Last season when  we played Paddington, or perhaps each time, our batsmen are excited at the prospect of scoring a bunch of runs and the bowlers keen to rack up a few wickets for not many runs and bowling them out cheaply.  It is always ‘a win the toss and bat’ situation and Jamie Murtha- captain on the day-  did not disappoint by winning the toss. Notably the author missed all of this and turned up 40 minutes late thanks to the increasingly unreliable Sydney train services. On arrival someone appeared to have taken over Tom Robertson’s soul and was able to easily flick balls off his legs behind square with confidence. I was informed this had occurred since the start of play and he was 50 odd after 7 overs. Unfortunately that display was soon over with the Tom and Gerry show coming to a close after a century opening partnership with Tom on 79 and Gerry O’Shea  out not long after for 38 (and a near impenetrable defense). Harry Bridge missed out but Declan Thomas (24), Matt Leong (17) and  Sumeet Kudal (30) chipped in with runs. Despite a rather lack-lustre last 3 overs, we made it to 201 from the 35 and most had an opportunity to bat.

Jamie Murtha and Matt Edge opened the bowling for us and Paddington were mostly tied down despite their apparent intent to chase us down. Both Jamie and Matt picked up 2 wickets each for 29  runs after 7 overs  straight by each of them. Soren Hughes and Ed Robertson were first change and after 3 or 4 good overs and a wicket each, a couple of young Paddington batters with ambition took after them, sadly right after one had been  dropped at mid on. Soren won the prize, going for 16 in an over and Ed going for  15. A change of bowlers was required and the slow off spin of Adam Khamis and leg spin of Sumeet Kudal clogged them up and cleaned up whatever was left. Paddington all out for 155 after 30.5 overs. Good on them for coming to Camperdown on a Saturday given the reluctance of so many C&S sides to commit to Saturday games.

Kudos to Sumeet Kudal who has now picked up 6 wickets at an average of 10 and scored 30 runs in one innings in his first two games for CCNSW. 

The Team was: – Tom Robertson 79, Gerald O’Shea 38 , Harry Bridge 0,  Sumeet Kudal 30, Matt Leong (w) 17, Declan Thomas (w) 24, Soren Hughes 7*, Ed Robertson 2, Adam Khamis 0, Jamie  Murtha dnb, Matthew Edge dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 8-201 (35 overs) (T. Robertson 79; G. O’Shea 38)


Paddington CC (playing 10): – All out 155 (30.5 overs)

By 46 runs

FoW: – 1-107 (T. Robertson); 2-107 (H. Bridge); 3-125 (G. O’Shea); 4- 168 (M. Leong). 5-185 (S. Kudal); 6-196 (D. Thomas ); 7-201 (E. Robertson); 8-201 (A. Khamis).

The Bowling was: – J. Murtha 7-0-29-2; M. Edge 7-2-29-2; S. Hughes 5-1-30-1, E. Robertson 4-0-28-1; A. Khamis 4-0-14-1; S. Kudal 3.5-0-21-2

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to M. Leong

Catches: – Two to M. Leong (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to T. Robertson; 2 points to G. O’Shea; one point to M. Edge


Round 11 saw CCNSW and Ryde Pirates play off for sixth   spot on the ladder. The word on the street suggested Boronia Park would be a tricky wicket and with that in mind the captain won the toss and batted first because, well, why not…Match highlight here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEdh9X18K9E  

Showing boundless versatility, David Craig was promoted to open the batting and took to the task with zest. In perhaps his last game of Masters – surely not, but it seems the Vintage crew have him on their recruitment list for 2023-24 – David looked solid in defence before his bat grew a few inches and he went big to a ball that popped off a length to be caught behind. This foreshadowed how the pitch would play for the next few hours.

With David Craig dismissed, the other opener Rob Lawther went about his work with some nicely timed cut shots and some trademark pulls to the boundary. In one over he advanced to the spinner and lofted him for a thumping boundary over mid-off, but in the next he tried the same tactic only to be smartly stumped for a well-made 24 runs.

The Masters are known for their top order runs this season and much faith was placed in the likes of Dan Turner, Jason Kenn and Paul Nash who have all had excellent seasons. However, Dan Turner was adjudged lbw, Jason Kenn’s defence was broken by a slider and Paul Nash was caught out on the pull. 5 for 50 in the 11th over and it looked a little dodgy.

Enter Scott Wells.

Whilst most other batters throughout the day struggled to find their timing by virtue of the challenging conditions, Wells latched on to anything remotely full and hit a series of lofted drives for 4s and 6s to retire at 40* in no time at all.

After Dadswell came and went the momentum was maintained by gun recruit Matt Johnston. He continued his good start for the Club my amassing 38 well-made runs and extracted a heavy toll against the spinners. Matt was out to a sharp caught and bowled.

Mick Tarrant was another strong contributor and made an important 24 with support from Ben Stanic and Dave Abreu to get the total past 160. Passers-by could be forgiven for mistaking Mick for a janitor with all the sweeping he was doing.

Wells returned from retirement in the dying overs only to be run out in what might be controversial circumstances as the bowler first knocked off the bails before removing the stump with ball in hand to effect the run out, or did he?

CCNSW made 10-169 which we thought was 20 over par given the conditions. Still, we left some runs out there by being bowled out in the 37thover.

The Pirates put on sandwiches and chocolate crowns for afternoon tea which proved a hit.

In defence of our total, the early overs were dominated by accurate bowling from Ben Stanic and Tarrant, as usual. Ben has been consistently good all season and was unlucky not to get an early wicket. However, in the sixth over he got the first breakthrough, albeit via a direct hit run out from backward square. Great intent shown there.

Three balls later and Mick Tarrant found Bailey’s edge to get him out for a duck – a huge moment because the dude can bat. This wouldn’t be Mick’s last big moment in this game.

Dave Abreu came on first change and as usual bowled a mix of swingers and cutters and troubled the batters without reward whilst Matt Johnston started shakily before hitting his groove and getting three middle order wickets. Matt is tough to play and gets extra bounce which combined with some outswing is a great asset. His spell, combined with his 38 runs would earn him 3 player of the season points. But like Mick, Matt would also have a say towards the end of the match.

Dadswell and Nash bowled to their plans and kept things tight in the latter overs. Nash grabbing a wicket caught behind. With four overs to go the Pirates needed 41 runs to win. Stanic came back and bowled tight lines, getting an lbw along the way. But it was all set up for a dramatic final over.

With 23 needed off 6 balls it was surely in the bag. Mick Tarrant wasn’t too bothered at the start of the over until Grace decided to go 4,4,2 off the first three balls. Now with 13 still needed off 3 balls we were still looking solid and when Mick bowled a nice yorker that was squeezed to the leg side everyone drew a sigh of relief, that’s everyone except Matt Johnston who saw a chance for a run out and went for it. Let’s just say they scored 5 off that delivery and now needed 8 off 2 to win.

Next ball was another attempted yorker but this time Sheddan got under it and scooped it to the leg side boundary for 6! Game on. 2 to win. 1 to tie.

To have a bet each way, the skipper kept the field unchanged. The infielders were ready to pounce. The outfielders were focused. But none of them were needed. Tarrant bowled wide of the off stump and got the swing-and-miss he was after, allowing keeper Lawther to run in and take out the stumps to get the run out and the win.

So, for the Masters the season ended the way it started, with a last ball victory. We seem to know how to win the close ones, just.

The Pirates put on some beers and were great hosts. Post-match we headed to the HHH (Hunters Hill Hotel) and celebrated a successful season, winning 6 of 8 matches played. Jason Kenn gets the prize for best story at the pub.

The Team was: – Rob Lawther (w) 24, David Craig 5, Dan Turner 6, Jason Kenn 4, Paul Nash 1, Scott Wells 40,  Andrew Dadswell (c) 7, Matthew Johnston 38, Michael Tarrant 24, Benjamin Stanic 8, David Abreu 7*

The Result was: –

CCNSW 10-169: – (37 overs) (S. Wells 40; M. Johnston 38)


Ryde/Hunters Hill Pirates: – 9-168 (40 overs)

By one run

FoW: – 1-30 (D. Craig); 2-36 (R. Lawther); 3-36 (D. Turner); 4-40 (J. Kenn); 5-50 (P. Nash); 6-98 (A. Dadswell); 7-143 (M. Johnston); 8-158 (M. Tarrant); 9-162 (B. Stanic); 10-169 (S. Wells).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 9-0-31-1; M. Tarrant 9-2-37-1; M. Johnston 7-0-35-3; D. Abreu 5-1-21-0; A. Dadswell 6-0-21-0; P. Nash  4-1-20-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 4 to R. Lawther (w)

Run outs: – Three: -One to D. Turner; one to B. Stanic and one to R. Lawther (w) 

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to M. Johnston; 2 points to S. Wells; one point to M. Tarrant

See: – https://www.playhq.com/cricket-australia/org/sydney-masters-cricket-association/masters-summer-202223/masters/game-centre/cfaef661


CCNSW won by forfeit and also won the Premiership; Table below

Sydney Masters Cricket Association – Sydney Vintage Over 60s

League Table 2022-2023

   3Sri Lanka11830144.25339.2
   5Southern Highlands11521134.15298.1
   6Northern Stars11713  84.20264.2
   7Ashfield  DLS Old Boys11362117.00217.0
 10Castle Hill11380123.40191.4
 11Roseville11172  96.20178.2
 12Georges River11282  95.80155.8


Back Row: Jim Hadley, David Wilkinson (guest), Frank Baliotis, Gerard O’Shea, Graham McDonald, Ashok Peiris (guest wk/1), Ajoy Roy.
Front Row: Craig McKenzie (wk/2), Peter Rolls, Michael Carman, Paul Georgiadis.
Absent: Daniel Pellen

Even though the forfeit by Northern Stars (who could only raise 6 players) all but guaranteed us the premiership, it would have been nice to play them for the last game of the Vintage season. We received 40 points for the forfeit so it meant to beat us, second place Lindfield needed to get 278 runs in 40 overs then bowl out third place Central Coast for under 20 overs ie. a miracle needed for a win with huge bonus points…which didn’t eventuate.

So it was decided with so many keen Vintage players still eager for a game, to have a game amongst ourselves.

The Rules:

Six teams of two for a total of 12 players. Each team bats for 4 overs against another team who bowls 2 overs each. Minus 3 runs for a wicket. No LBWs. Eight fielders including the two bowlers. Next game two batsmen padded up as the two umpires. Two rounds of three games then a final if time permitting.

Perfect conditions for cricket with 24°C and a nice breeze. Camperdown oval looking its best for the season and a new pitch prepared that was dry and hard as a goats head. Even a couple dozen spectators to see us in our glory.

Thanks to Ashok Peiris who was going to fill in as keeper (against Northern Stars) for John Finucane who was in India watching the fourth and last test India v Australia (booked before our Vintage season). Ashok plays in a local Sri Lankan comp and has helped us out a couple of seasons ago (a recruit thanks to Sittampalam Ragavan (better known as ‘Raga’). Even though we had a forfeit, Ashok was still keen to play and did a fine job behind the stumps with a sharp catch and an easy stumping in this throw-the-bat competition.

Craig McKenzie (better known as “Bomber”) was a late inclusion and shared the keeping duties with Ashok. ‘Bomber ‘claimed when he got the late call the day before, that he had nightmares that night about bowling. The rules stated he would have to bowl. Not something he has done for over 30 years! These nightmares were a self-fulfilling prophecy that was to come to pass like a Lancaster squadron over Dresden.

Michael Carman (better known as “Opera”) also helped us out on late notice and sings the praises of the Vintage team for given him the opportunity to perform on the big stage of Camperdown.

David Wilkinson (Peter’s soccer mate) who has played against CCNSW C&S for Hunters Hill Pirates kicked some bowling backside with the bat but produced almost as many ball bombs as Bomber as he too is only a keeper/batsman.

Graham McDonald seized the opportunity to enjoy more social cricket with a different flavor to the Raga XI Social games he has played in previously. Also he enjoyed playing with Jim after a few nets sessions during the season with the Coogee locals.

For Jim Hadley, Frank Baliotis, Gerry O’Shea, Paul Georgiadis, Ajoy Roy and Peter Rolls it was a great to celebrate a fine season with like-minded individuals.

The Teams (selected by Peter Rolls with no correspondence entered into):

Round one:

Gerry O’Shea and  Frank Baliotis vs Jim Hadley and Graham McDonald – Jim Hadley and Graham McDonald  batted first and scored 51. Gerry O’Shea and  Frank Baliotis in reply 31 runs. Jim Hadley taking a liking to Gerry O’Shea with three 6s and Frank 1 x 6. Graham doing a fine job of turning over the strike to Jim who was having a day out with bat and ball.

Ajoy Roy and  Daniel Pellen  vs Paul Georgiadis & Craig McKenzie (“Bomber”) – Ajoy Roy  and Daniel  Pellen batted first and scored 34. Bombs away from Craig McKenzie who manage to get a few to land on the strip and even got a wicket (jubilation!). Paul Georgiadis snared 3 wickets in one over to halt the two big hitters run frenzy. Paul and Craig in reply 28 with both getting out once to make the difference in a nail biter. Daniel Pellen  showing some toe off a 14 step run up but more wayward than a Manly ferry with stalled engines. Craig McKenzie lucky to survive a beamer at his melon then another fully off his gloves onto his check. Luckily no major damage to Craig although Daniel is now having therapy for nightmares too!

Michael Carman  and  Ashok Peiris vs Peter Rolls  and  David Wilkinson – Michael Carman and Ashok Peiris batted first and scored 28. Peter Rolls and David Wilkinson in reply with 42. Michael  bowled tidily but Ashok showing more promise with the ball than Bomber with his ‘offies’ and bowled Peter Rolls with a genuine tweaker! Still not enough wickets to reel in some big hitting, especially from David Wilkinson with four boundaries including a 6.

Round two:

Gerry O’Shea and  Frank Baliotis vs Ajoy Roy and  Daniel Pellen – Gerry O’Shea and Frank Baliotis batted first and scored 17 with Ajoy’s 2 wickets halting their momentum. Ajoy Roy and  Daniel  Pellen replied with  28 and a comfortable win as no outs.

Paul Georgiadis and  Craig McKenzie vs Peter Rolls  and David Wilkinson – Paul Georgiadis and Craig McKenzie batted first and scored a respectable 40 even with 3 outs. Peter Rolls and David  Wilkinson in reply with 70 and taking a very long handle to ‘Bomber’ with 4 x 6s and 3 x 4s. Paul  Georgiadis again very miserly.

Jim Hadley and  Graham McDonald  vs Michael Carman and  Ashok Peiris – Jim Hadley  and  Graham McDonald batted first and scored 47. Michael Carman and Ashok Peiris in reply 22 and having more difficulty with the leg spin of Jim Hadley  than a ballerina on a stage covered in confetti. Graham  McDonald also hard to get away with no boundaries off his bowling or Jim’s.

So the winning teams were (2 wins apiece):

Jim Hadley  and Graham McDonald

Ajoy Roy and Daniel Pellen

Peter Rolls and David Wilkinson

Round 2 finished at 5pm so it was decided early beers was the winner. Then all the “what if’s” came into play to finish an enjoyable competition and afternoon.

Runs per player:

Jim Hadley 45+31=76, Graham McDonald 5+16=21, Gerry O’Shea 12+8=20, Frank Baliotis 16+9=25, Ajoy Roy 9+11=20, Daniel Pellen 20+12=32, Michael Carman 16+5=21, Ashok Peiris 9+11=20, Paul Georgiadis 9+11=20, Craig McKenzie 19+28=47, Peter Rolls 17+25=42, David Wilkinson 23+40=63.

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