Wright (w) dnb, Joe Scarcella dnb,

The Raga XI Team was:- Sittampalam Ragavan (c) 22, Neville Emerson 37*, Simon Lyon 23, Douglas Latto 15, Wasantha Hettiarchchi 19, Michael Collins 12, Nihal Ramanayake (w) 6, Gunaratnam Kandakumar 0, Paul Adams 19*, Ashok Victor Ponnudurai 1, Pillai Prapaharan 8.

The Result was: –

Raga’s Invitation XI: –  9-170 (40 overs)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 1-171 (36 overs)

By 9 wickets

Raga’s XI FoW: 1-47, (S. Ragavan), 2-52 (D. Latto), 3-109 (S. Lyon), 4-114 (W. Hettiarrchchi), 5-130 (M. Collins), 6-131 (N. Ramanayake), 7-136 (G. Kandakumar), 8-138 (A.  Ponnudurai), 9-160 (P. Prapaharan).

CCNSW FoW: – 1-95 (G. Winney)

The CCNSW Bowling was: –: J. Scarcella 6-0-36-1; P. Georgiadis 6-0-32-0; D. Craig 6-2-15-0; J. Wesley-Smith 4-1-23-0; G. Brook 4-0-17-1; M. Weaver 3-0-14-0; A. Roy 5-0-11-2; G. Winney 4-1-4-2 and G. McDonald 2-0-15-1

The Raga Invitation XI Bowling was: –: P. Adams 5-0-15-0; S. Ragavan 4-1-16-0; S. Lyons 4-0-18-0; A. Ponnudurai 2-0-20-0; W. Hettiarrchchi 5-0-24-0; G. Kandakumar 5-0-27-0; N. Emerson 5-0-19-1; M. Collins 3-0-9-0.

The CCNSW Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to D. Wright

Catches: – 2 to J. Wesley-Smith; one each to P. Georgiadis, P. Rolls and M. Weaver

Run outs: – Two: – One to P. Rolls and one to D. Wright


The Brooks-Manning- Moorhouse Shield

Back row: Brett James, Karthick Subramiam, Harry Bridge, Soren Hughes, Gerry O’Shea, Toby Forbes, , Lenny Volkov, Jed Wesley-Smith

Front Row: James Murtha, Jim Hadley (c), Mark Henwood, Curtis Murray (w)

The SCG test was setting itself up for an exciting finale, Latham was progressing towards an epic 252 against Bangladesh in Christchurch, and the lightest spattering of misty rain was just dampening the lush outfield of Camperdown Park. Tom Robertson was covid-subbed out, but nonetheless a fine collection of CCNSW club members assembled at the pavilion at 12.30pm for a 1pm start as arranged last winter. Unfortunately, the Lions turned up for a 1.30pm start!

Jim Hadley lost the toss, and CCNSW were put in to bat. Photos of the teams, photos of the Brooks-Manning-Moorhouse Shield, photos of Paul Moorhouse, photos of the captains, and then finally, some cricket.

Gerry O’Shea worked through a series of textbook forward defences, back foot defences, well judged leaves, and several ducks under awkward slow bouncers. The pitch had been uncovered through two wet nights, and scoring shots were being used sparingly. Meanwhile, at the other end Jamie Murtha was playing calmly with a lot of self-control. There were hardly any dirty slogs or wild swings. It just didn’t seem the conditions for quick runs. Dot, dot, dot…

After O’Shea was caught, a brace of lbws in quick succession also removed Karthick Subramaniam and Lenny Volkov. It was only when Harry Bridge strode confidently to the crease that the ball started to fly out to the boundary with some regularity. Unfortunately, wickets also kept falling as well. Bridge, Murtha, Brett James, Soren Hughes and Avinash Bhandari fell in a run of catches trying to push up the scoring rate. That eventually left Toby Forbes and the skipper, Jim Hadley, batting the last few overs. The running between wickets was exceptional, and the ball was often hit very high. Forbes was run out off the final delivery, and CCNSW finished up all out for 135.

Bhandari and Forbes opened up with the fresh new ball and put together ten overs of quality bowling. The opposition had only scrapped together 21 runs, and it was game on. Enter Mark Henwood and James as first change bowlers. Henwood almost immediately removed an opener, stumped neatly by Curtis Murray. The pitch was a minefield, the ball was gripping and turning sharply. However, the scoring rate increased until James removed a dangerous looking Smith just before drinks.

Meanwhile, the lefty opener, Beard, was pulling furiously at everything that dropped short on his way to a fine 75. Hadley and Hughes kept the team in the game by picking up wickets at the other end, but only just. The tension was rising, and when Bhandari was given the ball again to finish the innings, the pressure told. The lefty chipped the ball into the safe hands/chest of Hadley. A few more quick wickets, the odd controversial wide call, and the game was over. CCNSW held on by just 5 runs to be first-time winners of the Brooks-Manning-Moorhouse Shield.

Speeches, cheap French beers, and mobile coverage of the last few overs of the SCG test match were enjoyed by all. Thanks to Peter Baruma, Scott Williams and Jed Wesley-Smith for turning up to support the team. See you all for another match next week.

The Team was (playing 12): –  James Murtha 38, Gerry O’Shea 4, Karthick Subramanian 0, Len Volkov 0, Harry Bridge 13, Soren Hughes 24 , Brett James 4, Avinash Bhandari 2, Toby Forbes 28, Curtis Murray (w) 0, Jim Hadley (c) 4*; Mark Henwood dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-135 (35 overs)


Sydney University Lions: – 10-130 (35 overs)

By 5 runs

FoW: – 1-29 (J. Murtha); 2-20 (K. Subramaniam); 3-36 (L. Volkov); 4-59 (H. Bridge) 5-88 (G. O’Shea); 6-90 (A. Bhandari); 7-101 (B. James); 8-109 (S. Hughes); 9- 118 (C. Murray); 10-130 (T. Forbes);

The Bowling was: – A.Bhandari 8.2-0-25-3; T. Forbes 5-1-7-1; M. Henwood 4-0-26-1; B. James 6-1-24-1; S. Hughes 5-1-20-1; J. Hadley 6-0-25-3

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to C. Murray

Catches: – 2 to C. Murray (w); 2 to H. Bridge; one each to A. Bhandari, J. Hadley and J. Murtha

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to T. Forbes; 2 points to A. Bhandari; one point to  J. Murtha


Cloudy and humid conditions greeted players as they arrived at the very well maintained Airey Park.

There was a need for a number of introductions before the start of play because CCNSW members are always looking out for their fellow citizens and a number of the core team were isolating at home. A big thanks to all the players who made themselves available for this match, some of them at very short notice. It is a credit to the Club that despite all the outs we still put a good team on the park.

Our second stand-in skipper Andrew Dadswell won the toss and elected to bat first on hard pitch with a greenish tinge. (Editor’s Note: our first stand in skipper Scott Wells had to withdraw on the Sunday morning as a possible Covid contact)

New openers Jason Kenn and Doug Chan, playing their first game for the Club, laid a very good foundation putting on 44 for the first wicket and Craig Kitson and Patrick Sleeman both looked very good in the middle order as our total grew steadily. However wickets fell at regular intervals and we never really got the full momentum we needed to post a challenging score for the defending premiers Strathfield to be worried about.

Some late hitting from Jose Poothokaren and David Craig got us to a respectable 147 as Jason Kenn returned in the final overs only to be stranded on 48* – his innings was the highlight of our batting and included a number of authoritative boundaries.

Strathfield’s bowling was very consistent and skilful all innings.

Rumours of Strathfield’s aggressive batting were proven to be correct when their opening batters went big from ball one. After making their way to 44 off the first 4 overs we managed to adjust our approach and both Ben Stanic and Jose Poothokaren bowled a lot better than their figures suggest. A couple of tough chances went down in the field which did not help our cause.

It was clear that  Strathfield  was hunting for as many bonus points as they could get, which they achieved as none of David Craig, Andrew Dadswell and Dan Turner could stem the flow and Strathfield passed our total in the 18th over.

It was easy to see why Strathfield won the title last season and are well placed again this season. However if we had our best team on the field and had taken our chances (every bowler suffered at least one dropped catch off their bowling) the result could have been a lot closer. It would be great to play them again next season now we’ve seen how they took on the game. Despite the heavy loss it was still an enjoyable day. Thanks to Strathfield for their hospitality.

The match was live streamed on Strathfield Cricket Club’s YouTube channel which added to the occasion.

The Team was: – Jason Kenn 48*, Doug Chin 8, Dan Turner 0, Craig Kitson 27, Paul Anumodu 5 , Patrick Sleeman 21, Jose Poothokaren 10, Andrew Dadswell (c) 0, David Craig 16, Jed Wesley-Smith (w) 2 and Ben Stanic 3

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-147 (38 overs) (J. Kenn 48*)

Lost to

Strathfield CC: – 2-152 (17.4 overs)

By 8 wickets

FoW: – 1-44 (D. Chen):2-46 (D. Turner):3-79 (P. Anumodu):4-81 (C. Kitson):5-103 (J. Poothokaren):6-105 (A. Dadswell):7-128 (D. Craig):8-137 (P. Sleeman):9-141 (J. Wesley-Smith): 10-147 (B. Stanic)

The Bowling was: –: B. Stanic 5-0-47-0; J. Poothokaren 6-0-34-1; D. Craig 4-0-34-0; A. Dadswell 2-0-18-0; D. Turner 0.4-0-15-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to D. Turner

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to J. Kenn; 2 points to D. Craig; one point toJ. Poothokaren


La Nina was still lurking about with the Shires’ game called off on the Saturday with water under the covers and on the pitch from a heavy downpour on the Friday night. Covid was also lurking with Jim Robson having to pull out Sunday morning with his son turning positive the Saturday night. Luckily we had picked 12 to play.

Overcast and with rain threatening, Peter Rolls won the toss and had no hesitation to bowl in case quick runs were required at the end with possible reduced overs due to rain interruptions. The pitch was hard from good sunshine on the Saturday to dry it out but suspicions it could be damp underneath like a flasher’s undercoat. A recently mown but still thick kikuyu grass outfield would also make scoring slow. Ambient temperature 28°C combined with 70% humidity made Ajoy Roy’s woolen vest come off quicker than his honeymoon briefs.

True to our suspicions the ball was moving about and hard to score with DSLOB averaging only two an over for the first 8 overs until Joe Scarcella struck in the 9th with a beautiful line and length ball taking the top of the off stump of the normally hard hitting Threlfo. 1-21. Paul Georgiadis had the other opener Orme in all sorts of bother. One ball even jumped off a good length to emulate Joe Root in Adelaide but slightly under the 145kmh that Mitchell Starc delivered (and no pink ball). Their best bat Walsh came and went for zero with a very sharp stumping by David Wright from a tantalising length ball from Paul.

Smith was bowled by Garry James after many French cuts with‘James commenting that he hadn’t bowled this well since grade cricket in his 30s (with more off spin revolutions than the GOAT!). Palmer succumbed to Sittampalam Ragavan’s immaculate line and length with an lbw that jagged back off a full length. Orme grafted well to retire at 30*. Mills ran a few quick singles then retired hurt after popping a calf muscle after smashing a hard hit boundary when he didn’t need to run.

Enter Garry Winney who took wickets with his first  and third balls, both bowled from loopy deliveries. Two for none like Scott Boland at the SCG. The umpire Michael Roberts did have a good sense of humour when the next batsman came in to face Garry by saying “right arm over, very slow”! Garry brought Joe Scarcella in from cow corner to mid wicket and the batsman gave a lusty first ball swing with perfect connection that would have gone straight down Joe’s throat had he stayed at cow corner for three for none but alas was waved a four. Joe went back to cow corner. Next ball a swing and a miss. Final ball swing and a top edge to Peter  Rolls at mid-on for 3 wickets in an over.

Mick McCormick replaced Garry James and toiled hard and was unlucky not to snare a wicket. Ajoy Roy had two overs at Garry Winney’s end and then after Mick for the last two overs at that end to get a wicket in each with one bowled and the tenth wicket in the last over caught by Peter Rolls at point.

101 an easy target or so we thought.

Third over ‘Raga’ got a leading edge back to the bowler and Ajoy was run out backing up too far to a misfield in the same over so 2 for 4. Not an ideal start. Winney  gave a faint edge down the  leg side to a good catch by their keeper for 3 for 14 off 8 overs. Everyone was more nervous than a mouse in a biology class. Peter  Rolls and Mick McCormick  steadied the ship until Peter capsized trying to turn the Titanic when Mick said no to a second run when the fielder misfielded. Peter was  half way and going to the danger end would have made it comfortably; however Mick was sitting on his bat like it was a stool and panting like a puppy in the humidity (and could have used a Covid ventilator). (Note:  Mick offered to write this report for fear of reprisal. He would have been dropped for the next game but out anyway with Vicky’s 50th birthday bash in Bathurst). 4 for 38 off 15 overs.

John Finucane showed some good strokes but found the safe hands of the young sub fielder for Walsh who earlier had broken his elbow slipping over at the crease in his delivery stride. He was caught at mid-off with a flat hard hit that an over 60 would have struggled to get a hand on. 5 for 47 off 18 overs and still a tense game.

Mick retired after his best innings of the season showing respect to the good length ball and punishing the full pitch and short balls. Frank Baliotis listened to the instructions to turn-over the strike to Mick and then to Garry James and complied a well structured 14*. Jamesy was his usual swashbuckling cavalier self with some great shots but holed out to deep mid-on from a loopy bowler who was loopier than Winney. (I am positive the bowler pulled the pin before he bowled the hand grenade).Joe Scarcella  hit the winning run and relief ensued with 10 overs to go.

A fun and tense contest with DSLOBs great hosts after the game.

Postscript: Jim Robson turned Covid positive on Sunday night so we are thankful he pulled out Sunday morning even though he had no symptoms then. Hope he gets well quick.

The Team was: – Sittampalam Ragavan 1, Ajoy Roy 1, Garry Winney 6, Peter Rolls (c) 15, Mick McCormick 32*, John Finucane 7, Frank Baliotis 14*, Garry James 19, Joe Scarcella 2*, Paul Georgiadis dnb and David Wright (w) dnb

The Result was: –

Ashfield De La Salle Old Boys CC: – 10-101 (39.2 overs) (G. Winney 3-9)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 6-102 (30.3 overs) (M, McCormick 32*)

By 4 wickets

FoW: – 1-4 (A. Roy); 2-4 (S. Ragavan); 3-14 (G. Winney) ;4-38 (.P Rolls); 5-47 (J. Finucane); 6-96 (G. James).

The Bowling was: –: J. Scarcella 7-0-22-1; P. Georgiadis 6-3-9-1; S. Ragavan 7-1-15-1; G. James 7-0-14-1; M. McCormick 6-0-16-0; A. Roy 3.2-0-13-2; G. Winney 3-0-9-3

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to D. Wright

Catches: – 2 to P. Rolls

Run outs: – NilPlayer points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to M. McCormick; 2 points to G. Winney; one point to P. Georgiadis.

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