Annual Reports, Constitution & Finance

The Annual Reports contain the results and scores of every game played by the Club in the relevant season, together with a summary of the C&S, Masters, Classics, Vintage, LMS and Social games played, and the leading batting, bowling and fielding statistics for that season.

25th Anniversary Brochure
75th Anniversary Brochure

1971-2021 – 50 Seasons of CCNSW C&S Cricket


As an Incorporated Association, The Club is obliged by law to have a written Constitution which sets out the rights and duties of Members and how the Club must be run. The Club is managed by a Management Committee consisting of a President, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a number of ordinary Members. They are elected annually at an AGM, which must also approve the Financial Accounts. The Club must also have a “Public Officer”. Details of the persons currently holding these positions may be found on the contacts page.

Record of Minutes of Annual General Meetings