The Brooks – Manning – Moorhouse Shield at Camperdown Park, 9 January 2022

The Brooks – Manning – Moorhouse Shield was introduced for the game between CCNSW C&S and Sydney University Lions on 9 January 2022. Those named on the shield have all contributed heavily to the clubs: Greg Brooks to CCNSW; Rob Manning and Paul Moorhouse to Sydney University Lions.

Early CCNSW records covering the period 1971 (CCNSW entry into C&S) and 1981 do not exist. Club records for the 1980s and 1990s have huge gaps. The first result recorded in CCNSW records is in 1982 but there is no reason to believe this was the first game between the  two Clubs. Further research of Sydney University records is being undertaken but it is likely games have been continuing for over 40 years.

Tim Croft, skipper, and Paul Moorhouse of the Sydney University Lions, and Jim Hadley, skipper, of CCNSW C&S, at Camperdown Park, 9 January 2022

We look forward to future games between the clubs played competitively, but with good sportsmanship and in good spirit. Not to mention the socializing between players after play.