A scrambled single run has secured a dramatic first round win for the CCNSW Masters team. A firm shot hit straight to short midwicket by Daniel Turner, from the last ball of the match, fortunately resulted in a fumble by the fielder. Surviving the pressure of this moment, ‘The Blues’ were seemingly home by the narrowest of margins, one wicket remaining.

A major part of the drama though, ocurred after the play had ceased.

The last scorebook recording partnership for CCNSW had seemed to be working very well during the closing overs.  And the final tally of batters scores, plus sundries, had added up to the required 162 runs for victory.

Yet the dreaded bowling figures tally (plus byes and leg byes), so often the nemisis in the comfirmation of a result, had added up to just 161 !

A tie?

Part time Senior Scorer and playing all rounder Brett James, had at first given up on a win, after the umpire rightly declared that “bowling figures total must rule”.

To his internal credit, Brett kept up the fight, in what will hereafter come to be known as ‘The Missing Run’ case.

Using all his forensic skills, Brett diligently kept searching for a further twenty minutes or so, to find the final piece of the puzzle! Surely there was an answer somewhere.

Tension was mounting and the pressure was really starting to tell in the scorers hut, until Dave Craig arrived on the scene for his input. Red faced and indignant, Dave demanded to know if an extra run had  been accredited to him after he had  been runout, going for a suicidal second run.

And indeed, it was found that the single had not been recorded in the bowling stats! A great play from Mr Craig. Mr James, immediately and without fuss, duly amended the sheet and the umpire accepted the fair correction.

A CCNSW win ! Never in too much doubt.

Perhaps somewhat lucky, although the most luck stemmed from the fact that the game was able to be staged at all, after initially being called off at Memorial Oval, Ingleburn.

Many thanks to the Ingleburn RSL team for rearranging the fixture late on the Saturday afternoon, to the superturf track at Glenfield. Regardless of who won the game, it was great to be back out on the field finally, after a long winter. And in what was a very keen contest.

CCNSW three, two, one points, awarded by the opposing captain and the umpire, were: 

Daniel Turner. 45 not out. Hit winning run as well as 4 sixes and 2 fours in a man of the match performance.3 points

David Abreu, on playing debut for CCNSW. Took four wickets, the first, a nick to the ‘keeper, off his initial delivery ! 2 points

Brett James. Two deserved wickets at the death after accurate opening bowling and complied a handy 22 runs. 1 point. 

Other notable mentions:

Rob Lawther: Another debutant for CCNSW, competent wicket keeping display 

Ed Cross: Three very handy wickets in the middle overs, not conceding many runs

Jose Poothokaren: Two good catches and some accurate bowling 

David Craig. No wickets but could have had several. Accurate leg spin. Took great catch at mid wicket.

Jason Kenn. Powerful opening batting. Good start and didn’t go on this time. Promising.

Andrew Dadswell: Very good captaincy debut.  One of ‘Tex’s’ fielding changes resulted in a catch taken to the moved fielder, the very next ball. Lost the toss, but made up for it with a quick fire 11 runs off six balls, to help CCNSW snatch a win from the jaws of defeat. 

Notes on conditions: Beautiful clear skies on the day. The outfield was very slow, making runs hard to come by for batters, for shots along the ground. Synthetic pitch. 

The Team was: – 

Michael Weaver 15, Jason Kenn 18, Daniel Turner (vc) 45*, Paul Nash 4, Rob Lawther 7, Brett James 22, Ed Cross 3, Jose Poothokaren 13, David Craig 10, David Abreu 0*, Andrew Dadswell (c) 11

The Result was: 

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9 / 162 (40 Overs)


Ingleburn: –  9 / 161 (40 Overs)

By  1 wicket

FoW: – 1-39 Jason Kenn, 2-43 Michael Weaver, 3-62 Paul Nash, 4-81 Rob Lawther, 5-120 Brett James, 6-123 Ed Cross, 7-144 Jose Poothokaren, 8-145 David Craig, 9-157 Andrew Dadswell

The Bowling was: – 

Brett James 9-0-39-2, David Abreu 8-1-27-4, Andrew Dadswell 4-0-13-0, Jose Poothokaren 6-0-28-0, David Craig 8-0-30-0, Ed Cross 5-0-21-3

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Rob Lawther 1, David Craig 2, Jose Poothokaren 2

Run outs: –  

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to Daniel Turner; 2 points to David Abreu ; one point to Brett James





The first game of the Vintage Season took place at Marrickville Oval on Sunday September 25. Unfortunately we were all like racehorses. As any professional punter will tell you …. don’t back horses if it is their first run after a spell and don’t back them if they have been having too many hard runs.

A number of players were having their first go after a long spell with limited or no trial runs or practice ( Brooks, Robson and Winney…). And a number of our men had been running in England (Raga, Frank, Rolls, Ridge) in the offseason and weren’t used to the Australian conditions . Only Black Caviar could perform immediately in both countries. 

We lost a crucial toss and on a moist, seaming pitch we were soon 5 for 15. This involved two runs out as Robson and McCormick thought they were batting with Winx and unfortunately ran out their partners (Frank and Brooksy). No one ever really recovers and wins from this score. It reminded me of Australia’s Test in Capetown in 2011 when they were also 5 for 15 and finished with 47 .

We did end up with 93 which was reasonable after our terrible start out of the barrier with Mick McCormick , Ross Dalgleish, Gerry O’Shea and Garry James all doing well to get double figures and Garry Winney rotating the strike well. As Garry James will assert, it was difficult for him to lay bat on ball when he first came in so to get  23 was an outstanding effort. He was our only best performed player/horse as this was his 4th run from a spell after a few trials with two wild, noisy stallions Ken Hall and Scorch out at some rough country track (Penrith O60’s Regional training).

Garry J being in prime condition with his coat gleaming in the stables, then came on early and was our best bowler. He was inspiring, and with small steps, a slow arm action and big follow through was very impressive. He reminded me of Jim Laker in 1956 at Old Trafford when he got 19 wickets. All the bowlers for the first outing bowled pretty well and we actually had them 1 for 41 after the first 20 overs . The wicket flattened out and they passed us with 8 wickets in hand. A game we lost badly but the toss was crucial and even Phar Lap once lost on a wet track. It was still an enjoyable day with both teams having a beer together after the match .

The Team was: 

Peter Rolls 6, Sittampalam Ragavan 2, Frank Baliotis 2, James Robson 2, Greg Brooks 1, Mick McCormick 23, Garry James 16,  Ross Dalgleish 12, Garry Winney 8, Gerard O’Shea 13*, Stuart Ridge 1

The Result was: 

C.C.N.S.W.: 10 / 93 (39.5 Overs)

Lost to

Lindfield Lancers: 2 / 97 (34.2 Overs)

By 8  wickets

FoW: 1-2 Sittampalam Ragavan, 2-8 Peter Rolls, 3-12 Frank Baliotis, 4-12 James Robson, 5-13 Greg Brooks, 6-51 Garry James, 7-55 Mick McCormick, 8-66 Garry Winney, 9-90 Ross Dalgleish, 10-93 Stuart Ridge

The Bowling was: – 


Sittampalam Ragavan 4-0-9-1, Stuart Ridge 6-3-9-0, Garry James 7-5-6-0, Greg Brooks 4-0-16-0, Mick McCormick 7-1-32-1, Garry Winney 5-0-12-1,  Gerard O’Shea 1.2-0-10-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Gerard O’Shea, Mick McCormick

Run outs: –  Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to Garry James ; 2 points to Gerard O’Shea ; one point to Mick McCormick

Full scorecard:


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