Mike Weaver: Gee that clips starts off well [referring to earlier video pitch report] – pitch looks a road at one end and then… it gets a little furry and then a bit patchy ! We’ll get runs and wickets though !

Mike Weaver: Good runs and many wickets

Greg Brooks: Both teams are on the same wicket Mick ! Should be fine a Camperdown classic! Can anyone confirm they have a new ball for today’s game?

Mike Weaver: I have one I have my own new regulation reject that we can use if the club doesn’t have a ball

Jamie Murtha: Glad we put the covers down… Decent rain in Marrickville Because there is a pitch prepared on either side  of the covers the guys have to be very careful not to dump the water on the pitch  If anyone has a broom bring it along.  We can get some of the puddles off the covers before we move them

Greg Brooks: Brett, the super sopper in the home dressing room can do that, just check the side container when full and empty it in the outfield Dipper was meant to be sopper!

 Mike Weaver: I’ve got a new ball too;Am here, so no sweat

Mike Weaver: I Zingari won the toss and inserted themselves, here at Camperdown. Score is currently 4 for 15 into the tenth over. Avo [Bhandari] and Brett  [james] have snared two poles each. Great start lads ! Great start!

Mike Weaver: Jono Shaw has replaced Brett James at the Rotunda end. Tex  (Andrew Dadswell] is on to replace Avi at the other. 4-38 after 15.

 Dave Benson: Keep it coming Weaves. Reminds me of the commentary box at Saxton Oval, NZ.

 Mike Weaver: It’s drinks now. The score is 4 for 49 off 17overs

 Mike Weaver: Jamie Murtha is on replacing Jono [Shaw] . Skipper Brett James’s tactic is to ring several bowling changes in the hope that batters can’t get settled at all

Mike Weaver: A catch went down at long off And… a wicket !! Caught at mid off ! Batter lifting a drive. Safe-hands Adam [Khamis] accepts the opportunity!  IZ normally can bat way down the list

Dave Benson: They’ll need to.

Mike Weaver: Tex  [Dadswell] is starting to put some dots together

The lefty is on strike now, I’m predicting a wicket 

Mike Weaver: Full toss went for four ! Bad prediction

 Mike Weaver: Wicket ! Run out ! Took on Brett  James at midwicket. The batter got sent back and he’s left stranded. Ash Perrot whips off the bails with the batter well short

 Mike Weaver: And Adam gets a wicket !! Fine catch by Matty Edge at mid off ! I can’t keep up with wickets Seven for 74 ! Into the 23rd over

Mike Weaver: And another !!! Batter holes out to skipper James at deep midwicket, on the far side ! Adam has two !

Mike Weaver: Look, there is something in it for the bowlers as long as can remain accurate. Zingari have had a run out and two catches provided swinging irreverently. Has been costly although they felt under pressure to lift the rate

Mike Weaver: The last three wickets, run out and two hole outs And CCNSW have only missed two catches

Jamie [Murtha] bangs one in short. The batter goes for the hook and mistimes it badly it love up to that man, the Aussie rep player, again and he accepts the chance diving forward to snap it up off the grass !!

 Mike Weaver: Nine for 86 !

Mike Weaver: Jamie [Murtha] has dismantled the woodwork, to complete this rout !

Mike Weaver: Punter and Pete Constantinou are opening. Punter solid. Several good leaves to balls delivered into the channel.

Mike Weaver: None for 4 off three…

Mike Weaver: Harry Bridge says : ‘Even if we are 20 runs off the first ten overs, with no wickets down…’

Mike Weaver: CCNSW just did everything to contrive for themselves a run out Punter didn’t heed Pete’s [Constantinou] call on his drive to mid on. Punts sent him back. Pete was more than half way down. Fortunately IZ made a complete mess of the throw to keeper, to miss an easy chance…

 Mike Weaver: Some very good leaves here at the moment…

Mike Weaver: In the last over, Pete cracked a nice pull shot for 4 over mid wicket, towards the sheds… It’s none for 9 off 5. Solid

Mike Weaver: And Pete C has been given out lbw. It’s one for 13 Stop the rot now ! Harry Bridge strides to the crease…

Tom Robertson: 13 off 8??? Wtf!! Win the game!

Mike Weaver: I can relay these instructions if you like… attack the bowling !

Mike Weaver: And…a run !!! Leg bye. Scrambled through for one…I’m tipping Harry Bridge to fire, today He’s off mark with a push to wide mid off – one run taken Punter survives the rest of over number ten… 15 runs…Off ten… Get a move on boys , got wickets in the bank !

Dave Benson: I’m switching channels to a gardening show.

Mike Weaver: That’s the tactic.., surely ! And Punter responds! Gets the ‘breakthrough boundary’ as described by Jamie. Back foot through cover for 4 to the dressing shed side…And follows up next ball with a three, guided through gully. It seems the run rate has doubled !

Mark Henwood: You’re not giving us much info Weaves. What kind of bowler, what kind of field setting

Mike Weaver: Craig Hambleton has come on for Zingari. Rotunda end. Watch out, this bloke is a bit of an old Fox

Mark Henwood: Is the pitch up and down?

Dave Benson: I think he’s now having to make it up to keep his listeners.

Mike Weaver: It’s a ring field, one slip Punter must try to go through or over now. Has been very solid though Over. One for 23 off 12 overs

Dave Benson: How many overs per side?

Mike Weaver: Liam Hill continues for IZ from cafe end. It’s a 35 over fixture, Beno

 Mike Weaver: Same field slip, gully, point, short cover, cover, extra cover, mid off, mid on, midwicket, deep fine leg And… Harry gets a cut away through gully and point! Just guided it through and it runs away down the slope, on the dressing room side. Four runs

 Mike Weaver: 8 runs just came of the most recent over ! 2 byes, a leg bye and a single. Then to finish it, Harry has crashed the spinner through point to the far side boundary..

 Mike Weaver: It’s now 1 for 40 in the 17th over. Last over before drinks…

Dave Benson: Has Punter made double figures yet?

Mike Weaver: The pitch is a little bit up and down but nothing is exploding off the wicket. CCNSW have batted very sensibly in the situation. 1 for 41 at drinks to well positioned. Mike Pinter is 15 not out and Harry Bridge is 10. Batter dismissed during the session was Peter Constantinou, lbw to Liam Hill for 9 runs. Sundries are sitting at 7

 Mike Weaver: I’m out of the game, muscle strain. Fortunately we were playing 12.

Soren Hughes: Plenty of blokes that can bat in the shed.

 Mike Weaver: A win seems imminent and a nine wicket victory will have nobody complaining

Mike Weaver: Bye first ball after drinks. Punter nurdles a two second ball. Then smokes the next to the cow corner fence. That’s the way. Throw in two single byes. 8 scored! Get the beers out !!!

Mike Weaver: And…Pinter is run out! Pinter has been run out !

Mike Weaver: Alas… Mike Pinter has been… wait for it. Run out !!! Dabs a ball to deep backward point. Sets off for what seems an easy single. Harry not backing up enough, sends his partner back. Entitled to do so and left it a bit late. This time Zingari don’t stuff it up. The keeper effects the simple dismissal from a standard, accurate return.

 Mike Weaver: Ash Perrot was next in, and on his way back before I had a chance to finish typing ! Caught at mid wicket first ball off a full toss…Jamie [Murtha] comes in. IZ have stacked the slips cordon and their tall bloke on bowling a got clip, pitching up in the channel. From Rotunda end…  Bowling a good clip, that should read…There were several expletives to be heard from the shed

Dave Benson: No doubt.

Mike Weaver: Harry has just now just been bowled! Oh dear…

Mike Weaver: Skipper Brett [James]has joined Jamie [Murtha]. I’m confident these two will get the job done from here. I’m sorry that Adam  [Khamis]may not get a chance to wield his willow. Next time…

Mike Weaver: It’s 4 for 69 into the 22nd over Brett has whipped one through midwicket all along the ground to the far side boundary. Shot of the match so far. Added another two runs through the same region. 4 byes didn’t help the Zingari cause. So ten runs were added in that over and surely that’s it… 71 runs is now the total, after 22

Mike Weaver: Two to Jamie, just got it over mid on then a snick for three runs ! CCNSW will take it. 23 gone. Score is 76

Mike Weaver: Jamie slashes first ball 24th over slips. Three more runs. IZ wouldn’t be impressed. Quick single to Brett. These two blokes are the best runners between wickets in our club. Period.

Mike Weaver: And he gets on to this one! Jamie Murtha punches the pace bower through midwicket. Four runs to the pavilion side. All along the ground. Nice shot ! Over completed. 84 off 24…

 Mike Weaver: And Craig Hambleton comes on to bowl what may be the last of the day. First ball drops short. Bad mistake. Brett lifts him for six over the water tank ! Four to win !

Greg Brooks: That’s gold!

Mike Weaver: And he smokes it through the off side in front of point off the back foot. Four all the way and this complete an emphatic victory for CCNSW!!!

 Greg Brooks: Awesome coverage Weaves…please pass on my congratulations to the team!

 Dave Benson: Weaves if your still carrying that injury tomorrow, reckon you have a gig behind the mike tomorrow, your a regular ‘Skull’.

Mike Weaver: Tremendous win

Mike Weaver: Our run out was a mix up between Harry and Punter. Brett James effected a run out on the opposition

Mike Weaver: I spilt beer on the scoresheets and the felt pen ran everywhere and stuffed the bowlers figures completely. Fortunately Brett took the photo seconds prior to this incident !

 Mike Weaver: It was an absolute pleasure and it was good that I got injured. After dropping one, I sacked myself at the same time…

Dave Benson: To the benefit of all tuned into the stream.

Mike Weaver: I’m glad people enjoyed the updates and it was a great win today. Zingari are a very good C and S team and they have had the wood in us for several seasons

 Mike Pinter: I’d like to add that Brett James had absolute cracker of a day (given the added pressure of the Captaincy) with the ball, in the field then with the willow. Simply outstanding effort Skip – it truly was a pleasure to have been part of that win today.

Mike Weaver: I went through the MyCricket records. I Zingari hadn’t lost to CCNSW, since the 2014-15 season…and I couldn’t find another win for us, before that…There might have been, before the MyCricket was fully operational

Greg Brooks: I go back to 93/94 season and we have won plenty. Always a good battle. At Camperdown and their home ground at Camden

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