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It has been a sluggish start to the 2024 winter LMS season for CCNSW. With winter and wet weather plotting against us, CCNSW has been struggling to field a regular side in the East Sydney Division 3 league. Hats off to Jamie Murtha for his patience and frequent WhatsApp call outs to assemble a side each week. Round 5 against The Fellowship of the Swing was no different, with 7 players (4 on debut for the Club) found at the last minute – appreciation to Charles Sharpe for securing a side (who btw has played an astonishing 676 LMS matches for 19,609 runs as well as 408 wickets, must be close to a record).  

Let’s set the scene. It’s 9am on a drizzling grey Sunday morning and nudging 7 degrees. Sharpe (appointed honorary CCNSW skipper) won the toss and decided, “we’ll field first”, taking advantage of the sodden ground. The Fellowship of the Swing got off to an economical start applying their own youthful brand of pressure by running plenty of sharp twos, punctuated with the odd boundary and a few maximums. A shift in bowling tactics swiftly stopped the free flow of twos and by midway point the TFOTS openers had established a solid foundation of 0-75 off the first ten overs, scoring at 7.5 per over. This is when the action started. Luke Holman removed both openers Gardner for 47@ a run rate of 188 p hundred balls) and Wendt for 27 @ 96 in his first over, followed by a sharp run out by De Jay leaving Kirkland (5 @ 83) needing a heavy duty dry clean. A classic ‘caught keeper’ Fabbio Loreggain bowled Kieren McEwan got rid of Dempster (24 @ 114). Kumar (14 @ 200) was castled to give Holman his third scalp, and Phillip Anderson got a straight one through the gate of Lills (6@150) to send him home. De Jay clipped a wing and retired hurt attempting a catch off what would have been Holman’s fourth wicket, while a rearguard act put on by Shaukat (22* @169 ) and his partner Etherington (3* @ 75) helped The Fellowship of the Swing to a very defendable 6-156 (7.8 runs per over rate) from 20 overs.   

Time for CCNSW to put the pads on, opening with Sharpe and Loreggian, and they both showed intent with a flurry of early boundaries. The scoring rate was on schedule until Loreggian (14 @run rate of 155 p hundred balls) lost his middle peg in the fifth over, sparking a dramatic collapse with CCNSW losing 4 cheap wickets – Cameron  Allen caught for 5 @ 62), Vyshakh Sunny caught for 2 @ 50), Phil Anderson caught for 4 @.133) and Kieren McEwan lbw for 2 @ 66. 

Watching the carnage unfold seemed to inspire Sharpe who turned into beast mode, dispatching everything short, wide and full for a boundary, with the odd single in between. When the supporting act Holman arrived CCNSW needed 85 from the last 9 overs at over 2 a ball (Ed note NB 5 ball overs). Undeterred by the odds they dutifully went to work, breaking the back of the required run rate by taking advantage of undisciplined bowling.16 from the penultimate over put CCNSW into a winnable position, and the target was reached in the final over. Sharpe blasted one of the all-time great LMS innings (inc. 9 x fours and 3x sixes) scoring at just under 2 p ball for a magnificent 87* @ 197 (Ed note: This was Sharpe’s 196th fifty in LMS cricket to go with his two LMS centuries). Support act Holman chipped in with 39* @ 121, securing a classy victory with 3 balls to spare, from a mostly substitute CCNSW team. 

The Team was: – Charles Sharpe (c) 87* (44 balls faced), Fabbio Loreggian (w) 14 (9 balls faced), Cameron Allen 5 (8 balls faced), Vyshakh Sunny 2 (4 balls faced), Phillip Anderson 4 (4 balls faced), Kieran McEwan 2 (3 balls faced), Luke Holman 39* (32 balls faced), De Jay (injured) dnb

The Result was: –

The Fellowship of the Swing: – 6-156 (L. Holman 3-25) (20 Overs) 

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 5-157 (C. Sharpe 87*; L. Holman 39*) (19.2 Overs)

By 3 wickets

The Bowling was: – V. Sunny 4-0-26-0; P. Anderson 2-0-16-1; C. Sharpe 2-0-12-0; D. Jay 4-0-33-0, C. Allen 2-0-24-0; L. Holman 3-0-25-3; K. McEwan 3-0-12-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to F. Loreggian

Run outs: – One to De Jay

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to C. Sharpe; 2 points to L. Holman; one point to F. Loreggian



It was a cold and wet Sunday, most of the team could hardly believe we got on and  two unfortunately didn’t believe we would so decided not to turn up. In hindsight conditions were initially quite dangerous to play in, but did get better throughout the match.

We won the toss and elected to bat given the depleted side. Jamie Murtha and Declan Thomas made a steady start scoring 40 from the first five over before a mix up saw Declan sacrifice his wicket. Jamie accelerated from here to retire, but was soon required to return to the wicket after a series of dismissals. Jamie and CCNSW legend Jim Hadley built a strong last wicket partnership to boost the total to 146 after the allotted 20 overs.

In defence, Jim opened the bowling and brought about an early wicket bowling the Mozzies’ opener around his legs, the next pair however proved to be a thorn in our side.

Luke Holman took a nice catch at long-off to pick up a wicket for debutant Eric Gould (aged 13), and Jamie trapped one in front lbw, but despite great bowling from the team, the total provided too low to defend with only 6 players in the field.

Hopefully next week we can play a dry game with a full side and bounce back with a win.

The Team was (playing 6): – Declan Thomas (w) 18, James Murtha (c) 85*, Luke Holman 12, Layton Gould, 3  Eric Gould 4, Jim Hadley 11*, Ryan Lynch absent; Avi Bhandari absent

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 4- 146 (20 Overs) 

Lost to

Mozzies: – 3-147 (17.4 Overs)

By 5 wickets

The Bowling was: – J. Hadley 4-0-27-1; Layton Gould 3-0-36-0; Eric Gould 3.4-0-34-1; L. Holman 3-0-28-0; J. Murtha 4-0-18-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to L. Holman

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to J. Murtha; 2 points to Jim Hadley; one point to Luke Holman . 



We won the toss and elected to bat on the sunny Sunday afternoon at Moore Park # 3, which is typically a low scoring ground.

Our opposition made a good start taking early wickets and our batters were unable to form partnerships, a couple made starts but conditions suited bowling. We were restricted to 107 from our 20 overs, which felt like a below par total.

In response, Super SARMS started well with the bat, but some tight overs and wickets at important times ensured that we were able to keep ourselves in the game. Through good bowling and fielding we took the match down to the last over, however the shortage of runs was apparent and we were not able to defend the low total.

We look toward the coming weeks where hopefully we can bounce back and improve our position on the ladder with a win!

The Team was: – Gaurav Runwal 7, James Murtha (c) 22, Luke Homan 11, Scott Williams 28, Mitch Sturt 9 , David Craig (w)16, Daanish Mahmud 0, Tim Jones 11  

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 8- 107 (20 Overs) 

Lost to

Super SARMS: – 2-111 (19 Overs)

By 6 wickets

The Bowling was: – S. Williams 4-0-18-1; J. Murtha 4-0-25-1; G. Runwal 4-1-11-0; M. Sturt 3-0-22-0; T. Jones 2-0-14-0; D. Mahmud 2-0-15-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Nil

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to S. Williams; 2 points to D. Craig; one point to M. Sturt  



CCNSW was off to a slow start against some good bowling from the opposition. Charles Sharpe with 54* from 31 balls provided some good early hitting but after 10 overs CCNSW was only 62; it was  time to accelerate and Wade Butler provided a quick fire 53 from 20 balls.

We set a total of 158 which was par and started well with the ball mainly due to Mitch Sturt’s great spell of 4 overs 0-19.  Charlie Sharpe chipped in with 2 overs for 2 wickets  for 15. Heading into the last 10 overs the opposition needed 94 off 50 balls; than eventually 29 needed off the last 10 balls. We fell agonisingly short but full credit to our opposition. A thoroughly enjoyable game played in great spirit. 

The Team was: – Charles Sharpe 54* ret not out, Joel Uddstrom 22, Andrew Davis 16, Wade Butler (c) & (w) 53* ret not out, De Jay 5, Kieren Purnell 6*, Nicholas Kochanowicz 0* and Mitch Sturt dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 3- 158 (20 Overs) (C. Sharpe 54* ret not out; W. Butler 53* ret not out)

Lost to

Super SARMS: – 3-159 (19.3 Overs)

By 5 wickets

The Bowling was: – N. Kochanowicz 4-0-37-0 ; M. Sturt  4-0-19-0; K. Purnell 3.3-0-29-0; C. Sharpe 2-0-15-2 ; De Jay 4-0-37-1 ; A. Davis 2-0-19-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Two to De Jay

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to W. Butler; 2 points to C. Sharpe; one point to M. Sturt 




The weird and wonderful world of LMS has returned for another winter season, and CCNSW fielded a fresh line-up full of new talent, with youngsters Mitch Sturt, Andrew Davis and Tim Jones all playing for CCNSW in this format for the first time (probably). 

Delegated skipper David Craig won the toss and batted, sending out Weaves (Mike Weaver) and Dee (Andrew Davis) to build a platform. Sadly Weaves was run out before the foundations were poured, and Declan Thomas joined Dee in a steady partnership before Dee was stumped. The most noteworthy dismissal was of top-scorer Declan: faced with a loopy leggie bowling well wide of off stump, Declan took off in the direction of point and creamed a full blooded pull shot in the direction of backward square. Unfortunately, the middle stump was now in a direct line between point of impact and the intended boundary, out bowled. Not so much a chop-on as a full-blooded slog-on! I for one applaud the innovation, if not the elevation involved. In the latter overs Mitch Sturt, Nic Kochanowicz and Luke Holman all hit out, lifting the run rate somewhat, and we posted 5/125.

While our score seemed to be ~30 under par, we gave it a red-hot go defending. Tim Jones and Mitch Sturt took the new rock, and bowled well with Mitch picking up a wicket as the batter pulled weakly to mid-wicket, an easy catch to Dutchy (David Craig). Nick Kochanowicz relieved Tim and almost immediately induced a skied ball which appeared to be perfectly placed between long-on and mid-wicket until Tim Jones, running at full tilt, threw out the right mitt and the ball stuck. Unfortunately, it was a free hit, making this the Greatest Catch that Never Was. Luckily the batter creamed one to Dutchy at deep mid-wicket and was gone soon after. 

Weaves came into the attack and immediately struck a good line and length with his fastish offies, frustrating the new batter until he advanced, swung wildly and was neatly stumped by Declan Thomas. The opposition mounted a decent partnership that looked to be taking them to a comfortable victory, although Weaver, Davis and Luke Holman kept the run rate in check through the middle overs. Eventually the partnership was broken when a lofted drive off Luke Holman was caught by a diving Dutchy at long-off, who then, still on his back, threw to the bowler for the double play (weird LMS rules, look ‘em up). Their opening bat had retired not out for a classy 50*, and with 5 down now we were able to keep numbers 7 and 8 quiet for a while, bowling wide of off stump to avoid taking a wicket. Their tail enders foiled this plan by stepping back and destroying his stumps with an attempted cut-shot, bringing their gun bat back to finish the job. It was left to Weaves to bowl a dramatic last over, and in the end, they needed three off the last ball to win. It was creamed to long-on but burst through the fingertips and over the boundary for a home run last ball victory to Stumped! We put that guy down 4 times in total, and he finished 78* so doing the math – carry one, add 12 – catches do indeed win matches!

Player points could have gone to anyone, as all contributed with bat or ball and in the field.

3 points to Declan Thomas, top score with 36 and a stumping.

2 points to Mitch Sturt, 28 off 22 and a wicket in a tight opening spell

1 point to Andrew Davis for a miserly spell 4-0-17-0 that kept us in the game right to the end.

Shout outs to Mike Weaver for an excellent bowling spell, Luke Holman  and Nic Kochanowicz  who both hit lustily and picked up a wicket. Tim Jones bowled well with the new rock, and David Craig was involved in 5 of the 6 dismissals with three catches, a run out and a wicket. Plenty of entertainment for $20, get on board!

The Team was: – Michael Weaver 4, Andrew Davis 19, Declan Thomas (w) 36, Mitch Sturt 28, Nicholas Kochanowicz 13, Luke Holman 15, Tim Jones 5, David Craig (c) dnb.

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 5-125 (20 Overs)

Lost to

Stumped!: – 6-135 (20 Overs)

By 2 wickets

The Bowling was: – T. Jones 2-0-16-0; A. Davis 4-0-17-0; Luke Holman 3-0-22-1;M. Weaver 4-0-25-1; D. Craig 2-0-18-1; M. Sturt 3-0-12-1; N. Kochanowicz 2-0-21-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to D. Thomas

Catches: – Two to D Craig

Run outs: – One by David Craig

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to D. Thomas; 2 points to M. Sturt; one point to A. Davis




The CCNSW Team was: – Peter Rolls (c) 8, Michael Carman 4, Mike Weaver 47, Frank Baliotis 6, Emmanuel Mouglalis 0, Mel Lucas 0,  David Craig 20, D. Glen 3, John Jackson 19, Tim Jones 21*, Jed Wesley-Smith 3

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-138 (37.4 Overs) (M. Weaver 47)


Raga Invitation XI: – All out 111 (35.4 0vers) (T. Jones 3-20)

By 27 runs

FoWs CCNSW: – 1-9 (P. Rolls); 2-18 (M. Carman); 3-35 (F. Baliotis); 4-36 (E. Mouglalis); 5-41(M. Lucas); 6-70 (D. Craig); 7-76 (D. Glen); 8-113 (J. Wesley-Smith); 9-117(J. Jackson); 10-138 (M. Weaver)

The CCNSW Bowling was: – J. Wesley-Smith 5-0-8-1; D. Glen  5-2-9-2; M. Weaver 5-1-16-0; T. Jones 5-0-20-3; J. Jackson 5-0-25-0; M. Lucas 5-1-5-0; D. Craig 3-0-6-1; P. Rolls 2.4-0-16-0

The CCNSW Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 

Run outs: – Two to P. Rolls


CCNSW lost the toss. Cleveland Seamers chose to bat and CCNSW were in the field. Initially we only had six players but finally got eight. The ground had small boundaries which meant even with a full side this would be a high scoring game and so it proved

 We actually bowled and fielded the best we have for a while but the Cleveland Seamers has some good batters that were in touch and imposed a daunting 1-263. We got off to a steady start with the batting. Mick McGrath teed off and scored a quick fire 53* off  21 balls to get us going.  Will Jacobs joined Paul Marchesi and  both kept the boundaries flowing (Jacobs 50* off 28 balls and Marchesi 52* off 29 balls) but in the end we fell away, ending 74 runs short and 20 runs off a deserving bonus point. but probably still the  best we have played all season. If we maintain this standard, we can still hope for a victory in our last two games 

(Ed note: The decision was later taken to abandon the rest of the season (2 matches) given the difficulties in raising a side and the disparity in standards)

The Team was: – Mick McGrath 53* ret not out (21 balls), Asfand Uppal 4 (9 balls), Ali Abbas 11 (9 balls), Paul Marchesi 52* ret not out (28 balls), Mitchell Anderson 15 (5 balls),, William Jacobs (c) and (w) 50* ret not out (24 balls), Mike Evans 2* (5 balls), Tracy Cook 0 (2 balls),

The Result was: –

Cleveland Seamers 1-263:  (20 Overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-189 (20 Overs) (M. McGrath 53*; P. Marchesi 52*; W. Jacobs 50*)

By 74 runs

The Bowling was: – M. Anderson 4-0-50-0; M. McGrath 3-0-29-0; T. Cook 2-0-40-0; P. Marchesi 3-0-45-0; A. Abbas 3-0-23-0; M. Evans 2-0-33-0; A. Uppal  2-0-29-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to P. Marchesi

Run outs: – Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to M. McGrath; 2 points to W. Jacobs; one point to P. Marchesi



We played out Jack Pace Shield Quarter Final against the top team under blue skies on a warm, sunny Sunday. We won the toss and elected to bat on what looked like a good surface and a fast outfield..

Few of the batters managed to get going against a decent opposition bowling attack. Tom Robertson with a four over cover off his first ball, top scored with 32 and others such as Soren Hughes, Ezekiel Hughes and Mick McGrath chipped in to lift our score to 167, a below par score, but runs on the board meant we felt like we had a chance!

The opposition started strong with the bat, before a brilliant catch from Henry Davis (possibly best of the season) diving forward and to his left removed the opener. Avi Bhandari picked up the other opener with yet another brilliant catch; this time Ezekiel Hughes at long on took a towering bomb just inside the boundary.

Soren Hughes bagged one caught by Roman Hughes at deep cover, and while they were ahead of the run rate, we felt in the game. Roman then picked up a wicket thanks to a sharp catch at short cover taken by Jamie Murtha, and then Henry Davis with his leg spin  picked up a wicket of his own,  the batter picking out Avi Bhandari at mid-wicket. Our opposition was five down for 99 in the 20th over, at this point, needing 68 off the final  fifteen overs. (Ed note: By contrast CCNSW had been 5-99 in the 22nd over) However that is where the wickets down remained for the rest of their innings. Opposition captain Joe Clarke played a brilliant knock of 82* to secure his team’s victory and a place in the semi final with 4.2 overs to spare.

We have had a season of mixed results to date. However it was a privilege to make the quarter finals of the Jack Pace and hopefully next season we can go one or even two games better!

The Team was: – Tom Robertson 32, Rhys Longbottom (w) 8, Jamie Murtha (c) 3, Mick McGrath 22, Sam Millar 5 , Ezekiel  Hughes 26, Roman Hughes (w) 16,  Soren Hughes 30, Henry Davis 4, Avinash Bhandari 10*, Adam Khamis 5

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-167 (33.2 Overs) (T. Robertson 32)

Lost to

Old Aloysians: – 5-168 (30.4 Overs)

By 5 wickets

FoWs: – 1-24 (R. Longbottom); 2-45 (J. Murtha); 3-45 (T. Robertson); 4-52 (S. Millar); 5-98 (M. McGrath); 6-104 (R. Hughes); 7-148 (S. Hughes); 8-154 (H. Davis); 9-156 (E. Hughes) 10-167 (A. Khamis)

The Bowling was: – A. Bhandari 6.4-1-22-1; M. McGrath 6-0-40-1; Soren Hughes 3-0-21-1; H. Davis 4-1-21-1; Roman Hughes 3-0-16-1; A. Khamis 1-0-1-0; J. Murtha 2-0-11-0; R. Longbottom 5-1-23-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to each of A. Bhandari, H. Davis, J. Murtha, Roman Hughes and Soren Hughes

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to A. Bhandari; 2 points to Soren Hughes; one point to Roman Hughes



Strathfield, Strathfield, Strathfield. Known for their car radios and near flawless Masters cricket record. With only one loss in their Masters history, it was going to be a tough ask but the team was up for the challenge. 

Lieutenant Dan Turner won the toss and decided to set the pace by batting first.  Mike ‘basket’ Weaver showed great technique and shot selection early on with some trademark pull shots whilst the other opener, Scott Williams copped a ball no one wants first up, with his off stump clipped for a golden. Dan the man  Turner looked to take on the bowling before edging one to the keeper. 

From overs eight to twenty we looked like contenders. ‘Weaves’ notched up his 40 before Paul Nash and Jason Kenn set about their work hitting a number of authoritative boundaries. We were 2 for 89 at drinks and had a good platform to launch from. 

After drinks Nash’s stumps were disturbed by a nice off cutter and after plundering another six, Kenn fell to a cunning arm ball from current over 40s Australian spinner Ryan Snape. 

Scott Wells, Andrew Dadswell and Ash Perrott all threatened to damage the bowling but couldn’t turn their starts into quick fire 40s against some quality bowling. 

We ended up 9 for 171 and despite it being our best half way scenario against Strathfield in recent memory, it felt about 80 short of the 250 we were hoping for. 

With a top order boasting three current Australian over 40s reps about to head to the World Cup in South Africa we needed early scalps. The batting was just too good. Balls that were slightly short were pulled away to the boundary and any width was punished. The margin for error has never been so minuscule. 

Both openers retired. It was the introduction of Jason Kenn with the ball that saw us get our one and only wicket, rounding out his all round game. 

Strathfield chased our 171 with ease, getting it in the 19th over to secure maximum bonus points. 

Despite the thrashing we copped, it was great to share some beers after the game. 

Video highlights here:

The Team was (playing 12): – Mike Weaver 41* ret not out, Scott Williams 0, Dan Turner (c) 7, Paul Nash 35, Jason Kenn 31, Scott Wells (w) 20, Andrew Dadswell 15, Ash Perrott 10, Matt Johnston 2*, Mike Tarrant 1*, David Craig dnb, Ben Stanic dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-171 (40 Overs) (M. Weaver 41* ret not out)

Lost to

Strathfield CC: – 1-172 (18.5 Overs)

By 9 wickets

FoWs: – 1-6 (S. Williams); 2-30 (D. Turner); 3-114 (J. Kenn); 4-126 (P. Nash); 5-151 (A. Dadswell); 6-167 (A. Perrott); 7-170 (S. Wells).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 4-0-23-0; M. Tarrant 2-0-15-0; M. Johnston 2-0-33-0; S. Williams 2-0-27-0; D. Craig 2-0-24-0; A. Dadswell 3.4-0-21-0; J. Kenn  3-0-21-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Nil

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to M. Weaver; 2 points to P. Nash; one point to J. Kenn




This was probably our worst ever defeat in terms of runs in the LMS.  Our bowling especially at the end, was poor. They batted well to smash us to all parts and losing only one wicket in scoring 235

Then we crumbled with bat with only Mick McGrath making double figures, to get beaten by almost 200 runs. Very disappointing. With three games to go, hopefully we can at least see out a very hard season.

The Team was (playing 7): –  Mick McGrath 17, Jonathan Seifman 0, Daanish Mahmud 11, Farjud Mahmud 1, Mike Evans 4, William Jacobs (c) and (w) 0, Ben Digan 4

The Result was: –

One More Beer: 1-235 (20 Overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: –  All out 38 (8.2 Overs) 

By 197 runs

The Bowling was: – D. Mahmud 4-0-28-0; F. Mahmud 4-0-30-1; M. McGrath 4-0-29-0; J. Seifman 4-0-64-0; M. Evans 2-0-37-0; B. Digan 2-0-45-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – one to W. Jacobs (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to D. Mahmud; 2 points to M. McGrath; one point to W. Jacobs



A mid-week change meant that our fixture against Hunters Hill became a home game, cheered by all who think cricket should be played on a ground with boundaries that are in the same postcode as the pitch. Several of our intrepid tourists had also returned to the side hungry to play, having spent the week making a valiant effort to drink the Barossa Valley dry while getting to see what Adelaide looks like when it rains. Unlucky fellas.

Skipper Jamie Murtha won the toss and elected to bat. Tom Robertson and Mike Pinter put on a cracking 68 run opening partnership in 11 overs, all without looking like they would barbecue each other once! They laid a solid foundation for what could become a very imposing total. Tom was eventually out lbw on 45, bringing Jamie Murtha to the crease to continue our excellent start. Jamie and Pinter batted well together and ran very well between the wickets. When Pinter was bowled for 33 at drinks, we were 2-108 after 20 overs and some were (wildly) speculating 300 could be on the cards. Paul Nash joined Jamie Murtha at the crease after drinks and made a fluent 21 runs, mostly consisting of boundaries, before being trapped lbw. Rhys Longbottom got off to the best of starts, a four off his first ball, but unfortunately didn’t take the time to settle and had his stumps uprooted 3 balls later. Ezekiel Hughes formed a productive partnership with Jamie, keeping the score ticking along nicely as we passed 150 in the 26th over, a more realistic total of 250 now firmly in our sights. That was before Jamie was given out lbw by a vengeful Tom Robertson after middling the ball into his pads. The opposition sportingly called Jamie back to the crease but his concentration was broken. He was caught shortly afterwards for a fine 48, having played right into the fielding trap.  Roman Hughes, with dad Soren and Henry Davis finished off our innings with solid cameos as we made 240 runs off our 40 overs. A superb innings with lots of fine individual contributions.

Despite having plenty of runs to play with, CCNSW were determined to get the job done quickly and notch up a big win – also because we were keen to watch the exciting end to the West Indies  Test match. Our opening bowlers Andrew Davis and Roman Hughes were on the spot from ball one. They gave the opposition very little and were supremely accurate. In fact, Roman gave them absolutely nothing, finishing the innings with the incredible figures of 4-4-0-1! The squeeze upped the pressure and required run rate, bringing wickets including a sharp run out from Tom Robertson. The first bowling changes brought the leg spinning trio into the game – David (“Dutchie”) Craig, Henry Davis and Adam Khamis proving that you can never have too many leggies in the one team. Despite Henry and ‘Dutchie’ bowling well and keeping the pressure on, unfortunately not one of these extremely deserving bowlers managed to take a wicket. A sad day to be sure, with flags lowered to half-mast at Leg Spin HQ. While Hunters Hill was still well behind the run rate, a partnership had formed and was looking like a solid base for a potential post-drinks explosion. That was before Paul Nash broke through a few overs before drinks, ending a 50 partnership with a catch taken by Ezekiel Hughes. Paul removed the other set batsman not long after drinks to finish off a good spell. Having given the keeping pads over to Roman Hughes at drinks, Rhys Longbottom came on for a few overs of menacing pace bowling while at the other end, Tom Robertson got a bowl – a rare sight indeed. Eventually Ezekiel Hughes was brought into the attack and he backed up his solid first innings knock with a great spell with the ball. His 4-24 off 5 overs (all wickets were bowled) was a master class in how to blow away the middle and lower order. Another run out, this time to Soren Hughes, late in the innings and Hunters Hill finished their 40 overs 9-156, handing CCNSW victory by 84 runs. Job well done lads – and just in time to huddle around our phones and watch the final 2 wickets of the West Indies’ historic victory in Brisbane.

The Team was (playing 12): – Tom Robertson 45, Mike Pinter 33, James Murtha 48, Paul Nash 21, Rhys Longbottom (w) 4, Ezekiel Hughes 30, Roman Hughes (w) 20*, Soren Hughes 7*, Andrew Davis 15, David Craig dnb, Adam Khamis dnb Henry Davis dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-240   (40 Overs) (J. Murtha 48; T. Robertson 45)


Hunters Hill: – 9-156 (40 Overs) (Ezekiel Hughes 4-24)

By 84 runs

FoWs: – 1-68 (T. Robertson), 2- 107 (M. Pinter), 3-147 (P. Nash), 4-151 (R. Longbottom), 5-171 (J. Murtha), 6- 202 (Ezekiel Hughes), 7-214 (Soren Hughes)

The Bowling was: – A. Davis 6-1-18-0; Roman Hughes 4-4-0-1; A. Khamis 3-0-22-0; D. Craig 6-0-20-0, H. Davis 7-1-20-0;  R. Longbottom 3-0-14-0; P. Nash 4-1-11-2; Ezekiel Hughes 5-1-24-4; T. Robertson 2-0-16-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – one to A. Davis and one to Ezekiel Hughes

Run outs: – Two: – one to S. Hughes and one to T. Robertson

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to Ezekiel Hughes; 2 points to P. Nash; one point to T. Robertson)



CCNSW won the toss and chose to bat at the picturesque Bexley Oval.

Gerry O’Shea and John Finucane got us off to a good start, adding an untroubled 36 in the first 10 overs. Georges River’s first bowling change slowed the scoring rate and first Gerry and then John fell to the new bowler Karpin, bringing Peter Rolls and Greg Brooks to the crease. Brooksie fell for 6 trying to break the shackles and the innings then stalled with only 3-24 added in the second 10 overs. Mick McCormick joined Peter Rolls and runs remained difficult to come by with only another 24 added to leave us at 84 after 30 overs. Mick McCormick, Garry James and Emmanuel Mouglalis fell quickly trying to bring some urgency to the innings and with Rolls retiring at 30*. Frank Baliotis and Sittampalan Ragavan (“Raga”) finally found some traction adding a much needed 40 runs in the last 6 overs for a final total of 6-144.

Skipper Stuart Ridge along with Paul Georgiadis took the new ball and things started well with Paul working his customary magic for a first ball breakthrough and Stuart picking up the other opener next over. New bat Adamson then counterattacked reaching his 30* out of a total of 40 in the 9th over with a couple of cracking shots off Ridge. However at 2-40 off 10 things were still evenly poised and our reliable bowling unit began to apply some pressure and chip away at the middle order. Raga, Garry James and Greg Brooks kept things tight but crucially two more Georges River batters were able to reach retirement giving them a buffer at the end of the innings. Mick McCormick and Joe Scarcella then picked up a couple of wickets each as the scoreboard pressure began to tell.

With 25 needed off the last 6 overs and 2 wickets in hand, the hard hitting Adamson returned to the crease and Ridge came back to try and close things out. Despite winning twice from similar situations this year it was not to be;, Adamson continuing where he left off with a flurry of boundaries to complete his 50 and prove the difference between the teams in an otherwise close fought game.

The Team was (playing 12): – Gerard O’Shea 19, John Finucane (w) 20, Peter Rolls 30*, Greg Brooks 6, Mick McCormick 20 Garry James 1, Emanuel Mouglalis 6, Frank Baliotis 19*, Sittampalam Ragavan 19*, Joseph Scarcella dnb, Stuart Ridge (c) dnb, Paul Georgiadis dnb.  

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 6-144   (40 Overs) (P. Rolls 30*)

Lost to

Georges River: – 7-147 (37 Overs) ()

By 3 wickets

FoWs: – 1-38 J. Finucane, 2-39 G. O’Shea, 3-49 G. Brooks, 4-82 M. McCormick, 5-83 G. James, 6-97 E. Mouglalis

The Bowling was: – G. Brooks 7-0-21-0; P. Georgiadis 2-0-13-1; G. James 7-0-23-2; M. McCormick 4-0-12-2; S. Ragavan 6-0-15-0; S. Ridge 7-0-39-1; J. Scarcella 6-0-22-2

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – two to J. Finucane (w) and one each to G. Brook and M. McCormick

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to P. Rolls; 2 points to M. McCormick; one point to J. Finucane




Cancelled by rain


On what was probably the hottest day of the season so far with temperatures reaching the upper 30Cs, Sam MiIllar, who had taken over the captaincy for the day in the absence of both the captain and v/c in Adelaide, won the toss and decided to bat on a dry Camperdown wicket which had recovered from the previous Wednesday’s heavy rain but had been used by Sydney University Grade the day before.

Last season’s game had been extremely tense and competitive as we had won by one wicket in the final over courtesy of a dropped boundary catch that had gone for six. Unfortunately that match had been marred by over aggressive verbals between the 2 sides both dissatisfied with the decisions of the player umpires. This season a complete contrast. Both teams behave admirably; no verbals, no dissent with the umpires but in no way a competitive game as we lost by 10 wickets.

We were lacking five of our regular C&S players in Adelaide (Hughes x 3, Jamie Murtha and Tom Robertson) and a number of others were unavailable. In their place a number of Masters over 40s and Vintage over 60s helped out plus a couple of debutants. Neither our Masters nor Vintage had a game this Sunday By contrast the Nondescripts appeared to have obtained a number of Saturday Grade/Shires players. The gap in class was large, – indeed too large for us to be properly competitive.

For the second week in a row we opened with a pair of older batters, Peter Rolls and Michael Carman(replacing the previous week’s reliable Gerry O’Shea and Emanuel Mouglalis). Their aggregate agesagain exceeded 120 yrs and for the second week in a row the opening pair put on an unhurried opening partnership, this time of 42 in ten overs. Then 3 wickets fell in the 11th over and another 2 in the 12thwithout the score moving! The sixth wicket pair of Sam Millar and schoolboy debutant Tom Kellingsworthput on 46 runs in the next 19 overs but could not get their spinners away to leave us at 7-92 in the 29thover. A defiant 12* from Henry Davis took us over the 100 mark but our total of 9-111 was difficult to defend as very quickly became obvious.

The gap in class and age became apparent as the Nondescript openers cruised to victory in less than 13 overs with a display of almost chanceless, powerful aggressive batting. Our bowlers did not bowl particularly badly but would rarely come up against such class of batting in C&S cricket. Both openers reached their half centuries before the end.

The Team was: –  Peter Rolls 19, Michael Carman 19, Ming Heng 0, Andrew Dadswell 0, Sam Millar (c)28, Kieren Purnell 0, Tom Kellingsworth 19, David Abreu 6, Nathaniel Breen 2, Henry Davis 12*, Adam Khamis 0*

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-111 (35 Overs) (S. Millar 28)

Lost to

Nondescripts: – 0-112 (12.2 Overs)

By ten wickets

FoWs: – 1-42 Rolls, 2-42 (M. Heng), 3-42 (A. Dadswell), 4-42 (M, Carman), 5-42 (K. Purnell), 6-88 (S. Millar), 7-92 (T. Killingsworth), 8-97 (D. Abreu) 9-105 (N. Breen)

The Bowling was: – D. Abreu 4-0-16-0; H. Davis 4-0-41-0; N. Breen 2-0-28-0; A. Khamis 2-0-15-0; M. Heng 1.2-0.9-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Nil

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to P. Rolls; 2 points to M. Carman; one point to D. Abreu



The Toss was won by Lindfield who elected to bat

Early indications from the heat warnings provided suggested it was going to be an absolute stinker, and yes it was, with the temperature hovering around the 37Cº mark for most of the day.

Our first challenge however was simply fielding a team, with a significant number of the regular suspects unavailable due to a number of other significant matches being played including the Over 55s State Championships in Wagga, the CCNSW Tour to Adelaide and a C&S Match also being played. Fortunately however after exhausting the database of those eligible, we managed to field 11. Special thanks to Emmanuel Mouglalis for changing his plans and literally diverting in transit from Camperdown to Lindfield to help us out.

Lindfield won the toss and elected to bat. Without five of our regular bowlers Scott Wells had to be creative, so he opened the bowling with David Kent (6-0-21-0) and Greg Brooks (The Prez) (9-1-30-1).  (Ed note: David Kent used to play senior Grade Shires for Lindfield as a fast bowler…. c 30 years ago!)

It was a tidy start from the new opening bowling combination getting to the eighth over before The Prezstruck with a plumb lbw (Score: 1-24).  

Then soon after the fall of the first wicket Wells replaced Dave Kent with Joe Scarcella (Joe) (8-1-22-2) who immediately threatened both batters and continued to apply the pressure with The Prez.

At the first of two drinks breaks (scheduled for the end of the 13th and 26th overs due to the heat) Lindfield were 1-45. The Prez would take home no more scalps for the day; however he did bowl nine consecutive overs with the very tidy figures of 1-30.

The pressure was constantly being applied by all in the field and their opener Mark Wilson was lucky to survive (running from the non-strikers end) for a quick single that was pushed to cover, swooped upon by Mike Pinter (Punter) and rocketed back over the bails to Andrew Dawson (Dawso); however Wilson was adjudged to have made his ground. (Errr … also adjudged “lucky” to be there by David Glen fielding at point).

Scarcella bowled a magnificent double wicket maiden in his fifth over with a wonderful low catch taken just forward of square leg gobbled up by Craig Kitson (Kitso), followed up by a well adjudged lbw to have them at 3-53 at the end of the 17th Over.

Constant pressure was being applied in the field and in particular the boundary riding by Dave Glen was second to none, with at least 10 to 15 runs saved together with pinpoint throws over the stumps from the boundary.

Although it looked furry at the start of the game, the wicket was playing pretty true, so it was challenging for the bowlers to get wickets.  Around the 22nd over their opening batsman Wilson retired 32*; he hadbatted well in tough conditions.  

Kitson (8-0-22-2) came on to replace The Prez and it wasn’t long before he nabbed his first victim from a miss-timed lofted drive from Taylor that fizzed and was comfortably taken by Punter at cover (Score: 4-74 after 24 overs).

Mitch Sturt bludgeoned our attack to retire 30*. in quick time as well as one of their ‘underage’ (i.e. 49 year old) players Flanagan with a run a ball 32*. (Ed note: The Playing Conditions provide that so long as aplayer turns 50 by 1 April next he is eligible to play during the whole of the preceding season). Paul Nash (Nashy) (5-0-32-0) and Luke Holman (3-0-18-0) were subject to some of the hefty blows.  Then in the 38th over Kitson struck again when Peter Harrison attempted to sweep one behind square, only to fall to another great catch by “The Albatross” David Kent (Score: 5-147).  Their innings finished about 30 to 40 runs below par at 5-155.

Our innings didn’t start as we would have liked as Punter, attempting to leave an off cutter from Taylor on the fourth ball of the opening over, somehow managed to feather one which was easily taken by their keeper (Score 1-0).

In strode our top run scorer for the season in Nash to join David Glen.  Nash got straight to work working the first couple of deliveries behind square for consecutive twos.  Both Nash and Glen worked the ball around the field extremely well and took advantage of any and every run on offer.  By the drinks break (at 13 overs) we were 1-54 and ahead of the run rate required.  Note: This was important as the temperature was hovering on 37Cº and we needed to be ahead on the net run rate in case the game was called off.(Ed Note: Playing Conditions provide play shall be suspended if temperature exceeds 38Cº but may be resumed once temperature drops to 38C with time added on for time lost)

Nash retired around the drinks break for a very well made 31*; in particular he punished anything short with two magnificent sixes smashed over deep midwicket.  Dawson then joined Glen to continue ticking the scoreboard over, moving with classical cricket strokes being played all around the wicket the score along to 1-94 by the 20th over.  Neither of the batters seemed troubled in any way with the bowling and constant changes in the bowlers did little to change the trajectory of the game.   Glen retired soon after on a very well made 32* on his debut for the Classics – well done on a great game in the field then with the bat!

Kitson then joined Dawson who was also approaching a retirement.  Kitson did what he does best and quickly accumulated runs, in another great partnership.  Then Dawson was unfortunate to have been caught and bowled for 29 by a magnificent low catch by Flanagan that nearly landed on the pitch.  It was that close that Joe Scarcella mimicked a quote from the great Kerry O’Keefe when he said “Only Bob Marley could find grass in that.” (Note: This was after Virat Kholi was caught low down for 123 by Peter Handscomb in the slips off Pat Cummins in the second test of the 2018-19 Test Series at Optus Stadium).

Kitson showed us that it is important to put the bad ball away, and no shots were more graceful than his rocking back and pulling a short ball behind square to the boundary just before he too retired on a very well made 30*

David Kent (13*) and The Prez (8*) then finished things off for us with the victory coming in the 30th Over.

Thanks for the hospitality from the Lindfield Team and we wish you all the best for the rest of the season.  Thanks also to David Glen, David Kent, Joe Scarcella, Luke Holman and Emmanuel Mouglalis for putting your hands up to help out this game, and it was great to get back into the winners circle!

The Team was– Mike Pinter 0, David Glen 32* ret not out, Paul Nash 31* ret not out, Andrew Dawson(w) 29, Craig Kitson 30* ret not out, David Kent 13*, Greg Brooks 8*, Scott Wells (c) dnb, Joe Scarcelladnb, Luke Holman dnb, Emmanuel  Mouglalis

The Result was: –

Lindfield CC: – 5-155 (40 Overs) 

Lost to 

C.C.N.S.W.: – 2-156 (29.2 Overs) (D. Glen 32*; P. Nash 31*; C. Kitson 30*)

By 8 wickets

FoWs: – 1-0 (M. Pinter); 2-131 (A. Dawson)

The Bowling was: – G. Brooks 9-1-30-1; D. Kent 6-0-21-0; J. Scarcella 8-1-22-2; C. Kitson 8-0-22-2 ; P. Nash 5-0-32-0; L. Holman 3-0-18-0, S. Wells 1-0-4-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to each of D. Kent, C. Kitson and M. Pinter

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to P Nash; 2 points to C. Kitson; one point to D. Glen




CCNSW bowled and fielded really well against a good team and held its own. We had a full side but with  four debutants in Tracey Cook, Mike Evans, Paul Marchesi and Marcus Pellegrini. While all contributed, the standout was Paul Marchesi with a complete tour de force with most runs (39), most wickets with 4 and also filling in as keeper with a stumping!  (Ed note: while on debut for CCNSW, Paul Marchesi is a very experienced  (465 game) LMS all rounder with over 14,000 runs at an average of over 70 at a strike rate just under 200 and  with 264 wickets; also 141 catches and 122 stumpings; hopefully he can be persuaded to play for us again!)

 However our batting overall was again disappointing as the Cleveland  Seamers’ total of 7-161 was a very gettable score but we ended up 53 runs short .

 Still 4 games to go and hopefully a win is not too far off if we continue to get a full side. 

The Team was: – Steven Sheakey 11, Rod Stone 6, Marcus Pellegrini 24*, Paul Marchesi (w) 39, Nicholas Kochanowicz 13, Mike Evans 14*, Tracy Cook dnb and Will Jacobs (c) and (w) dnb 

The Result was: –

Cleveland Seamers: – 7-161 (20 Overs) (P. Marchesi 4-19)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-108 (20 overs) (P. Marchesi 39)

By 53 runs

The Bowling was: – M. Pellegrini 3-0-22-1; N. Kochanowicz 3-0-28-1; R. Shone 2-0-17-0; P. Marchesi 4-0-19-4; T. Cook 3-0-31-0; M. Evans 2-0-21-1; S. Sheakey 3-0-14-0.

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to W. Jacobs and one to P. Marchesi

Catches: – One to W. Jacobs (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to P. Marchesi; 2 points to W. Jacobs; one point to N. Kochanowicz.



Our annual fixture against I Zingari (Australia) was played under beautiful blue skies on a warm day. We won the toss and elected to bat on a good looking batting surface. With a large number of our more regular C&S players unavailable, we relied heavily on the assistance of  four occasional players without whom we would have struggled to raise a full side (Ed Note: Their contribution is not so much recorded in runs and wickets but rather their willingness to help the Club out at short notice)

One of our more elderly opening CCNSW pairs in the C&S, 62 yr old Gerry O’Shea and 61 yr old Emmanuel  Mouglalis  made a good start seeing off a solid pair of opening bowlers, before Gerry hobbled off, ret hurt with a foot injury. Emmanuel fell soon after adjudged lbw. Henry Davis copped a good ball that spun into him quite sharply which found us in a tough position at 2-38 (effectively 3-38).

Scott Wells and Jamie Murtha tried to lay a platform for some aggressive batting towards the tail end of the innings. In their 90+ run partnership the pair worked hard against tight bowling and cashed in on the rare loose ball. Jamie was dismissed caught and bowled trying to lift the tempo, but Scott who was supported at the end by Declan Thomas and Luke Holman, played a brilliant innings. He seemed all but certain to score his second ever  century for the club (Ed Note: his first and so far only century for CCNSW was 109* vs XL Club, 2009-10), but with just 4 balls remaining in the final over, hit the ball down deep-midwicket’s throat,  a couple of meters in from the boundary. Still, his performance was worthy of generous applause from the team. After 40 overs we were 6-199

Aiming to defend our 199, we did not get off to the start we had hoped for. Strike bowler Shane Peterson pulled up with a groin injury fielding a ball down at find leg in the second over and was unable to continue bowling. On debut in the C&S, Mike Evans replaced Peterson but had a somewhat tough  initiation with 6 no-balls in a nervous first over and after three overs the opposition found themselves on 0-48!

Ming Heng found his rhythm and picked up a crucial first wicket to give us a sniff. Henry Davis and Adam Khamis operated from either end with their leggies. Adam bowled a beauty to pick up a wicket and Henry continued his wicket taking ways despite the attacking nature of our opposition. A sharp stumping from Declan Thomas was a real highlight in the field.

Unfortunately with injuries and many key players unavailable for this game, IZA was able to make light work of the total chasing it down with 9 overs to spare. Hopefully we can put in a strong performance against Nondescripts next week and get back to our winning ways! (Ed Note: 5 of our leading C&S players (In terms of C&S games played,) will be in Adelaide next week and again we will need to rely heavily on the assistance of occasional players whose help is always greatly appreciated!)

The Team was (playing 12): – Gerard O’Shea 16* ret hurt; Emanuel Mouglalis 13, Scott Wells 97, Henry Davis 0, James Murtha (c) 35, Nic Waterdam 0, Declan Thomas (w) 23, Luke Holman 11*, Ming Heng 1*, Adam Khamis dnb, Shane Peterson dnb, Mike Evans dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 6 -199   (40 Overs) (S. Wells 97)

Lost to

I Zingari (Australia): – 5-201 (31 Overs) (H. Davis 3-50)

By 5 wickets

FoWs: – 1-35 (E. Mouglalis); 2-36 (H. Davis); 3-123 (J. Murtha); 4-133 (N. Waterdam); 5-176 (D. Thomas); 6-195 (S. Wells)

The Bowling was: – S. Peterson 1-0-4-0; M. Heng 7-0-34-1; M. Evans 1-0-28-0; A. Khamis 8-0-36-1; H. Davis 8-0-50-3; J. Murtha 6-0-39-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to D. Thomas

Catches: – One to E. Mouglalis

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to S. Wells; 2 points to H. Davis; one point to D. Thomas



Always a challenge taking on the Sri Lankan national side aka Auburn Masters away from home at a place called “West Hoxton” – remember to ‘stop, revive, survive’ every two hours please. Doubly difficult in weather conditions that were alternately hot and humid, cool and breezy, and raining. The deck looked pretty hard and flat at the start of the day, and skipper Dan Turner elected to bat first (fair enough I say).

We sent out a couple off hard hitting lefties to start proceedings, Jason Kenn joined by late inclusion Tom Robertson, fresh off the plane from Japan (must be nice to have a bit ‘o bunce eh Tom?). While Tom survived a couple of early lbw shouts from the sole Auburn seamer (clearly missing leg from our vantage point 500 metres away at cow corner), Jason was not so fortunate against the offie, triggered third ball for a duck with no relief from DRS. Paul Nash and Tom batted sensibly, lifting the total to 59 in the 15th before Nash (25) missed a straight one. Dan Turner strode out to the wicket (no mean feat given the distance involved) to take on the all-finger-spin attack with Tom, and then Soren Hughes after Tom retired 40*.

A rain delay after the drinks break produced the comical sight of Matt Johnston, in batting pads, running the quarter mile with the hessian on his back while shouting “put the hessian on”. By then the canvas was down, and nobody was interested in Matt’s input despite his considerable efforts. 

The rain eventually stopped (more or less) and play resumed, with both the ball and the pitch quickly getting moister than an under-cooked mud cake (thought I was going with a different analogy there, didn’t you?!). Turner top edged a catch bringing Scott Wells to the crease with Soren (38), and another productive partnership pushed the score along to 130-odd when Wells twinged a quad and retired hurt. The “Auburn squeeze” had restricted the run rate to around 4 rpo throughout the innings, and with the spinners darting it in full and at the stumps, the bottom half of the order struggled to accelerate the scoring (or survive more than a few balls to be honest). A clatter of wickets ensued from 3-138 to 9-163 (from memory all 6 wickets could be described as “swung wildly across the line to the spinner and was bowled/lbw/stumped’). Tom Robertson (46*) and Scott Wells (25*) returned (with Soren running for Scott, what could possibly go wrong?) to lift us up to a respectable 9-169. 

There was another minor controversy when Auburn requested a dry replacement ball, but egged on by a few of us, Dan was having none of it (balls don’t get changed just for being wet do they?). A little later I think the umpire deemed the soggy pill “unplayable” and they got a replacement. I’m not saying there were any parallels to the last Ashes Test at the Oval, but 6 wickets fell pretty quickly after that, just saying.

Auburn commenced their innings under ominous grey skies, and sure enough it started to rain in the 4th over. “Bad time to get out now” chirped Jason in the slips as the rain got heavier, and sure enough the next ball from Mick Tarrant was lofted to Tom at mid-on, 1-15 and off we went as it bucketed down. More play was looking unlikely and a few of us were in shorts and about to drive home when a break in the rain and an overly enthusiastic home team convinced the umpire to play on. (It was pretty funny watching them all drag the covers with the odd metric ton of water on them to the outfield!). A reduced target of 145 in 34 overs was set.

We were always going to be up against it with a strong opposition batting line-up and the old-fashioned “run rate” method favouring the side batting second, but Jason Kenn struck first ball, knocking back off stump to make it 2-23 and game on. Tragically, the reserve keeper spilled a catch later in the same over (who was that ham-fisted old bloke with the gloves?) and they started to get on top of the run-rate after that. (On a side note, do Councils have access to surveyors or architects or generally competent tradies? Why build a sight-screen that is wide enough to cover 20 pitches, but only tall enough to be useful if the bowler is under 120cm tall? (Ed Note for us oldies: 120 cm is approx 4 feet 10 inches)

Soren Hughes relieved Tarrant and after almost immediately being struck for 6 with an audacious scoop-pull, got revenge by knocking over the pegs next ball (3-61 in the 14th). They managed to preserve wickets and keep the scoreboard ticking and were well on top at 3-99 when drinks were taken. 

The wily leg-spin of David Craig produced a catch soon after the break, but although Dan ‘wrung’ (wrang? wrought?) the bowling changes, they progressed inexorably to victory, 4 down and with 28 balls to spare. 

One interesting feature of the day was the contrast in bowling attacks – Auburn bowled 5 finger-spinners and one seamer, we bowled 8 seamers and one wrist spinner! There were sandwiches and beers and some pretty decent banter, and we got a game in in challenging conditions so (*cough* I hate losing!) all in all not a bad day.

The Team was (playing 12): – Tom Robertson 46*, Jason Kenn 0, Paul Nash 25, Dan Turner (c) 13, Soren Hughes 38, Scott Wells (w) 25*, Jose Poothokaren, 1 Matthew Johnston 2, Michael Tarrant 4, David Craig 1, David Abreu 0, Ben Stanic dnb 

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-169 (40 Overs) (T. Robertson 46*)

Lost to 

Auburn: – 4-145 (29.2 Overs) (rain)

On run rate (CCNSW 4.198 rpo vs Auburn 4.944 rpo)

FoWs: – 1-4 (J. Kenn); 2-59 (P. Nash); 3-93 (D. Turner); 4-138 (J. Poothokaren); 5-148 (M. Johnston); 6-152 (M. Tarrant); 7-158 (D. Craig); 8-161 (S. Hughes); 9-163 (D. Abreu).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 3-0-16-0; M. Tarrant 6.2-1-23-1; J. Kenn 4-0-19-1; S. Hughes 3-0-23-1; J. Poothokaren 1-0-9-0, M. Johnston 5-0-19-0, D. Turner 1-0-3-0, D. Craig 4-0-18-1, D. Abreu  2-0-13-0 

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – one to T. Robertson and one to D. Turner

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to T. Robertson; 2 points to J. Kenn; one point to S. Hughes



Plenty to weigh up on a cloudy day at Camperdown against a strong Southern Highlands side – recent high scoring games at Camperdown and a strong track record of 5 games won defending totals, but a green looking new wicket and potential for rain delays in the weather forecast. The skipper won the toss and, giving more weight to the former, decided to bat.

Peter Rolls and John Finucane started watchfully against a tight attack picking off the odd boundary to reach 20 without loss after 8 overs with little indication of the drama to come. Peter was then smartly stumped down the leg side to trigger a monumental collapse of 6-7 in the next 4 overs including 5 wickets in 9 balls, 4 bowled.  Good bowling in favourable conditions but probably fair to say some poor defensive application on our part.

Further immediate embarrassment was then prevented by the early arrival of a heavy shower. It was touch and go whether we would get back on but the outfield drained well and a big effort from President Greg Brooks with the super-sopper meant we could resume with another 21 overs to try and repair the damage – much appreciated and acknowledged by the opposition as I think at that stage most of us would have been happy to pack up and go home.

After surviving the unfolding wreckage at the other end, John resumed with new partner Garry James who, just to add to the day’s misfortunes, was struggling with a broken toe. After adding another 18 without taking too many risks both fell trying to up the run rate and then in keeping with the tragic-comic nature of the day, Sittampalam Ragavan (“Raga”) was run out by half the length of the pitch for our fifth duck.

But we weren’t finished – trying to eke out a few more runs for the last wicket, to add further insult to injury, we were penalised 5 runs for a batsman running on the wicket which, including losing the 3 runs from the scoring shot, was a significant chunk of our meager total. 

It was all over when skipper Stuart Ridge top edged a pull to be caught leaving us 55 all out in 29 overs.

Barring a miraculous effort, the only remaining question was if the weather would hold. The bowlers were unable to apply the same pressure or get the needed early breakthroughs as Southern Highlands eased to the win in the 11th over with the only highlight being Paul ‘golden arm’ Georgiadis’ first ball wicket.

A humbling experience after five straight wins, but still plenty to play for as we hang on to top spot by six points. 

The Team was (playing 12): – Peter Rolls 6; John Finucane 23, Daniel Pellen 0, Frank Baliotis 0, Greg Brooks 5, Mick McCormick 0, Joe Scarcella 0, Garry James 12, David Glen 6*, Sittampalam Ragavan 0, Stuart Ridge 1, Paul Georgiadis dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-55 (29.1 Overs) (J. Finucane 23)

Lost to

Southern Highlands: – 1-59 (10.2 Overs)

By 9 wickets

FoWs: – 1-6 (P. Rolls); 2-23 (D. Pellen); 3-23 (F. Baliotis); 4-27 (G. Brooks); 5-27 (M. McCormick); 6-27 (J. Scarcella); 7-45 (G. James); 8-47 (J. Finucane); 9-47 (S. Ragavan); 10-55 (S. Ridge).

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 3-0-15-0; G. Brooks 3-0-20-0; S. Ragavan 3-0-8-0; P. Georgiadis 2.2-0-10-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to D. Pellen

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to J. Finucane; 2 points to G. James; one point to D. Glen