A beautiful day greeted our inaugural match with the Victor Trumper XI. Some rain earlier in the week made the wicket a tad moist but still firm. So Captain Peter Rolls won the toss and elected to bat. Not a good idea as it turned out,  with the bounce variable. Also they had some seriously quick youngsters. Both sides had a mix of ages but the VT XI’s average age was estimated at around 30yo and CCNSW average around 50yo.

Well done to Mike Pinter for organizing the match and the team but then unfortunately had to miss it after securing a place in the finals of a Masters Tennis tournament in Gosford….a man of many sporting talents.

Also thanks to the five last minute fill-ins CCNSW players Mick Weaver, Mitch Sturt, Glyn Singleton, Luke Holman and Shane Peterson for the VT XI. The VT XI had lost players urgently seconded to competition finals matches.

Rules for batters was retire at 30 balls or 30 runs whichever came first and a maximum of 5 overs per bowler. Test match rules for wides. 35 overs per side.

Gerard O’Shea and Karthick Subramanian navigated well the first five overs from their quicks, Chris Weller (VT XI captain) and an 18yo until Karthick had a short ball rise on him that popped up back to the youngster. 1-22 off 6 overs.

John Finucane tried valiantly to speed things up, charging their leggie only to be stumped. 2-29 off 13 overs. Emmanuel Mouglalis’s eyes lit up when he saw a “Floater” from their charismatic offie “Buckets” and was bowled the next over. David Glen suffered the same fate to the “Floater” but this time, was caught at deep mid-on. 4-44 off 18 overs. Ed Cross took charge with a six off his third ball faced and looked in good touch. Gerry O’Shea retired after his staunch 30 balls for 11 runs. Peter Rolls came in and went swiftly as another victim of “Buckets” “Floater” caught at mid wicket. 5-54 off 20 overs. 

Mick Tarrant then tried to take charge with a four off his first ball but then Ed Cross was trapped lbw soon after and Sherville (“Wes”) Hall three balls later caught behind. Joe Scarcella was run out in farcical fashion: he received a “Floater” from Buckets above waist high; the umpire called the no ball and a free hit for the next ball. Joe smashes the free hit ball straight along the ground to Mick Weaver at mid-on who picks up cleanly and throws down the stumps from 10 metres away with Joe easily run out. Joe walking off, mumbled several times to himself “Why did I run” with no real answer coming and no compassion from his team mates or the opposition. “Buckets” claiming he has never before witnessed such an event. 8 for 59 off 22 overs.

Mick Tarrant  and Tim  Jones steadied the ship, running feverishly until Tim was  trapped lbw. 9 for 77 off 27 overs. Gerry O’Shea recycled and he and Mick put on another six runs before Mick tried to pull the first ball off a new bowler that popped on him to take the top edge to be caught and bowled. All out for 83 in 28 overs.

The VT XI sent their young guns into open against our veteran guns. They were cautious to start against Mick Tarrant who had them play and miss but they still managed a few boundaries early. Joe Scarcella after 10 off his first over, tied them down and in his third over one of the young guns decided to charge him and missed the ball by a country mile as the ball went through to keeper John. His non striker mate called him a “Goose” for such a wayward shot. Listening to his mate, the next shot was a defensive push but no luck as the ball shot along the ground to bowl him for 21. Justice for Joe who took great delight after the game reminding him of his mate’s comment. 1-29 off 6 overs.

“Wes” Hall replaced Mick and struck in his first over with Joe Scarcella  taking a good catch low down at deep mid-on to dismiss the other young gun opener for 21. 2-46 off 11 overs. Then in his second over “Wes” took out their number 3 lbw and number 5 skipper Chris Weller bowled for a duck off 2 balls. 4-47 off 13 overs. With Mick Weaver having come in at number 4, we thought we were a chance of running through them like Epsom salts. Tim Jones replaced Joe and must have had a black cat cross his path as Mick Weaver was dropped three times off his bowling. All difficult chances and Mick Weaver thrived on the banter that ensued.

David Glen replaced Tim Jones and in his first over got the final say in the banter with Mick caught by Ed Cross  for 10 on the fence at cow corner. A very well judged grab off the only ball Mick hit out of the middle of his bat that he thought for certain would have gone for six over the pavilion. Lucky for us we played on the far wicket. However the far wicket suited their number 6, Mitch Sturt who came in and took an instant liking to Ed in his first over (replacing Wes) taking 11 off it and dispatched one ball to the top of a fig tree with the ball landing right next to some spectators at a picnic table. 5-79 off 19 overs and ready for the fat lady to sing. Chris’ brother, Sam Weller came in after Mick Weaver’s dismissal and Mitch Sturt retired on  23 for Glyn to come in and they finished us off in the 22nd over.

The good humoured banter continued at the after game speeches as team shields were exchanged. A fixture that is sure to repeat next season. Chris Weller guaranteed us he will make sure he gets a full team next year. Although we did have extra fun badgering the five fill-in  CCNSW players in his team.

The Team was: – Gerald O’Shea 15*; Karthick Subramanian 12, John Finucane (w) 3, Emmanuel Mouglalis 0, David Glen 0, Ed Cross 22, Peter Rolls (c) 3, Mick Tarrant 17, Sherville Hall 0, Joe Scarcella 0 and Tim Jones 3

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-83 (28.1 Overs)

Lost to

Victor Trumper XI: – 5-84 (21.5 Overs) (S. Hall 3-13)

By 5 wickets

FoWs: – 1-22 (K. Subramanian), 2-29 (J. Finucane), 3-29 (M. Mouglalis), 4-44 (D. Glen), 5-54 (P. Rolls), 6-58 (E. Cross), 7- 58 (S. Hall), 8-59 (J. Scarcella); 9-77 (T. Jones), 10-83 (M. Tarrant).

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 5-0-22-0; J. Scarcella 5-0-19-1; S. Hall 4-0-13-3; T. Jones 4-1-14-0; E. Cross 2-1-11-0; D. Glen 1.5-1-5-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to each of E. Cross and J. Scarcella

Run outs: – Nil


Our final game of the season was played against the ever competitive Beavers CC, who were seeking revenge following their narrow defeat against us a few weeks earlier at the same venue. We lost the toss and were sent in to field, our opposition made a strong start putting on 59 runs before Avi Bhandari broke through with the first wicket. From here we were able to slow down the scoring rate before drinks but still found ourselves in an ominous position with Beavers only 2 down at drinks.

After drinks a change in wicket keeper allowed Rhys Longbottom to bowl and he was simply devastating, bowling full and fast at the stumps he castled three consecutive batters, all bowled out for a C&S Hat trick! This brought us right back into the game.

A flurry of runs in the final two overs boosted Beavers score to a solid 189 from their 40 overs.

As usual CCNSW put on a brilliant spread for tea, possibly one of our best, and as a tradition long may it continue!

The “Tom and Gerry” [Tom Robertson and Gerry O’Shea] show got underway for the final time in the season. They made yet another solid start of 41 before Gerry O’Shea was dismissed. Tom Robertson and Harry Bridge boxed the bowlers around for a bit and kept the scoreboard moving along but just after drinks both batters were dismissed consecutively to bring Sam Millar and Karthick Subramanian to the crease.

Sam was brilliant as he has been all season; he understood the game situation and took his time to accumulate runs, while Karthick scored a rapid 40 from the other end, swinging hard for the fences. Unfortunately, it was a matter of live or die by the sword for Karthick, but he had almost certainly done enough to give us a winning chance.

Rhys Longbottom joined Sam Millar at the crease and proceeded to slam consecutive boundaries, and added to his already excellent day by scoring the winning runs. CCNSW won by 6 wickets with nearly 3 overs in hand.

It was great to finish the season with a thrilling win and hopefully this inspires most of the team to return next season. Thanks to all who contributed!

As it was the last game of the season, the C&S team was also required to perform end of season cleanup activities, the majority of which were done proactively throughout the game, which was great to see and much appreciated.

The Team was (playing 12): – Tom Robertson 40, Gerard O’Shea 9. Harry Bridge 26, Sam Millar 33*, Karthick Subramanian 40, Rhys Longbottom 26*, Avinash Bhandari dnb, Soren Hughes dnb;  Adam Khamis dnb, James Murtha dnb, Henry Davis dnb, Ming Heng dnb, Mike Weaver (w) dnb

The Result was: –

Beavers: 9-189 (40 Overs) (R. Longbottom 4-14)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-191   (37.2 Overs) (T. Robertson 40; K. Subramanian 40)

By 6 wickets

FoWs: – 1-41 (G. O’Shea); 2- 83 (T. Robertson); 3-83 (H. Bridge); 4-134 (K. Subramanian)

The Bowling was: – J. Murtha 5-1-18-2; A. Bhandari 7-1-22-1; M. Heng 3-0-27-0; H. Davis 6-1-38-0; S. Hughes 8-1-34-1; R. Longbottom 7-1-14-4; A. Khamis 4-0-28-1  

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to R. Longbottom (w); one to K. Subramanian

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to R. Longbottom; 2 points to S. Millar; one point to S. Hughes

Scorecard: https://www.playhq.com/cricket-australia/org/city-and-suburban-cricket-association-1903-inc/summer-202324/c-and-s-club-matches/game-centre/39c426a5

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