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A beautiful day greeted our inaugural match with the Victor Trumper XI. Some rain earlier in the week made the wicket a tad moist but still firm. So Captain Peter Rolls won the toss and elected to bat. Not a good idea as it turned out,  with the bounce variable. Also they had some seriously quick youngsters. Both sides had a mix of ages but the VT XI’s average age was estimated at around 30yo and CCNSW average around 50yo.

Well done to Mike Pinter for organizing the match and the team but then unfortunately had to miss it after securing a place in the finals of a Masters Tennis tournament in Gosford….a man of many sporting talents.

Also thanks to the five last minute fill-ins CCNSW players Mick Weaver, Mitch Sturt, Glyn Singleton, Luke Holman and Shane Peterson for the VT XI. The VT XI had lost players urgently seconded to competition finals matches.

Rules for batters was retire at 30 balls or 30 runs whichever came first and a maximum of 5 overs per bowler. Test match rules for wides. 35 overs per side.

Gerard O’Shea and Karthick Subramanian navigated well the first five overs from their quicks, Chris Weller (VT XI captain) and an 18yo until Karthick had a short ball rise on him that popped up back to the youngster. 1-22 off 6 overs.

John Finucane tried valiantly to speed things up, charging their leggie only to be stumped. 2-29 off 13 overs. Emmanuel Mouglalis’s eyes lit up when he saw a “Floater” from their charismatic offie “Buckets” and was bowled the next over. David Glen suffered the same fate to the “Floater” but this time, was caught at deep mid-on. 4-44 off 18 overs. Ed Cross took charge with a six off his third ball faced and looked in good touch. Gerry O’Shea retired after his staunch 30 balls for 11 runs. Peter Rolls came in and went swiftly as another victim of “Buckets” “Floater” caught at mid wicket. 5-54 off 20 overs. 

Mick Tarrant then tried to take charge with a four off his first ball but then Ed Cross was trapped lbw soon after and Sherville (“Wes”) Hall three balls later caught behind. Joe Scarcella was run out in farcical fashion: he received a “Floater” from Buckets above waist high; the umpire called the no ball and a free hit for the next ball. Joe smashes the free hit ball straight along the ground to Mick Weaver at mid-on who picks up cleanly and throws down the stumps from 10 metres away with Joe easily run out. Joe walking off, mumbled several times to himself “Why did I run” with no real answer coming and no compassion from his team mates or the opposition. “Buckets” claiming he has never before witnessed such an event. 8 for 59 off 22 overs.

Mick Tarrant  and Tim  Jones steadied the ship, running feverishly until Tim was  trapped lbw. 9 for 77 off 27 overs. Gerry O’Shea recycled and he and Mick put on another six runs before Mick tried to pull the first ball off a new bowler that popped on him to take the top edge to be caught and bowled. All out for 83 in 28 overs.

The VT XI sent their young guns into open against our veteran guns. They were cautious to start against Mick Tarrant who had them play and miss but they still managed a few boundaries early. Joe Scarcella after 10 off his first over, tied them down and in his third over one of the young guns decided to charge him and missed the ball by a country mile as the ball went through to keeper John. His non striker mate called him a “Goose” for such a wayward shot. Listening to his mate, the next shot was a defensive push but no luck as the ball shot along the ground to bowl him for 21. Justice for Joe who took great delight after the game reminding him of his mate’s comment. 1-29 off 6 overs.

“Wes” Hall replaced Mick and struck in his first over with Joe Scarcella  taking a good catch low down at deep mid-on to dismiss the other young gun opener for 21. 2-46 off 11 overs. Then in his second over “Wes” took out their number 3 lbw and number 5 skipper Chris Weller bowled for a duck off 2 balls. 4-47 off 13 overs. With Mick Weaver having come in at number 4, we thought we were a chance of running through them like Epsom salts. Tim Jones replaced Joe and must have had a black cat cross his path as Mick Weaver was dropped three times off his bowling. All difficult chances and Mick Weaver thrived on the banter that ensued.

David Glen replaced Tim Jones and in his first over got the final say in the banter with Mick caught by Ed Cross  for 10 on the fence at cow corner. A very well judged grab off the only ball Mick hit out of the middle of his bat that he thought for certain would have gone for six over the pavilion. Lucky for us we played on the far wicket. However the far wicket suited their number 6, Mitch Sturt who came in and took an instant liking to Ed in his first over (replacing Wes) taking 11 off it and dispatched one ball to the top of a fig tree with the ball landing right next to some spectators at a picnic table. 5-79 off 19 overs and ready for the fat lady to sing. Chris’ brother, Sam Weller came in after Mick Weaver’s dismissal and Mitch Sturt retired on  23 for Glyn to come in and they finished us off in the 22nd over.

The good humoured banter continued at the after game speeches as team shields were exchanged. A fixture that is sure to repeat next season. Chris Weller guaranteed us he will make sure he gets a full team next year. Although we did have extra fun badgering the five fill-in  CCNSW players in his team.

The Team was: – Gerald O’Shea 15*; Karthick Subramanian 12, John Finucane (w) 3, Emmanuel Mouglalis 0, David Glen 0, Ed Cross 22, Peter Rolls (c) 3, Mick Tarrant 17, Sherville Hall 0, Joe Scarcella 0 and Tim Jones 3

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-83 (28.1 Overs)

Lost to

Victor Trumper XI: – 5-84 (21.5 Overs) (S. Hall 3-13)

By 5 wickets

FoWs: – 1-22 (K. Subramanian), 2-29 (J. Finucane), 3-29 (M. Mouglalis), 4-44 (D. Glen), 5-54 (P. Rolls), 6-58 (E. Cross), 7- 58 (S. Hall), 8-59 (J. Scarcella); 9-77 (T. Jones), 10-83 (M. Tarrant).

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 5-0-22-0; J. Scarcella 5-0-19-1; S. Hall 4-0-13-3; T. Jones 4-1-14-0; E. Cross 2-1-11-0; D. Glen 1.5-1-5-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to each of E. Cross and J. Scarcella

Run outs: – Nil


Our final game of the season was played against the ever competitive Beavers CC, who were seeking revenge following their narrow defeat against us a few weeks earlier at the same venue. We lost the toss and were sent in to field, our opposition made a strong start putting on 59 runs before Avi Bhandari broke through with the first wicket. From here we were able to slow down the scoring rate before drinks but still found ourselves in an ominous position with Beavers only 2 down at drinks.

After drinks a change in wicket keeper allowed Rhys Longbottom to bowl and he was simply devastating, bowling full and fast at the stumps he castled three consecutive batters, all bowled out for a C&S Hat trick! This brought us right back into the game.

A flurry of runs in the final two overs boosted Beavers score to a solid 189 from their 40 overs.

As usual CCNSW put on a brilliant spread for tea, possibly one of our best, and as a tradition long may it continue!

The “Tom and Gerry” [Tom Robertson and Gerry O’Shea] show got underway for the final time in the season. They made yet another solid start of 41 before Gerry O’Shea was dismissed. Tom Robertson and Harry Bridge boxed the bowlers around for a bit and kept the scoreboard moving along but just after drinks both batters were dismissed consecutively to bring Sam Millar and Karthick Subramanian to the crease.

Sam was brilliant as he has been all season; he understood the game situation and took his time to accumulate runs, while Karthick scored a rapid 40 from the other end, swinging hard for the fences. Unfortunately, it was a matter of live or die by the sword for Karthick, but he had almost certainly done enough to give us a winning chance.

Rhys Longbottom joined Sam Millar at the crease and proceeded to slam consecutive boundaries, and added to his already excellent day by scoring the winning runs. CCNSW won by 6 wickets with nearly 3 overs in hand.

It was great to finish the season with a thrilling win and hopefully this inspires most of the team to return next season. Thanks to all who contributed!

As it was the last game of the season, the C&S team was also required to perform end of season cleanup activities, the majority of which were done proactively throughout the game, which was great to see and much appreciated.

The Team was (playing 12): – Tom Robertson 40, Gerard O’Shea 9. Harry Bridge 26, Sam Millar 33*, Karthick Subramanian 40, Rhys Longbottom 26*, Avinash Bhandari dnb, Soren Hughes dnb;  Adam Khamis dnb, James Murtha dnb, Henry Davis dnb, Ming Heng dnb, Mike Weaver (w) dnb

The Result was: –

Beavers: 9-189 (40 Overs) (R. Longbottom 4-14)

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-191   (37.2 Overs) (T. Robertson 40; K. Subramanian 40)

By 6 wickets

FoWs: – 1-41 (G. O’Shea); 2- 83 (T. Robertson); 3-83 (H. Bridge); 4-134 (K. Subramanian)

The Bowling was: – J. Murtha 5-1-18-2; A. Bhandari 7-1-22-1; M. Heng 3-0-27-0; H. Davis 6-1-38-0; S. Hughes 8-1-34-1; R. Longbottom 7-1-14-4; A. Khamis 4-0-28-1  

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to R. Longbottom (w); one to K. Subramanian

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to R. Longbottom; 2 points to S. Millar; one point to S. Hughes




One of the highlights of the social calendar is the annual match against our friends from the XXIXers, the social arm of the Melbourne Cricket Club. Indeed I have been reliably informed the match was first played in 1973; this was the 32nd match between the two clubs.

The Victorians had not been to Sydney since January 2018 as the previous “Sydney” fixture was played at Bradman Oval, Bowral, December 2019 which resulted in a famous victory for the Club. Of course a certain pandemic then got in the way until March 2023 when we played at their ground the Albert, in Melbourne.

This year’s fixture was a close fought affair. Offering the opposition the choice, the XXIXers batted on a “up and down” Camperdown strip with the outfield fast from a fresh mow that morning.

Ed Robertson (2-21) was difficult to face with his lively pace and occasional steep bounce. He was ably supported by the medium pace of Soren Hughes (0-28) and Jamie Murtha (1-12). David Craig’s leg pin (3-19) was introduced with immediate effect and he too was well supported by Garry James off-spin (1-33) and Luke Holman (1-7). At the end of 35 overs their total of 8-144 was a good result for us,  helped by excellent catching and fielding.

We got off to a good start with Tom Robertson (51*) the back bone of our chase. Your writer and captain then made the decision to retire Tom not out at the 18 over drinks break (1-69) and give others a go. Well that was a decision to reflect on as the introduction of the XXIX leg spinner Callum Cook 2 overs later saw the club lose 4 wickets without a run added! Garry James followed soon after to have us 6/89 from 26 overs. 

Watching the carnage was a calm and determined Soren Hughes (31) who set about rebuilding the chase with help from David Craig (14).They took us to 116 after 31 overs at which point Soren accelerated leaving 15 to get from the final over. The first ball went for 6 as Soren smashed the lead bowler Calum O’Neill way over the pavilion…9 from 5…game on!

1 from the next saw John Finucane on strike who tried to get Soren back on strike only to see the wicket keeper throw the stumps down. In coming retiree Tom Robertson needed 8 from the last 2 balls which proved too difficult in the face of some fine close out bowling. 

A great and tightly fought encounter that went down to the wire.

David Craig was voted Man of the Match by Mark Butler XXIX captain. Callum Cook was their equivalent.

We then moved to the Rocks district in the city to the rooftop bar at the Glenmore Hotel where we hosted our guests in fine fashion on a balmy Sydney night. Our guests had a great time as did we even though we came second.

We return to Melbourne next season to the Albert ground and I hope you all make an effort to play in this wonderful fixture.

The Team was: – Tom Robertson 51*, Mike Pinter 1 , Peter Rolls 19, James Murtha 4, Ed Robertson 0, Soren Hughes 31, Greg Brooks (c) 0, Garry James 5, David Craig 14, Luke Holman 3, John Finucane (w) 0*

The Result was: –

XXIX Club: – 8-144 (35 Overs) (D. Craig 3-19)


CCNSW: – 9-137 (35 Overs) (T. Robertson 51*)

By 7 runs

FoWs: – 1-35 (M. Pinter), 2-78 (P. Rolls), 3-78 (Edward Robertson), 4-78 (J. Murtha), 5-78 (G. Brooks), 6-87 (G. James), 7-115 (D. Craig), 8-125 (L. Holman); 9-137 (Soren Hughes)

The Bowling was: – Edward Robertson 5-2-21-2; Soren Hughes 6-0-28-0 ; D. Craig 7-2-19-3; G. James 5-0-33-1 ; G. Brooks 2-0-17-0; J. Murtha 7-3-12-1; L. Holman 3-0-7-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to J. Finucane

Catches: – Two to J. Finucane (w); one to G. Brooks and one to M. Pinter

Run outs: – Nil


We posted 9 for 170 off 35 overs, which was a good score on a difficult deck. We had them 5 for 54 and took another wicket just before drinks to have them 6 for 84.

Then we had them 8 for 104 with 14  overs to go. Their ninth wicket partnership put on an undefeated 67 runs to win on the first ball of the penultimate over thanks largely to an excellent innings by their guest Old Aloysian batter, Mathias. brought in to make up numbers who scored 54* off 45 balls and is suitably recorded in PlayHQ as “fill-in player”-one of four anonymous players in their line up!

 Let’s wind back to the first over of the day. Actually what about removing the covers? That was a good team building exercise.

 The wicket was pitched on the edge of the square giving a short boundary one side and a long boundary on the other. CCNSW won the toss and batted. Tom Robertson and Gerald O’Shea (“The Tom and Gerry show”) opened and scored seven runs off the first over in a positive start. Robertson bunted a low full toss through cover for four and then followed up with a guide through gully for an easy two. There was one wide and that made up the seven runs. The Primary Club opening bowler was charging in off quite a long run and he went on to bowl in some good areas. The second over O’Shea clipped a low full toss through midwicket for a lovely boundary to the far side. He was cautious with the other deliveries except for one other drive that went straight to mid on. No run

‘Tom and Gerry’ batted well again with an opening partnership of 39 off the first ten overs. Robertson with 28 off 32 balls was very good in difficult conditions. He and Gerard O’Shea got us off to a good start.

Harry Bridge with a run-a-ball 32 and Sam Millar (61 of 70 balls) then put on 89 in 15 overs to take us from 2-46 in the 12th over to 3-135 in the 27th over. Millar batted really well and Bridge batted well too. The best ranked shots of the match  was a three way tie between Tom Robertson’s’ left hander’s spanking cover drive to the short boundary, Harry Bridge’s right hander’s lofted off drive at the other end but to the same side and Sam Millar’s ’s scooped hook for six over backward square leg again to the short boundary.

When the Primary Club batted, Jamie Murtha (1-23), nursing a bad back, (and would have been better not to risk bowling), bowled well and craftily. He got a wicket, bowled with the first ball of their innings, knocking the batter’s castle down.  Sam Millar (2-25) did an very admirable job at the other end with the new ball considering he’s not a regular bowler. 

The bowlers we used all bowled some great balls and the odd rank one which was put away authoritatively by the opposition.  That was the difference in the end, combined with the class of the PCA’s guest player Mathias coming in at No 8. The loose deliveries were put away with the short boundary well utilized. Our leg spinner Henry Davis (3-40) despite being hit for 6 first ball, bowled some incredible deliveries at times. One wicket was ‘a la Shane Warne’. Adam Khamis with his height and high arm action, also bowling leg spin, got some balls to rip and turn. His control is improving. A dangerous bowler

Gerard O’Shea was quite handy with the ball. Brought on to bowl his ‘dibbly dobblers’, he took a nice wicket lbw in the 18th over just before drinks.  His nephew Tynan O’Shea–Nobin started with a wicket maiden, and  also bowled a couple of good overs inducing a catch to Millar in the 20th over before the batters started getting too used to his pace.

 It rained a bit with about six overs to go which did not help us as the bowling run ups became slippery as well as the ball. On the other hand it was quite dark for batting and if it had been Premier Grade cricket, play would have been stopped for bad light.

In the field, Tynan O’Shea-Nobin fielded keenly as did Henry Davis .Debutant Nick Ford took an excellent high catch at deep backward square leg to get rid of the Primary Club’s number four batter, D. Frittum. He watched it all the way. Well done Nick !. 

There was some good catching although I shelled one as ‘keeper, an inside edge low down. Fortunately it didn’t cost the team too much. as the Primary Club batter then holed out shortly after, safely pouched by Adam Khamis  positioned at square leg behind the umpire. We let 15 byes through. I conceded about 8 in my stint behind the stumps. And the pitch was up and down, while turning heaps. Mike Pinter (Punter) did an admirable job as post dinks wicket keeper and took a nice catch standing up, to give Henry Davis his second wicket. It looked at that stage like we were going to get home fairly comfortably.

In hindsight maybe we could have given Tom Robertson and Harry Bridge a go with the ball. It’s easy to say in hindsight and I think slower bowling was probably more suited to the pitch conditions. If only we could have eliminated half trackers and full tosses.

The Primary Club deserved their win and were generous victors, sharing their beers afterwards. CCNSW players, again, should take note of the positive things we did in this match and resolve next season to work on a couple of skill areas, individually and as a team. 

The Team was: – Tom Robertson 28 (32 balls), Gerald O’Shea 9 (30 balls), Harry Bridge 32 (32 balls), Sam Millar 61 (70 balls), Mike Pinter (w) 0 (7 balls), Mike Weaver (w) 9 (13 balls),   Henry Davis 0 (6  balls), Tynan O’Shea-Nobin 7* (5 balls) , James Murtha  (c) 3 (4 balls),  Adam Khamis 6 (6 balls) Nick Ford 2* (2 balls)

The Result was:-

CCNSW: – 9-170 (35 overs) (S. Millar 61)

Lost to

The Primary Club of Australia: – 8-171 (33.1 overs)

By 2 wickets

FoWs: – 1-39 (T. Robertson), 2- 46 (G. O’Shea), 3-135 (H. Bridge), 4- 136 (M. Pinter), 5-142 (S. Millar); 6-148 (H. Davis), 7- 151 (M. Weaver), 8-153 (J. Murtha); 9- 168 (A. Khamis)

The Bowling was: – J. Murtha 7-1-23-1; S. Millar 5-0-25-2; T. O’Shea-Nobin 3-1-16-1; A. Khamis 6-0-27-0; H. Davis 7-1-40-3 ; G. O’Shea 3.1-0-10-1; M. Weaver 2-0-15-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to M. Pinter (w); and one to each H. Davis, N. Ford, A. Khamis and M. Millar, 

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to S. Millar; 2 points to H. Davis; one point to H. Bridge



Cancelled by rain


The green at Victoria Barracks, with the sandstone barracks building (completed in 1846, clock and bell added 1856) in the background, looking a picture on a beautiful autumn afternoon.  The picture above shows the view which the batting side has while watching the match.

(Editor’s note) It was the Victoria Barracks player who in the 1850s, originally developed what became the SCG; they also claim that their soldier spectators who came from the Barracks and supported them are the originators of the term “to barrack” as used in Australia.  (This is disputed by etymologists who ascribe the term either to Melbourne or Ireland) 

C.C.N.S.W. was invited by Cricket NSW to represent the civilian population of NSW v the Army at the SCG to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the SCG. Arising from that game C.C.N.S.W. and the Army jointly bought “The Barrackers’ Cup” which is kept in the Army Museum at Victoria Barracks and occasionally at the request of the C.C.N.S.W. Match Manager brought out on the day The ball with which C.C.N.S.W. bowled in the150th anniversary game can be seen in the SCG Museum.

To quote from the Army web site: “Victoria Barracks is one of the best-known examples of military architecture in Australia. The Regency-style Victoria Barracks were designed by Lieutenant-Colonel George Barney, who also built Fort Denison and reconstructed Circular Quay. Most of barracks was constructed using locally quarried sandstone between 1841 and 1849. The barracks were occupied by British troops up until 1870 and then taken over by the New South Wales colonial forces. After the Federation in 1901, Victoria Barracks housed the various headquarters responsible for administering and co-coordinating the military. Between 1931 and 1936 the barracks was home to the Royal Military College of Australia and from July 1938 to July 1940 it also housed the Command and Staff School. Today, Victoria Barracks is home to the Headquarters of Forces Command. The Barracks are widely considered to be one of the best examples of a military barracks in the world”


Famous fact: the regency-styled Victoria Barracks in Paddington was built by convicts between 1841-1846.  It’s a significant heritage site and home to the headquarters of Forces Command. Hidden amongst the original sandstone buildings is a lush quadrangle oval with 3 grassy strips in the centre square. It’s as close as you get to playing colonial cricket in the modern era. 

With warmish weather (32º+ degrees) the opposition arrived in their uniforms with patches revealing a very special set of skills; combat, artillery, ordnance, and most holding senior officer ranks. They were a fit looking squad, what you’d expect from serving ADF members. 

The toss was supervised by CCNSW’s very own elite umpire Jed ‘The Finger’ Wesley-Smith, and we suspect Tom Robertson (CCNSW spiritual leader) let the Army’s Major-General skipper choose the strategic imperative for the 30 over format. Army to bat first.  

The green deck was lively early on, as was the hard charging spell from Sherville (“Wes”) Hall and Ed Robertson. Hall seamed a perfect length delivery in his first over to knock over McQuirty, on his way to an impressive 4-2-3-1, while Ed Robertson steamed in with venom and without luck for 5-0-11-1. A double bowling change introduced Shane Peterson and Mitch Sturt into the attack with immediate success. Shane bowled tight lines for a very respectable 5-1-12-1 and Mitch went bang-bang picking up 3-0-4-2, with John Finucane comfortably agile behind the pegs taking every chance offered. 

Quick score check. Alpha Charlie for Army at 4-19 after 11 overs, and in a bit of strife early on. 

Enter the spinners on a hardball turner. Adam Khamis and Luke Holman applied some target discrimination to pick up 4 scalps in combo. Adam bamboozled the Army’s senior ranks collecting 4-1-14-1, and Luke flighted his way to 4-0-27-2 including a sharp piece of fielding running-out the well-set Haskins well out of his ground. When their spell finished Army were in all sorts at 8-81 in the 25th over.       

Only 3 more overs were needed to wrap up the Army tail, Emanuel Mouglalis with 2-0-11-0, Ben Scott taking a cheap scalp 1-0-5-1 and Ed Robertson  rear guarding the innings and picking up the final wicket of Kirkwood. Army all out for 91 in 28 overs. CCNSW needing a sliver more than 3 per over to chase down the total.

Emanuel Mouglalis and debutant Ben Scott marched out to the middle and patiently took their time against the Army’s opening bowling pair. Emanuel (1) missed one, straight enough for Jed ’The Finger’ to send him back. When Tom Robertson joined Scott in the centre they plundered anything short and wide. Tom (30* retired not out) from his tradecraft offside bullish stroke play and Ben Scott (20* retired noy out) joined him in the sheds shortly after. Mitch Sturt (3) didn’t stay long and the run chase reached 2-70 in the 15th over. After drinks Ed Robertson (23* retired not out) and Josh Heldarskard (17*) gave the Army more misery quickly passing the target total. When Adam Khamis (0) departed for a first ball quack, CCNSW’s innings concluded at 3-109 in 20 overs: a real demolition job by CCNSW.

The after-match highlight was an invitation into the Officer’s mess for a debriefing (also known as a mission interrogation), where we enjoyed a few cold beers and some tall tales with the Officers who were absolute gentlemen. Great game in a scenic setting; a perfect Thursday afternoon.   

The Team was: –  Ben Scott 20* ret not out, Emmanuel Mouglalis 1, Tom Robertson.(c) 30* ret not out, Mitch Sturt 3, Joshua Heldarskard 17* Edward Robertson 23* ret not out, Adam Khamis 0, John Finucane (w) dnb, Luke Holman dnb, Shane Peterson dnb, Sherville Hall dnb,

The Result was: –

Victoria Barracks XI: -10-91 (28 Overs) 

Lost to

C.C.N.S.W.: – 3-108 (20.3 Overs) (Tom Robertson 30*)

By 7 wickets

FoWs: – 1-5 (E. Mouglalis), 2-68 (M. Sturt), 3-108 (A. Khamis)

The Bowling was: – S. Hall 4-1-3-1; Edward Robertson 5-0-11-1; S. Peterson 5-0-12-1; M. Sturt 3-0-4-2; A. Khamis 4-1-14-1; L. Holman 4-0-27-2; E. Mouglalis 2-0-11-0; B. Scott 1-0-5-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to J. Finucane (w); one to each of Joshua Heldarskard, L. Holman,  S. Peterson, B. Scott, one anonymous

Run outs: – One to Luke Holman



The CCNSW Team was: – Peter Rolls (c) 8, Michael Carman 4, Mike Weaver 47, Frank Baliotis 6, Emmanuel Mouglalis 0, Mel Lucas 0,  David Craig 20, D. Glen 3, John Jackson 19, Tim Jones 21*, Jed Wesley-Smith 3

The Result was:-

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-138 (37.4 Overs) (M. Weaver 47)


Raga Invitation XI: – All out 111 (35.4 0vers) (T. Jones 3-20)

By 27 runs

FoWs CCNSW: – 1-9 (P. Rolls); 2-18 (M. Carman); 3-35 (F. Baliotis); 4-36 (E. Mouglalis); 5-41(M. Lucas); 6-70 (D. Craig); 7-76 (D. Glen); 8-113 (J. Wesley-Smith); 9-117(J. Jackson); 10-138 (M. Weaver)

The CCNSW Bowling was: – J. Wesley-Smith 5-0-8-1; D. Glen  5-2-9-2; M. Weaver 5-1-16-0; T. Jones 5-0-20-3; J. Jackson 5-0-25-0; M. Lucas 5-1-5-0; D. Craig 3-0-6-1; P. Rolls 2.4-0-16-0

The CCNSW Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 

Run outs: – Two to P. Rolls


CCNSW lost the toss. Cleveland Seamers chose to bat and CCNSW were in the field. Initially we only had six players but finally got eight. The ground had small boundaries which meant even with a full side this would be a high scoring game and so it proved

 We actually bowled and fielded the best we have for a while but the Cleveland Seamers has some good batters that were in touch and imposed a daunting 1-263. We got off to a steady start with the batting. Mick McGrath teed off and scored a quick fire 53* off  21 balls to get us going.  Will Jacobs joined Paul Marchesi and  both kept the boundaries flowing (Jacobs 50* off 28 balls and Marchesi 52* off 29 balls) but in the end we fell away, ending 74 runs short and 20 runs off a deserving bonus point. but probably still the  best we have played all season. If we maintain this standard, we can still hope for a victory in our last two games 

(Ed note: The decision was later taken to abandon the rest of the season (2 matches) given the difficulties in raising a side and the disparity in standards)

The Team was: – Mick McGrath 53* ret not out (21 balls), Asfand Uppal 4 (9 balls), Ali Abbas 11 (9 balls), Paul Marchesi 52* ret not out (28 balls), Mitchell Anderson 15 (5 balls),, William Jacobs (c) and (w) 50* ret not out (24 balls), Mike Evans 2* (5 balls), Tracy Cook 0 (2 balls),

The Result was: –

Cleveland Seamers 1-263:  (20 Overs)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-189 (20 Overs) (M. McGrath 53*; P. Marchesi 52*; W. Jacobs 50*)

By 74 runs

The Bowling was: – M. Anderson 4-0-50-0; M. McGrath 3-0-29-0; T. Cook 2-0-40-0; P. Marchesi 3-0-45-0; A. Abbas 3-0-23-0; M. Evans 2-0-33-0; A. Uppal  2-0-29-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to P. Marchesi

Run outs: – Nil

Player Points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to M. McGrath; 2 points to W. Jacobs; one point to P. Marchesi



We played out Jack Pace Shield Quarter Final against the top team under blue skies on a warm, sunny Sunday. We won the toss and elected to bat on what looked like a good surface and a fast outfield..

Few of the batters managed to get going against a decent opposition bowling attack. Tom Robertson with a four over cover off his first ball, top scored with 32 and others such as Soren Hughes, Ezekiel Hughes and Mick McGrath chipped in to lift our score to 167, a below par score, but runs on the board meant we felt like we had a chance!

The opposition started strong with the bat, before a brilliant catch from Henry Davis (possibly best of the season) diving forward and to his left removed the opener. Avi Bhandari picked up the other opener with yet another brilliant catch; this time Ezekiel Hughes at long on took a towering bomb just inside the boundary.

Soren Hughes bagged one caught by Roman Hughes at deep cover, and while they were ahead of the run rate, we felt in the game. Roman then picked up a wicket thanks to a sharp catch at short cover taken by Jamie Murtha, and then Henry Davis with his leg spin  picked up a wicket of his own,  the batter picking out Avi Bhandari at mid-wicket. Our opposition was five down for 99 in the 20th over, at this point, needing 68 off the final  fifteen overs. (Ed note: By contrast CCNSW had been 5-99 in the 22nd over) However that is where the wickets down remained for the rest of their innings. Opposition captain Joe Clarke played a brilliant knock of 82* to secure his team’s victory and a place in the semi final with 4.2 overs to spare.

We have had a season of mixed results to date. However it was a privilege to make the quarter finals of the Jack Pace and hopefully next season we can go one or even two games better!

The Team was: – Tom Robertson 32, Rhys Longbottom (w) 8, Jamie Murtha (c) 3, Mick McGrath 22, Sam Millar 5 , Ezekiel  Hughes 26, Roman Hughes (w) 16,  Soren Hughes 30, Henry Davis 4, Avinash Bhandari 10*, Adam Khamis 5

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-167 (33.2 Overs) (T. Robertson 32)

Lost to

Old Aloysians: – 5-168 (30.4 Overs)

By 5 wickets

FoWs: – 1-24 (R. Longbottom); 2-45 (J. Murtha); 3-45 (T. Robertson); 4-52 (S. Millar); 5-98 (M. McGrath); 6-104 (R. Hughes); 7-148 (S. Hughes); 8-154 (H. Davis); 9-156 (E. Hughes) 10-167 (A. Khamis)

The Bowling was: – A. Bhandari 6.4-1-22-1; M. McGrath 6-0-40-1; Soren Hughes 3-0-21-1; H. Davis 4-1-21-1; Roman Hughes 3-0-16-1; A. Khamis 1-0-1-0; J. Murtha 2-0-11-0; R. Longbottom 5-1-23-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to each of A. Bhandari, H. Davis, J. Murtha, Roman Hughes and Soren Hughes

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to A. Bhandari; 2 points to Soren Hughes; one point to Roman Hughes



Strathfield, Strathfield, Strathfield. Known for their car radios and near flawless Masters cricket record. With only one loss in their Masters history, it was going to be a tough ask but the team was up for the challenge. 

Lieutenant Dan Turner won the toss and decided to set the pace by batting first.  Mike ‘basket’ Weaver showed great technique and shot selection early on with some trademark pull shots whilst the other opener, Scott Williams copped a ball no one wants first up, with his off stump clipped for a golden. Dan the man  Turner looked to take on the bowling before edging one to the keeper. 

From overs eight to twenty we looked like contenders. ‘Weaves’ notched up his 40 before Paul Nash and Jason Kenn set about their work hitting a number of authoritative boundaries. We were 2 for 89 at drinks and had a good platform to launch from. 

After drinks Nash’s stumps were disturbed by a nice off cutter and after plundering another six, Kenn fell to a cunning arm ball from current over 40s Australian spinner Ryan Snape. 

Scott Wells, Andrew Dadswell and Ash Perrott all threatened to damage the bowling but couldn’t turn their starts into quick fire 40s against some quality bowling. 

We ended up 9 for 171 and despite it being our best half way scenario against Strathfield in recent memory, it felt about 80 short of the 250 we were hoping for. 

With a top order boasting three current Australian over 40s reps about to head to the World Cup in South Africa we needed early scalps. The batting was just too good. Balls that were slightly short were pulled away to the boundary and any width was punished. The margin for error has never been so minuscule. 

Both openers retired. It was the introduction of Jason Kenn with the ball that saw us get our one and only wicket, rounding out his all round game. 

Strathfield chased our 171 with ease, getting it in the 19th over to secure maximum bonus points. 

Despite the thrashing we copped, it was great to share some beers after the game. 

Video highlights here:

The Team was (playing 12): – Mike Weaver 41* ret not out, Scott Williams 0, Dan Turner (c) 7, Paul Nash 35, Jason Kenn 31, Scott Wells (w) 20, Andrew Dadswell 15, Ash Perrott 10, Matt Johnston 2*, Mike Tarrant 1*, David Craig dnb, Ben Stanic dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-171 (40 Overs) (M. Weaver 41* ret not out)

Lost to

Strathfield CC: – 1-172 (18.5 Overs)

By 9 wickets

FoWs: – 1-6 (S. Williams); 2-30 (D. Turner); 3-114 (J. Kenn); 4-126 (P. Nash); 5-151 (A. Dadswell); 6-167 (A. Perrott); 7-170 (S. Wells).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 4-0-23-0; M. Tarrant 2-0-15-0; M. Johnston 2-0-33-0; S. Williams 2-0-27-0; D. Craig 2-0-24-0; A. Dadswell 3.4-0-21-0; J. Kenn  3-0-21-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – Nil

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to M. Weaver; 2 points to P. Nash; one point to J. Kenn




With the previous match rained out, we all looked forward to this mid week match at the home of CCNSW at Camperdown. To his joy, dad (Ed note: aka ‘Tom Robertson’) had bumped into Bill (umpire) on the walk from the bus stop, further lifting up his excitement for another midweek cricket match. Match manager on the day, Soren Hughes exercised his outstanding skills with the coin. SCC called incorrectly and we chose to bat first. Two guest debutants Sean Avers and Mike Norris were brought along by long time stalwart Mitch Sturt.

And Tyson McCallum reprised his guest appearance of last season. All were ready to compete at any moment; their enthusiasm was saved to the middle order. CCNSW members Ed Robertson, Len Volkov, Michael Carman and Richard Clark and Tyson McCallum got us off to a gentle start with the run-rate slowly ticking over at around 4.5 for 3-74 runs off the first 17 overs to the drinks’ break. This was then backed up with the fire-power of Sean Avers (50* ret), Mike Norris (51* ret) and Mitch Sturt (19*) who scored 152 off the final 18 overs to take the CCNSW total to 4-227 after 35 overs with five notably large sixes by Mike Norris  at the pavilion roof, on the roof and over the roof. To the team’s dismay, dad saving himself till later in the order, did not score a boundary.

The Sydney CC XI started strongly with the bat, but then four key wickets by Sean Avers destroyed their top order left them all with three main run scorers, two batters (52* and 33) and sundries (30 inc 19 wides and 9 no balls !!). Tyson McCallum put on an incredible fielding display, saving runs with his speed and his gun arm from the boundary. With 68 needed off the last 10 overs, two wickets fell quickly to Mario Giarratano playing for CCNSW for the first time in 2 years, all but signaling the impending end of the SCC innings. Richard Clark ‘s competitive intensity further strangled their efforts, and he was rewarded by finishing the game off.

Pizza and drinks were shared at the end, with Soren graciously gifting the SCC XI a token of appreciation. A welcomed win, and in dads words, ‘this feels different’.

The Team was: – Len Volkov 2, Edward Robertson 50* ret not out, Michael Carman 13, Richard Clark 14, Tyson McCallum 7, Sean Aver 50* ret not out , Mike Norris (w) 51* ret not out, Mitch Sturt 19*, Tom Robertson 7*, Soren Hughes (c) dnb and Mario Giarratano dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 4-227 (35 Overs) (M. Norris 51*; S. Aver 50*; E. Robertson 50*)


SCC XI: – 10-171 (29.2 Overs) (S. Aver 4-52)

By 56 runs

FoWs: – 1-8 (L. Volkov), 2-28 (), 3-74 (M. Carman), 4- 87 (T. McCallum),

The Bowling was: – M. Giarratano 4-0-22-2; E. Robertson 5-2-8-1; S. Aver 7-0-52-4; S. Hughes 4-0-23-2;   T. McCallum 4-0-37-1; R. Clark 5.2-0-27-2

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – two to R. Clark; one to each of T. McCallum, Ed Robertson and Tom Robertson

Run outs: – Nil


Cancelled by rain


“Who the f*** IS that guy?”

On a warm humid afternoon, the skipper Jamie Murtha did us proud by calling correctly and electing to bat (a sound choice that avoided a possible lynching in the dressing room). In the absence of the Robertson half of the ‘Tom & Gerry’ Show, “Dutchy” David Craig volunteered to open the batting with the wily, wiry Irishman, Gerry O’Shea and after a Remembrance Day ceremony play commenced.

Under instructions to get us to 0-40 after 10, O’Shea and Craig delivered the goods plus 10% interest, 0-44 after 11. O’Shea demonstrated a clinical technique, straight bat, scoring in the V, with Craig alternately stodgy and flashy, scoring in the inverted V between third man and fine leg. It would be remiss of me not to mention the perfectly executed reverse scoop for 4 in the 9th over; Joe Root would have been pleased with that one, and much merriment and mirth ensued. (The bowler’s name? S. Minns).

Craig perished trying to sweep a loopy yorker from the erratic Yaralla leggie, lbw (with no complaints, a rare event!) to bring the real batters to the crease. Exhilarated by the wicket, Yaralla’s erratic leggie greeted Jamie Murtha with a head high full toss that he despatched for 4 to set the tone for a fine captain’s knock. The platform was laid and we went to drinks at 1-77 off 17 (Murtha 19*, O’Shea 29*). After a few more overs accumulating, the skipper pronounced it was “go time”, and O’Shea hobbled off retired hurt 42* (slightly hurt indeed, with a minor groin niggle and some academy award winning acting) to bring in the hard hitting middle order.

Murtha and newcomer Mick Norris pushed the score along with intent. Norris was just finding his groove when one jagged away and rattled the pegs, 2-145 in the 28th. Murtha upped the ante by hitting one into the keeper’s helmet and another over the fence, before announcing to the umpire he was going to hit another six and getting bowled playing an agricultural swipe. “That’s nay how ya premeditate, Jamie”. Returning CCNSW member Sam Millar was joined by the Taswegian “Berryman” Richard Clark, and smote the erratic Yaralla leggie for three mighty boundaries in four balls. A fourth looked odds on as the next ball sailed high and straight, when to everyone’s surprise some bloke with too-short pants and black sneakers threw out a left paw and snagged a most improbable catch. Unlucky Sam, and a lifelong memory for that bloke I’m sure.

Henry Davis joined Clark at the crease, and before he had time to settle he was not exactly barbecued, but at least lightly grilled by a “Yes, I’m coming regardless of what you reckon” call from the other end. ‘Berryman’ made up for this misdemeanour by swiping a couple of (very ugly) deliveries over the fence, with Matt Leong at the other end hitting some powerful drives to bring us up to a very respectable 5-210 at the end of the allotted 35.

You would think, dear reader, that we had laid the table for a probable win, with runs on the board and a tired batting unit after a hot day in the field. Instead, we were greeted by an onslaught that left me stroking my chin and asking, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “Who ARE those guys?” as they just kept coming. Yaralla had promoted their regular number 7 to open, to give him a bit of a hit. (That man’s name? S. Minns. Maybe I should not have ramped him, IDK). Well, the statistics of that “bit of a hit” are as follows: 100 runs off 52 balls, 16 fours and 3 sixes. (He slowed up a bit at the end, exhausted from swinging the bat so hard). Yaralla were 0-106 after 10, Minns 79 (34), and 0-132 after 14.2 overs when he retired out (very out indeed, after Murtha pressed the point HARD! Undeterred, the Yaralla scorers recorded this as retired hurt, can you believe it?!))

Anyhoo, for CCNSW it was Sam Millar and Ming Heng who were entrusted with the new ball, and they did well to restrict our opponents to just 12 runs an over for the first 6 overs. Matt Leong came on at the 7th over and bowled a fine spell with a lot of off-speed cutters, while at the other end Asam Khamis was unable to arrest the onslaught from Minns. Henry Davis relieved Khamis and, bowling a tidy line and length, produced a rare moment of satisfaction for CCNSW by picking up the wicket of Yaralla’s star batter, Alex Mayes first ball, nicely caught by Millar at mid-off as he arrogantly went the tonk. (Ed Note: with his brother Dorny Mayes he put on a partnership of 308 for the second wicket v St George Vets last March in a 35 over game) His day comprised two dropped catches at slip and a first ball duck, so there was some solace in that. If you can’t revel in your own success, enjoy the failures of your opponents, I say.

It was leg-spin from both ends after the drinks break, as David Craig and Henry Davis gave the dodgy Yaralla leggie a lesson in how to bowl good areas consistently. After they were bowled out, Ming Heng returned and improved his economy rate (admittedly from a low base, but still, well done Ming). At the other end Khamis came on for a second spell and took a wicket with just one run required, so that was fun. Rich Clark was given the honour of conceding the winning run, as (curiously) the in-form skipper remained unbowed and unbowled. Still, credit to Jamie Murtha for protecting his bowling average under difficult circumstances, well done. Go Go Youse Kiwis, I say (a terrific song by Greg Champion, look it up). A special shout out to the Yaralla scorers for starting the innings with “W” for wide and “X” for wicket, and then reversing it later, that made the scorebook a pleasure to interpret, thanks champs., so I had little alternative but to fume at a couple of blokes that annoyed me. All in all a day that started well enough but soured like a jug of fresh milk left out in the sun on a hot afternoon.

With respectful apologies to Alex  Mayes and  Shezon Saleem (aka “the erratic Yaralla leggie”).

The Team was: – Gerry O’Shea 42* ret hurt, David Craig 11, James Murtha (c) 68, Mick Norris (w) 13, Sam Millar 17, Richard Clark 19*,  Henry Davis 1, Matt Leong 15*, Ming Heng dnb. Len Volkov dnb, Adam Khamis dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 5-210   (35 Overs) (J. Murtha 68; G. O’Shea 42* ret hurt)

Lost to

Yaralla CC: – 2-212 (31.3 Overs)

By 8 wickets

FoWs: – 1-44 (D. Craig), 2-145 (M. Norris), 3- 161 (J. Murtha), 4-173 (S. Millar), 5-176 (H. Davis),

The Bowling was: – S. Millar 3-0-34-0, M. Heng 5-0-51-0; M. Leong 5-0-33-0; A. Khamis 4-0-34-1; H. Davis 7-0-38-1; D. Craig 7-1-21-0;  R. Clark 0.3-0-2-0;

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to S. Millar

Run outs: – Nil

Player points : 3 points to G. O’Shea; 2 points to J. Murtha; one point to D. Craig



Tom Robertson was a key player for this fixture at Camperdown. As he turned up with the key which led to to accessing the change rooms at 12:07pm (start time is 12:15pm)

The weather was cloudy and humid and the pitch was patchy with several unrolled green spots. MacArthur sent us in to bat, bowled accurately and recorded a comfortable win against an underperforming CCNSW 

Personally, I’m smarting from the loss

We started reasonably well. Opening stand was looking sound between ‘The Two Mikes’, Pinter and Weaver. I think maybe the flick I tried was a little ambitious, in the six over, to have me adjudged lbw. The ball was full and straightened up in the air, from leg to off. Following me into the sheds was Paul Nash with a first ball duck. A ball that just took off from a length, was edged off the splice to gully. From a pretty confident start, we are 2-21.

Then there was quite a good partnership between ‘Punter’ and Andrew Dawson. Punter had already slashed a nice boundary over point and was picking up his ones and twos. Andrew was stroking the ball around with ease and sending the rare loose ball to the fence.

‘’Very disappointed is an understatement, at a loss to how this keeps happening’’ – Michael Tarrant – WhatsApp chat post from the CCNSW opening bowler and allrounder, afterwards.

Now, to answer Mick. A reason could have been that CCNSW just didn’t battle through the tough overs and take the time to set a platform. That’s what the team plan used to be. Get to 30 overs with two in the shed. Then smash it for the last 10 overs, with wickets in hand. It was the old fashioned style and it normally always meant we scored 180-200 minimum. The top order simply left too much for the lower order to do, and did not seize the day. 

I’m guilty as anyone. I hit a full toss straight to the field as well for no run, and needed to hit gaps better, missed a couple on my pads down leg side. Andy Davis batted very well, in contrast to this. Two nice cuts for four and knocking it around nicely. Was done over by the pitch, caught behind

Not putting the loose ball away with authority, leading to dismissal, was a theme. Scott Wells, the skipper, probably looked the best of all. But he, Pinter and Dawson and later Mick Tarrant, all got out caught to a full ball or full toss. To be fair, Scott was caught on the fence, which isn’t the worst way to be dismissed. The others each bunted back a catch to the bowler. David Kent, in at 8, was showing the team the way with Andy Davis (in at 7). This pair had got us to drinks and afterwards. Then an lbw decision sent Dave back. It seemed the ball must have been sliding across off stump and/or pitched off the stumps. Left arm over, spinning away from him and Dave was well forward, sweeping. The ball had 2-3 metres to travel after striking him. Admittedly, height was probably not an issue. And the umpire had no doubt and he’s in the best position to see.

Dave Craig said: ‘The top order all looked great at the crease. Until …’

Earlier, Tom Robertson, in at 5,  was looking very good with the bat in hand, dealing in two boundaries as part of his brief stay, one a crunching square cut, textbook style. Then he was out lbw, a front stool stride well down the pitch.

Nobody got going enough and we were all-out for 141, when Sherville (“Wes”) Hall was bowled. Both he and Mick Tarrant had each cracked a straight drive to the fence and tried hard. And with the score posted, CCNSW held some hope of being able to defend it. A decent afternoon tea was consumed at the break. CCNSW have lifted in this area, this season. 

The CCNSW bowling effort started off well and Mick Tarrant and ‘Wes’ Hall did a decent job with the new ball, mostly attacking the stumps. But because MacArthur had a small target to chase, they were able to start carefully. CCNSW had a couple of big shouts for caught behind, off Tarrant. He very nearly had one of the openers bowled. We needed an early wicket, and MacArthur did well and survived. The spinners we tried, David Craig and Luke Holman, didn’t bowl as well as what they are capable of  because there was too much pressure on them. There were simply not enough runs on the board for their attacking loopy style. 

Paul Nash did a good job to pick up a wicket late and Tarrant came back on from the Rotunda end to get his deserved wicket, when it was all over. Dave Kent bowled some good areas at a decent clip, coming on second change from the cafe end. He trapped the number 3, lbw, to get us on the wicket tally board finally, after both the openers had retired. He dropped short only 2-3 times and the MacArthur bats didn’t miss out, each time the ball was spanked to the fence. Dave continued to bowl very well, even when it seemed a lost cause. 

We dropped a couple of chances that didn’t help team spirits. The ground fielding kept up well, the one exception being ‘Weaves’ refusing to get down to one. And we were never really in it after the openers retired and they had attacked our spinners with freedom.

So, CCNSW play Sri Lanka next game and have to be more determined. I suggest let’s get to the nets. 

‘Wellsy’ went home It seems the Skipper  wasn’t particularly impressed. We will all have to think about our games and rally as a team, as a response.

’Nuff said ‘’ was skipper Scott Well’s only after match Whatsapp group chat post.

Mike Weaver to Dave Kent, WhatsApp chat, post match: “ I see, well it seemed a decent shot (his sweep, that led to dismissal) to attempt. Where did the ball pitch do you reckon, Kenty?

Dave Kent: “4th stump”

For CCNSW, it was one of those days when a few guys looked very likely to go right on and were thwarted by things out of their control. Conversely, others looked very likely and succumbed to things they were unlucky not to have controlled better. That’s cricket in general I guess and it bit very hard in this match. 

A few of the CCNSW were quite crestfallen today after getting out. Overall It just didn’t seem normal, especially playing at Camperdown. It was a crestfallen performance.

To re-state, one guy had no luck at all. I’m referring to Nashy’s first ball dismissal. Paul is normally very reliable and is often the team’s top performer. 

So looking back on it, CCNSW can’t let this performance affect their overall confidence. There was a bit of bad luck that conspired somehow stopped getting our battling retirements as normal. And all credit to MacArthur. 

It’s not likely to happen again. 

‘Don’t be thinking you might get out when you bat’ (to quote Ricky Ponting) 

We just have to be a bit more determined, individually. I think we should all go for a hit and a bowl and a field in the week before the Sri Lanka game 

We must come together in this time of adversity

The Team was: – Mike Weaver 14, Mike Pinter 13, Paul Nash 0, Andrew Dawson 25, Tom Robertson 9, Scott Wells 12, Andrew Davis 25, David Kent 10, Mike Tarrant 11, Sherville Hall, 9 David Craig 2* and Luke Holman dnb

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-141 (37.2 Overs)

Lost to

MacArthur CC: -3-142 (23.5 Overs)

By 7 wickets

FoWs: – 1-21 (M. Weaver); 2-21 (P. Nash); 3-40 (M. Pinter) 4-57 (T. Robertson); 5-82 (A Dawson); 6-82 (S. Wells); 7-113 (D. Kent) 8-118 (A Davis); 9-130 (M. Tarrant); 10-141 (S. Hall)

The Bowling was: – M. Tarrant 6.5-0-37-1; S. Hall 4-0-19-0; D. Craig; 2-0-18-0 D. Kent 7-0-31-1; L. Holman 1-0-17-0; P. Nash 3-0-17-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to M Pinter

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): 3 points to A. Davis; 2 points to A. Dawson; one point to M. Tarrant




Back Row: Gowri Palan, John Jackson, Kim Taylor (wk/1 for Raga XI), Stuart Ridge, Neveille Emerson, Joe Scarcella, Greg Brooks, Michael McCarron, Frank Baliotis, David Craig, Cuthbert Berenger, Gary Whittaker (wk/2 for Raga XI), Malcolm Freame (wk for CCNSW), David Glen, Ian Bradburn.  
Front Row: Michael Carmen, Matt Brennan, Sittampalam Ragavan (c for Raga XI), Peter Rolls (c for CCNSW), Garry Winney, Wasantha Hettiarrchchi, Upul Dangalle.

An English style 21 deg C and a firm, dry wicket.

Dr Ragavan Sittampalam (“Raga’) won the toss and elected to bat.

Rules for batters was retire at 30 balls (with no runs limit which was a big mistake!) and max 5 overs per bowler and one ball allowed down leg side per over (with second ruled a wide). 40 overs per side.

Raga’s XI Innings:

Raga had more ring-ins than Ringling Brothers.  He was determined to break the deadlock of 2 games a piece on the shield to his favour. 

Kim Taylor, all the way from Bathurst and in his first appearance for Raga’s team, opened and received the first two balls unusually loose from Greg Brooks as a welcome gift for 2 boundaries, then Greg’s next 4 overs only went for 11 including the wicket of Neville for 0, the other opener, caught well by David Craig at mid off.

Taylor reached 32 runs for his 30 balls (and recycled later to get 37). Upul Dangalle. was caught at mid wicket by Peter for 20 off David Craig who had them tied up better than an S&M worker which included the prize wicket of Gary Whittaker for 6 hitting on to his stumps.

Kesara de Costa (0) got a tickle off David Craig caught behind by keeper Malcolm Freame which was a pleasure for him after so much stretching/diving to leg side deliveries by Joe Scarcella. Uncharacteristic for Joe’s normal impeccable line and length and he claimed it must have been something he ate the night before…perhaps a lentil soup to be that lax??? 

Matt Brennan came in with gay abandon for a quick fire 51 from 30 balls. To David Glen’s credit he kept them pitched up but Matt kept pitching them to and over the short boundary fence. Brennan recycled and continued his onslaught for a huge 73 but then was caught unawares bowled by a good ball by Michael Carman (alias Opera) after some variety of lengths. Including one ball that bounced twice before hitting Raga’s stumps. Unlucky for Raga that the second bounce was between the crease and stumps so judged a fair delivery and Raga therefore out.

Michael McCarron and Cuthbert Berenger batted sensibly against the swift and accurate bowling of Stuart Ridge and the other end nagging length bowling of John Jackson (alias ‘Jacko)’. Both retiring for 7 and 26 respectively after 30 balls. (McCarron recycled to end with 17 not out). 

After a hiatus Garry Winney came into the match saying he had not played for a while but showed his many years of experience and bowled Wasantha Hettiarrchchi (‘Wasa’) for 7 with good flight. Gowri Palan at number 11 showed his class, assisting Taylor, Brennan and McCarron when they recycled to be not out 13.

An imposing target was set of 8-266. 

CCNSW Innings:

An event to enjoy our senior years especially with our Sri Lankans friends who don’t get to experience turf too often and for all to participate. We mixed it up to our normal games at Vintage on Sundays with Stuart Ridge opening the innings with Frank Baliotis. They survived the first two overs from Raga and McCarron but in Raga’s second over he slipped through Ridge’s defences bowling him for 3.  Baliotis retired on 13 after his 30 balls (and when recycled later didn’t add to his score). 

Peter Rolls and Joe  Scarcella kept the score board ticking along until Scarcella (facing) had a seniors moment and called for a single after his nice straight drive hit the bowlers end stumps and deflected straight to mid off while Rolls went back into his crease to avoid a run out if Brennan the bowler had touched the ball on the way through. Rolls not seeing where the ball had deflected too, blindly responded and with keeper Taylor whipping off the bails, was run out by a metre for 19.

Brooks started promising with a boundary but was departed soon after stumped by Taylor off Brennan. Scarcella went aerial, caught for 18 off Gowri Palan. David Craig followed Joes lead for same outcome for 7. David Glen showed some fight retiring for 13 off his 30 balls. Carman didn’t last the first act out LBW to de Costa for 1. John Jackson ran some quick single for a 70 year old and showed the “young’uns” how to be selective retiring after his 30 balls for 15. Malcolm Freame was bowled for 4 by another 70 year old in Cuthbert Berenger who bowled an impeccable line and length.

Garry Winney was looking good with a couple of boundaries until caught off Upul Dangalle for 11. David Glen and Jackson recycled to keep pushing and enjoyed taking 5 runs off wicket keeper turned bowler Kim Taylor for his only over until Glen holed out to Neville Emerson with an easy catch at point off Dangalle in the second last over for 21. Jackson unbeaten on 17*. A good job that Kim Taylor didn’t get the last wicket otherwise the news would have been echoed from Sydney to Bathurst from the Blue Mountains.

After the game, the beer, wine and soft drinks still went down well with plenty of what ifs!!!

Thanks to Raga for supplying the tasty bbq chicken and bread rolls and fruit delights with more bananas than Taronga Zoo.

The Result was: –

Raga Invitation XI: – 8-266 (40 0vers) (NB Inc 53 extras)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-127 (38 Overs) 

By 139 runs

Raga’s XI Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to K. Taylor (w)

Catches: – One to N. Emerson, three to anonymous

Run outs: – One to K. Taylor.

The CCNSW Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to M. Freame (w) and one to each of D. Craig and  P. Rolls

Run outs: – Nil

Raga’s XI Batting: Kim Taylor 37 (wk/1), Neville Emerson 0, Upul Dangalle 20, Gary Whittaker 6 (wk/2), Kesara De Costa 0, Matt Brennan 73, Michael McCarron 17*, Cuthbert Berenger 26*, Sittampalam Ragavan (c) 18, Wasantha Hettiarachchi 7, Gowri Palan 13*. 

FoWs: – 1-23 (N. Emerson), 2-70 (G. Whittaker), 2-70 (K. De Costa), 4-188 (U. Dangalle), 5-200 (S. Ragavan), 6-210 (W. Hettiarrchchi), 7-216 (K. Taylor), 8-251 (M. Brennan).  

CCNSW Bowling was: G. Brooks 5-1-19-1; J. Scarcella 5-0-40-0; D. Craig 5-0-20-3; D. Glen 5-0-52-0; J. Jackson 5-2-14-0, S. Ridge 5-0-23-0, G. Winney 5-0-41-1, M. Carman 5-0-32-3

CCNSW XI Batting: Stuart Ridge 3, Frank Baliotis 13, Peter Rolls (c) 19, Joe Scarcella 18,  Greg Brooks 6, David Craig 7, David Glen 21, Michael Carman 1 , John Jackson 17*, Malcolm Freame (w) 4, Garry Winney 11. 

FoWs: – 1-6 (S. Ridge), 2-52 (P. Rolls), 3-62 (G. Brooks), 4-64 (J. Scarcella), 5-69 (D. Craig), 6-78 (M. Carman), 7-105 (M. Freame), 8-106 (F. Baliotis), 9-118 (G. Winney), 10-127 (D. Glen)

Raga’s XI Bowling was: –:  S. Ragavan 4-0-13-1, M. Mc Carron 5-1-11-0, M. Brennan 3-0-20-1, G. Palan 5-1-18-2, K. De Costa 5-1-14-1, W. Hettiarrchchi 2-0-5-0, N. Emerson 5-1-9-0, C. Berenger 5-1-11-1, U. Dangalle 4-0-6-3.

Shield presented to winners Raga XI by CCNSW


Our first game of the season started at Moore Park 6, as C.C.N.S.W. faced O’Sullivan Roadmen. Winning the toss, C.C.N.S.W. chose to field first. The weather conditions were pretty good, but it threatened to get gloomy. 

Our opposition put up a strong batting performance, scoring a total of 206 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in their 20 overs. We faced a challenging run chase and the clouds started to take over, it became very dark before long!

In response we managed to score 119 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 20 overs. Our opposition used the conditions and bowled well making it tough for the batters to find their rhythm and timing, Craig Fordham and Nicholas Kochanowicz had a solid partnership at the end but O’Sullivan Roadmen’s bowlers proved effective, ensuring their team’s 87-run victory.

Our guys dusted off the cobwebs and displayed good enthusiasm, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead in division 2.

The Team was:   Rod Shone 24, Geoff Whitehead 9, Scott Williams 1, Asfand Uppal 30, Craig Fordham, 27* Nicholas Kochanowicz 21*, Joshua Heldarskard dnb , William Jacobs, dnb (c ) and (w)

The Result was: –

O’Sullivan Roadmen: – 3-206 (20 Overs)


C.C.N.S.W.:   4-119 (20 Overs)

By 87 runs

The Bowling was:  N. Kochanowicz 4-0-45-0; C. Fordham 4-0-32-1; J. Heldarskard 4-0-36-0 ; S. Williams 4-0-44-2; A. Uppal 2-0-26-0; R. Shone 2-0-22-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – one to W. Jacobs (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): 3 points to C. Fordham; 2 points to R. Shone; one point to N. Kochanowicz



This game had been rearranged because of rain the previous week but despite the weather now being perfect, neither side could raise a full team at a week’s notice. so it was cancelled.

The date for the second fixture this season for the ‘Barrackers’ Cup’ is Thursday February 29.


Cancelled by rain 


Cancelled by rain 


Cancelled by rain 

Week 1 – Saturday 16th September


With COVID done and dusted, it was decided to resurrect a traditional season starter with a weekend game at the lovely country town of Mudgee. Previous years would have seen CCNSW line up against a local Mudgee Portwiners’ side, but sadly that team no longer exists and the fixture had not occurred for the past 8 seasons. CCNSW last played at the vineyard at the start of the 2015-2016 season.

Currently owned by Robert Oatley Vineyards which purchased the winery in the 1960s, and formerly known as “Poet’s Corner”, the Craigmoor winery has a long history dating back to 1858; it is roughly 5mins drive north from the town centre. Picture a beautiful sandstone building with tasting room, cellar and museum and just outside an elevated viewing deck of the cricket field, to the left, vines about to commence growing and an outfield which has quirks such as a steep drop off to the local creek on one side and a windmill at cow corner – something not out of place in an English countryside. Previously, a CCNSW team used to make a weekend trip away to play on a Saturday,  then enjoy the Taste of Mudgee event that evening to taste and drink at  local fairs.

No local opposition meant an intra club game was required to resurrect this fine fixture. Those who expressed interest entered an online auction – similar to the IPL. Each player was given a value and each team a salary cap. Both Captains – Ian Allmey and Jim Hadley then went through the process of selecting teams – beamed via a ‘WhatsApp’ chat link. 

Initially 11 players were available for each team and both captains remained under their salary cap – with a trade window opened a week prior to accommodate any changes required. Both the “Allmey Allballers” and the “Hadley Hurricanes” had assembled some very strong sides consisting of current and former  veteran Australian and State players. Some late changes to the line ups were required to accommodate some who ended up with better offers or high enough transfer fees to be “let go”. We also had an official umpire for the game – Mr Jed (deadly) Wesley Smith. 

The newly created Mudgee Plate and bragging rights were on the line. Players filtered into the township from Friday into the early hours of Saturday morning for a 10:00am start. Being a brand new franchise game (and problems with the T20 trademark process) the rules of the game were established a week out. It has been dubbed the Mudgee 7’s. Original playing conditions were: – 

  • 42 overs per side
  • each team bats in pairs for 7 overs regardless of number of times out
  • each wicket reduces the total by 7 runs
  • hit the windmill and you get 7 bonus runs
  • each bowler can only bowl 7 overs

but with 3 late pull outs and one addition, this was modified to 40 overs and 8 overs per pair

Mudgee had turned on a great day for cricket, slight breeze, blue skies and a top of 28Cº. Once assembled, a “traditional” nip of the local Rum Port was enjoyed by all players and spectators. Ian Allmey won the toss and sent the Hurricanes in to bat. No player knew what to expect from this format e.g. what is a par score? Do you bat to minimise wickets or maximise runs? So Jim Hadley went on the attack and sent Brett James and Tommy Robertson in to bat. They faced up against Stuart Ridge and Paul Nash. Spectators and the batting team settled under the shade of a grand tree on benches elevated above the main ground, with the tasting room in the background. The anticipation was palpable.

To say Brett and Tommy teed off is an understatement – well Brett teed and Tommy swung hard. At the end of their 8 overs, Brett dealt in boundaries and finished on 70 and Tommy 18 with the first wicket combining for a 92 run partnership. Jim Hadley wanted to keep the foot on the throat and sent out Jamie Murtha and Scott Wells to continue the onslaught. The bowling of Dave Kent and Andy Bachelard tightened up, finding the right length which restricted the batting well but anything loose was still put away. The score reached 179 but the fall of 5 wickets saw it reduced to 137 after 8 overs. Dave Kent returning the very impressive figures of 4 for 23 off 4 overs (nett: 7 runs reduction for each wicket = negative 5 runs)

With the Allballers grabbing back some of the momentum, the Hurricanes continued with all out attack sending in the power hitting unit of Greg Brooks and Soren Hughes against the likes of David Kent, Andrew Bachelard, Dan Turner and David Craig. Brooksie finding his eye early, started slapping to his favourite part of the field, Soren backing up well with some powerful drives and saw the score (gross) get to 254 for the loss of 7 wickets.

The fourth pairing saw Mick McCormick and David Glen consolidate the total with watchful innings against the guile of David Craig. Good bowling saw the run rate pulled back with only one boundary in the partnership to get to 291. But as 10 wickets had been lost, a nett score of 221 with one pairing remaining. The last pair saw the skipper Jim Hadley and wily-o – John Davis – an Orange local. Jimmy dealt in boundaries and Johnny in singles to get Jim on strike – a great combination and perhaps a lesson for future parings in this format. The score at the end of 40 overs was 361 for the loss of 14 wickets – a nett total of 263 runs. A gettable total – run rate just over 6.5 required. Several ways to be chased with wickets the key.

Highlights of the first innings were Brett James 70, Greg Brooks 43 and Jim Hadley with 32 and bowling standout was Dave Kent with 6 for 70 (28) and Dan Turner 2 for 19(5)

Lunch which consisted of a selection of quartered sandwiches, pies and sausage rolls (prepared by the Mudgee Bakery) arrived at 1:00 which coincided with the change of innings. Several of the WAGS then embarked on a guided wine tour of Mudgee for the afternoon.

The Allballers sent out some guns first up in Dan Turner and Paul Nash in hope to get ahead early. Interestingly, Ian leaving himself down the order. The Hurricanes opened up with Soren Hughes and wily John Davis. An even battle ensued with good bowling, clever batting and some good hitting later in the partnership. The opening pair put on 82 for one wicket so it was game on. The Allballers then opted for experience with Ian Allmey and Stuart Ridge partnering up against the likes of Soren Hughes, Mick McCormick and Jamie Murtha. Some lovely cover drives from Stu coupled with some hitting (and missing) from Allmey the pair put on 53 for the loss of 2 wickets so a nett score of 114 which was probably a bit behind where they had hoped to be with the batting to come.

The following pair of David Craig and Dr Len Volkov batted solidly for a 48 run stand with the loss of 3 wickets against the likes of David Glen, Jim Hadley and Brett James who decided his shoulder wasn’t too bad. Mike Weaver and Ross Dalgleish had their work cut out to up the tempo to get back on track. Unfortunately not even Tom Robertson’s over (11 balls) was enough to stop the rot with Ross becoming stuck on strike and then half way down the wicket on a few occasions losing 7 wickets between them for 35 runs giving up -14 runs to the total.

This left the last pair with 132 to get in 8 overs. But the Allballers had two guys at the crease who could give that a nudge: – Dave Kent and Andy Bachelard. Both came out swinging with the ball flying to all parts. Some lovely straight hit sizes and one memorable back foot slap over cover for 6 from AB until Hadley decided he had seen enough, bought himself back on and  gathered a few well bowled stumpings. DK and AB got the score to 321 with a 100 run partnership but with the loss of 17 wickets in doing so, saw he final score reduced to 219.

A fantastic day was had by all and special thanks for Jed Wesley-Smith for umpiring and putting up with Tom. Gwen Hughes did a magnificent job scoring: 682 runs scored, 31 wickets lost, 24 ports nipped and a few beers had.

A post-match presentation of the Mudgee Plate was made to the winning skipper – Jim Hadley much to the regret of Ian and enjoyment of Tommy. All then retreated to their accommodation in preparation for the evening’s meal and drinks at the Lawson Park Hotel. We had approx. 30 people that evening and packed out half of the beer garden area. Great meals and great company ensured an evening to remember

We plan to back up this event next year and reignite it into a traditional pre-season event. Mudgee is a great place to get away to for the weekend with lots do to apart from cricket.

The Teams were: – 

Hadley X: – Brett James 70, Tom Robertson 18, James Murtha 23, Scott Wells (w) 19, Greg Brooks 43, Soren Hughes 12, Mick McCormick 18, David Glen 10, Jim Hadley (c) 32 and John Davis 10

Allmey X: – Dan Turner 36, Paul Nash 42, Ian Allmey (c) 24, Stuart Ridge 33, David Craig 26, Len Volkov 13, Mike Weaver (w) 26, Ross Dalgleish 6, David Kent 46 and Andrew Bachelard 47

The Result was: –

The ‘Hadley Hurricanes’: – 14-361 (nett 263) (40 Overs)


The ‘Allmey Allballers’: – 17-321 (nett 219) (40 Overs)

By 40 runs (nett 44 runs)


Back row: Paul Nash, Ian Allmey (c), Jamie Murtha, Mick McCormick, Andrew Bachelard, Brett James Stuart Ridge, Greg Brooks, Soren Hughes, Mike Weaver, Len Volkov, Ross Dalgleish and Jed Wesley  Smith (umpire)
Front row: David Kent, David Glen, Jim Hadley (c), Tom Robertson, Scott Wells, John Davis, Dan Turner, David Craig 
N.B. : Hadley team in white shirts and Allmey team in blue shirts



Back Row:  Mike Weaver, Toby Forbes, Andrew Forbes, Avinash Bhandari, Tom Robertson, Jamie Murtha
Front row:  Brett James, Soren Hughes, Henry Davis, Sumeet Kudal
Absent: Michael Doherty


The CCNSW team were fortunate enough to play at Bowral’s beautiful Bradman oval. There were blue skies and sunshine overhead for most of the day. The pitch was good for the end of April, a hint of green and some softness which we thought would offer assistance to the bowlers. Captain Brett James won the toss and elected to field. The Police lent us an 11th fielder for the first ten overs.

NSW Police are known for their reputable batters and this match was no exception; their two openers had excellent technique and plenty of shots to choose from. Both Toby Forbes and Avi Bhandari were unlucky not to have wickets in their spells, with a couple of tough catches put down. 

Brett James and Jamie Murtha each took a wicket, Brett set up the opposition number 3 with a lovely inswinger, while their no. 5 nicked a straight one to the safe gloves of Michael Weaver. The bowling and fielding were generally very good from our side but the NSW Police batters got the rub of the green and put on a solid 2-196 in their 25 overs.

Tom Robertson and Mick Doherty opened the CCNSW batting, Tom scored 11 off the first over including his trademark lofted square drive for 6, which landed somewhere in the streets of Bowral. Mick played some nice drives, but sharp fielding saw him caught for 3, Tom was out shortly after for 25.

Michael Weaver and Avi Bhandari put on a nice 50 run partnership, Michael (17) worked the ball around to put Avi on strike, Avi took advantage of the fast ground scoring regular boundaries on the leg side in his score of 43, his knock kept us in with a slight chance. Soren Hughes and Sumeet Kudal were required to bat with intent early, which was exactly what they did; however two more good catches saw them both depart.

At this stage, the equation was around 80 runs required off the last 6 overs. Brett James batted superbly, scoring 45* in good time, he and Jamie Murtha were forced to run hard and pinched a few steals, they put on 52 runs together in those 6 overs, but unfortunately still fell 27 runs short of the target. On the day the result felt closer than the scorecard suggested, (Ed note: loss of an 11th fielder for final 15 overs of Police innings could have been material) but despite our best efforts it was 1-0 to NSW police and time for a lunch break!

The Team was (playing 10): – Tom Robertson 25, Mick Doherty 3, Mike Weaver (w) 17. Avinash Bhandari 43, Soren Hughes 3, Sumeet Kudal 8, Brett James (c) 45*, Jamie Murtha 22, Toby Forbes 0*, Henry Davis dnb;

The Result was: –

NSW Police XI: – 2-196 (25 overs) 


C.C.N.S.W.: – 7-169 (25 overs) (B. James 45*; A. Bhandari 43)

By 27 runs

FoW: – 1-22 (M. Doherty); 2-26 (T. Robertson); 3-63 (A. Bhandari); 4- 92 (M. Weaver). 5- 93 (S. Hughes); 6-113 (S. Kudal); 7- 165 (J. Murtha)

The Bowling was: – T. Forbes 3-0-14-0; A. Bhandari 4-0-38-0; S. Hughes 3-0-26-0; B. James 4-0-39-1; J. Murtha 4-1-26-1; H. Davis 4-0-38-0; S. Kudal 3-0-19-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – One to M. Weaver (w)

Run outs: – Nil


CCNSW bowled and fielded brilliantly in the second game, a T20 affair. Some well thought out words were delivered to the team by Captain Brett James prior, to which all the boys responded. CCNSW fell into disarray though in the chase of only 140, at one stage 7 wickets down for 36 when into the 11th over.

The CCNSW plan was keep it full to the ‘big lefty’ and to not drop confidence in the face of a few boundaries that were to be expected from good batters The bowlers stuck to their plans despite the Police, who won the toss,  taking 22 off the first over, another 17 of the second and being 2 for 58 runs after the first 4 overs.

The rot started for the Police when gun opening bat and Bankstown first grader, Ethan, was too casual in returning to his crease, after a mix-up with his partner. A good throw from the deep by Henry Davis was relayed expertly by Toby Forbes, straight into ‘keeper Weaver’s gloves, leaving the absolute minimum for him to do to remove the bails. A wicket against the run of play and the Blues seized the initiative. 

After being told to ‘fire up’ by the skipper, Avi Bhandari’s pace picked up considerably and he was unfortunate not to get the Police no. 3 Rocky, first ball, forcing an inside edge low to the keepers left side. Against some intimidating opening batting, both opening bowers Avi and Toby had not lost their confidence, as instructed. It was a real show of mental fortitude.

And before long, Avi got his man with the ball of the day, which swung away and jagged back in, to knock out middle stump. His second scalp was via an opportunistic stumping of the charging no. 4, Cook. Then Toby Forbes.  got his deserved wicket by sticking to the plan. After having beaten the batter with a hooping out-swinger he had the ‘big lefty’, Hamish, caught in the deep by Henry Davis. After an initial hammering, this huge breakthrough set it up nicely for the change bowlers, to pit their skills against new batters. 

Soren Hughes and Jamie Murtha did an exceptional back up job from the southern end, changing up their pace and delivering to well set fields. This resulted in further nicks off each bowler. The ‘keeper took the chances this time, much to the team’s delight. Around these two catches, three others were well held inside the ring – by Soren at mid on, Tom Robertson at deep gully and Avi Bhandari at mid-off – to bring about five wickets in the consecutive spells of overs delivered from the far end of the ground

The leg spinners, Henry Davis and Sumeet Kudal, bamboozled with little reward from the other end before the skipper delivered the tightest spell of all. Superb death bowling by Brett James for another inside edge, caught at the wicket in the last over. NSW Police all out for 139 in the 20th over after being 0-39 in the second!  Ten for 100 was the collapse, and that’s T20 cricket. A few boundaries were struck and the momentum that the Police had at the start, was never allowed to be regained.

It was a great experience for our guys to play against these classy opening batters. It showed the bowlers that if you go in with a plan and stick to your guns, you can succeed against quality opponents. 

After a nervous and possibly emotionally tired start by the CCNSW players (in fading light, I must add), a face saving partnership of 62 between Mike Weaver (20 off 22 balls) and Soren Hughes (44* off 33 balls) with Soren Hughes dominant, was the catalyst that enabled the Blues to get to the one hundred run mark in the 19th over, recovering from 7-36 in the eleventh over to 8-98 in the nineteenth,. The seeing conditions were not good in the final overs.

When Weaver was dismissed off the first ball of the nineteenth over for a somewhat fortunate but fighting 20 runs, CCNSW still had a shot at victory (42 runs needed with 11 balls to go) albeit a long shot in the conditions. Soren never stopped going for the win with a bullocking, defiant, unbeaten innings, smashing the bowling to the fence on both leg and off sides. Sensibly choosing to play predominately off the back foot, he struck the ball powerfully from a very stable base. 

It was all too much to do in the end for CCNSW, who tried everything, including using Mr ‘Forbes Senior’ (Andrew Forbes) to make up the numbers at no. 11 (Toby’s Dad), but to no avail.

There were several positives for the Club from these games, despite the losses. And the off field beers and speeches afterward was just one… 

And CCNSW Man of Match and Match Day organiser, Soren Hughes, another…..

Plus many other inspiring individual efforts. 

The Team was: – Mick Doherty 3, Tom Robertson 4 , Henry Davis 2, Toby Forbes 1, Jamie Murtha 12 , Brett James (c) 6  . Avinash Bhandari 1. Soren Hughes 44*, Mike Weaver (w) 20, Sumeet Kudal 0, Andrew Forbes 2*

The Result was: –

NSW Police XI: – 10-139 (19.1 overs) (S. Hughes 3-22)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-103 (20 overs) (S. Hughes 44*)

By 26 runs

FoW: – 1-7 (T. Robertson); 2-10 (T. Forbes); 3-10 (M. Doherty); 4- 23 (J. Murtha). 5- 25 (H. Davis); 6-25 (A. Bhandari); 7- 36 (B. James); 8- 98 (M. Weaver)9- 98 (S. Kudal)

The Bowling was: – A. Bhandari 4-0-34-2; T. Forbes 3-0-35-1; S. Kudal 2-0-10-0; J. Murtha 2-0-9-2; H. Davis 3-0-14-0;  S. Hughes 4-0-22-3; B. James 1.1-0-7-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to M. Weaver

Catches: – Three to M. Weaver (w); One each to A. Bhandari, H. Davis, S. Hughes and T. Robertson

Run outs: – One to T. Forbes



Back row: Soren Hughes, Joe Scarcella, Greg Brooks (c), Stuart Ridge, Garry James, Bill Blair.
Front row: Mark Henwood, Jim Hadley, Stuart Stockdale, Tom Robertson, Jake Rothnie (w).

One of the highlight fixtures of the season resumed Wednesday 15th March in Melbourne after a 2 year Covid induced hiatus.

What was most pleasing was the appetite of club members to get to Melbourne and enjoy all that the XXIX Club provide. With Victorian CCNSW  member Bill Blair moving his work schedule to play for the club,  Victorian CCNSW member Stuart Stockdale putting up his hand to play  and Victorian CCNSW  member Steve Kish arranging a young wicket keeper, the other 8 club members all made the trip from Sydney.Indeed your President along with Stu Ridge, Joe Scarcella and Garry James drove to Melbourne including a 2 night farm stay outside of Cootamundra along the way to  further build team spirit! 

On to the game.

As there was only one scorer I have asked for the details of the book to be shared but it has not arrived yet so some of the details are missing…yes I should have taken a photo!

The  Albert Ground in St Kilda is the first grade oval for the Melbourne Cricket Club. The MCC play in the Premier Cricket competition which is the highest level grade cricket in the city.

The oval is in magnificent condition with a carpet like out field and a well grassed square even this late in the season.Along with perfect autumn weather the day was well set up. The XXIX club kindly provided two grade umpires, a scorer and large electronic scorebook showing  the good, the bad and the ugly. We lost the toss and were sent in with young wicket keeper/ batter Jake Rothnie paired with Tom Robertson.Tom clipped the first ball off his pads for 4 and then was plumb LBW the second ball ! Not the start we were looking for! Jim and Soren came and went quickly leaving Bill Blair and Jake to rebuild.And rebuild they did with a fine partnership at a good clip. We reached 3/70 from 11 overs before Bill fell for a well made 20 odd.Jake is a fine young player and produced a solid innings of 74 with three sixes and several boundaries as the total moved past 120.From here on we failed to kick on and were eventually all out for 152.

Following a short break we opened our attack with Stu Ridge and Bill Blair who both bowled accurately against quality opening bats. With the score past 50 Soren Hughes gained the breakthrough and followed it up with another shortly after. Garry James bowled a good spell from the tennis court end and was rewarded with a wicket as the XXIXs approached our total.

While it was a tough ask to defend a small total against a strong side on a good batting deck and fast outfield, we stuck at our task and everyone fielded really well.

After the presentations and short speeches we enjoyed good food, cold beer and quality courtesy of the wine writer Jeremy Oliver with our hosts and plenty of stories from both sides.

While not the result we had hoped for all players agreed it was a terrific day out in Melbourne.We look forward to hosting the XXIX club next season in Sydney and returning the hospitality shown to us.

Greg Brooks


The Team was (in batting order): – T.Robertson, J.Rothnie, S.Hughes, J.Hadley, B.Blair, S.Stockdale, G.Brooks, J.Scarcella, G.James, M.Henwood, S.Ridge.

The Result was: 

C.C.N.S.W.: –  10/152 ( overs) 

Lost to 

MCC XXIX club:- 3/157 (overs)

by 7 wickets.

FoW: – 1- (); 2- (); 3- (); 4- (). 5- (); 6- (); 7- (); 8- (); 9-  (); 10- ().

The Bowling was: – 

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – 

Catches: –

Run outs: – 


There was a real buzz of excitement around the ground for the CCNSW vs PCA grudge match, it’s always competitive! It was a warm day reaching approx. 32 degrees. PCA skipper Damien  Langley (former CCNSW member) won the toss and elected to bat on a rather flat looking wicket.

Soren Hughes and ‘Jonno’ Shaw bowled extremely well early, PCA were 10 overs in for as many runs when the first wicket fell: ‘C .Brown out lbw to J. Shaw’. There was a collective groan and a loud call from Tom Robertson:“Why’d you get him out, knucklehead!?” followed by a few laughs.

Our bowlers continued to threaten in the first session without much luck as the PCA batters were happy to deal in dots and singles. We were on top at drinks with the score around 1-50, on a pitch that wasn’t offering a lot for our seamers.

After drinks, Aaditya Mahata was brought on from the Rotunda End and had an immediate impact. The pitch complemented his left arm finger spin as he took 3 wickets in his tidy spell. Jamie Murtha building good pressure at the other end and bowling full at the stumps was hard to get away early on.

PCA knew they had to get a move on and started playing some risky shots, balls were flying around the park and falling everywhere except the fielders’ hands for a while!

Paul Nash and Jim Hadley grabbed three important wickets and looked good, but one over of slogging and good fortune for the batters boosted their total significantly in the last 10 overs. Adam Khamis chipped in with an important wicket too which likely saved a couple of runs.

The catches that were taken on the day were particularly challenging with a lot of power behind them, but regular boundaries and naked aggression saw the PCA batters score a very competitive 8-184 off their 35 overs.

The team gathered in the shed for a 10 minute change over and much needed drink!

The Tom (Robertson) and Gerry (O’Shea) show got underway and threatened to provide us with another solid start. Gerry took on a risky single which required a direct hit, unfortunately for him there was a direct hit! Tom was clearly rattled after the loss of his opening partner and was bowled for 15 trying to hit a yorker out of the park. Nash copped a good ball and ended up on the wrong side of a 50/50 lbw decision, not a good start to the chase with CCNSW 3-37 after 9.

Jamie Murtha and Harry Bridge dug in for a while trying to ensure there were no further wickets lost, both played some nice shots as the afternoon sun started to bite, they made it to drinks with the team score on 3-71.

After drinks the pair came out positively and moved the score onto 94 before both losing concentration and getting out caught in consecutive balls.

Soren Hughes fell soon after to a ball that slowed off the pitch while Aaditya  Mahata in his second game for the club was at the other end and took on the bowling with a rapid 29; it would take a good catch on the fence to remove him, but that’s exactly what happened.

Mike Weaver started out positively, and hit a nice boundary behind square, but unfortunately tried to work an offside ball to the leg side and was bowled through the gate taking the score to 8-145 with 5 overs remaining.

It was a tough task to win from here, but the team still had a lot of belief with Jim Hadley and ‘Jonno’ Shaw at the crease, Jonno was happy to rotate the strike while Jim looked in superb touch. Shot of the day went to Jim, slapping one off the back foot over the pavilion for 6, the pair scored at around 7 an over and brought the equation down to 10 runs off the last over. Jim looked to take the bowler downtown and middled a lovely straight drive only to be outdone by the bowler who stuck his hand in the path of the ball which regrettably stuck. 

Mike Pinter (“Punter”) the last man played and missed, and an eager Jonno called him through for a single, but the keeper’s throw was on target and again regrettably Punter was run out at the non striker’s end to end the match 7 runs short.

 A disappointing loss for the team in blue who believed the entire time a win was possible. A little more discipline from the top/middle order could have seen the result go in our favor, but credit to PCA who fielded well and took any chances that came their way. In any case, some positives could still be taken away from the match and we will go into the next one a better team for it!

Spirits were still high at the end of the match and both clubs shared a drink together and discussed highlights from the match overlooking the beautiful Camperdown oval under a gold and orange sky.

The Team was (playing 12): – Tom Robertson 15, Gerald O’Shea 4, Paul Nash 5, Jamie Murtha 34, Harry Bridge 25, Aaditya Mahata 29, Soren Hughes 1, Michael Weaver (w) 9, Jonno Shaw 14*, Jim Hadley (c) 23, Mike Pinter 0, Adam Khamis dnb

The Result was: – 

The Primary Club of Australia: – 8-184 (35 overs) (A. Mahata 3-28)


C.C.N.S.W.: – 10-177 (34.3 overs) (J. Murtha 34)

By 7 runs

FoW: – 1-12 (G. O’Shea); 2-31 (T. Robertson); 3-37 (P. Nash); 4-94 (H. Bridge).5-94 (J. Murtha); 6-102 (S. Hughes); 7-138 (A. Mahata); 8-145 (M. Weaver); 9-177 (J. Hadley); 10-177 (M. Pinter);

The Bowling was: – S. Hughes 7-1-16-0, J. Shaw 7-0-26-1, J. Murtha 7-0-36-0, A. Mahata 7-0-28-3 P. Nash 3-0-23-1, J. Hadley 3-0-39-2, A. Khamis 1-0-10-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – 2 to M. Weaver

Catches: – 2 to A. Mahata and one each to S. Hughes and J. Murtha, 

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to A. Mahata; 2 points to J. Murtha; one point to S. Hughes



Cancelled by rain


Pitch unable to be prepared by groundsman because of rain the previous Thursday


It was a stunning late February day for our match against the RBXI at their home ground in Rushcutters Bay. As you turn down Waratah Street you see the picturesque oval, lush green grass surrounded by a cream picket fence, with large trees scattered around the perimeter, a similar feeling to Camperdown. On the North side of the ground is Sydney harbour, home to hundreds of sail boats floating there in the still deep blue water.

It was a warm afternoon, as the teams got ready, the captains tossed a coin, falling against CCNSW this time and we were sent into field.

James Murtha took the new ball from the Paddington end, the conditions produce some inswing in the first over, but the assertive opener looking to capitalise on anything slightly short managed to start well getting a few runs on the board. Andy Durant took the new ball from the harbour end and delivered a quality maiden over, beating the bat a couple of times. In his second over, Murtha found his line and length removing the opener with a sharp cutter that hit the batsman in front (playing on the back foot), after a long appeal the umpires fingers went up! 1 down.

Durant kept toiling and bowled economically without luck, his bowling suited the conditions and made the batters very uncomfortable! A quick change from the Paddington, Toby Forbes too made good use of the conditions, bowling short of a length; the batters couldn’t find their timing on the back foot as Mick McGrath prevented any opportunity for runs at cover.

Henry Davis the leg spinner on debut replaced Durant and was unlucky not to take a wicket, several balls in his 3 over spell going either side or just short of the fielders. A double change at around 1-60 after 14 overs:  McGrath bowled from the harbour end and Rhys Longbottom from the Paddington end. Both produced exceptional spells. Longbottom was fast, full, and providing real problems for the batters. McGrath was superbly accurate in his spell of 6 overs 1-6, including the critical wicket setting up RBXI’s No.3 batter in his first over, getting one to nip away and take the edge, with  Declan Thomas taking a great catch with the gloves moving to his right.

With the end of the innings approaching, Aaditya Mahata, Luke Holman and Toby Forbes bowled well, creating half chances, it was a good contest, with the batters continuing to tick the scoreboard over. Longbottom returned to bowl the final over of the innings with devastating effect. 2 wickets and a run-out from cover by McGrath assisted by Thomas behind the stumps,  to restrict the score to 8-132.

— Innings Break —

As we know, anything above 130 is a tough score to chase at this ground, made tougher by being effectively one down as a result of losing previous John McDonald Medal recipient Forbes to work commitments. 
Our openers Michael Carman and James Bonkowski went out to get us underway. The opening spells were tight. Our first run didn’t come until the fourth over, ‘Bonkers’ with a tidy flick of the legs for one; unfortunately he fell only two overs later to a sharp return catch by the bowler. 6 overs 1-5.

Rhys Longbottom was positive from the outset  but was forced to run ones and twos against his natural game due to the long boundaries, Carman was solid in  defence at the other end. Longbottom’s luck ran out after being struck right in front moving across the crease for 16. 13 overs 2-32. Followed shortly after by Carman, caught for 15 and Holman caught for 1 (another excellent return catch.) 

We were reeling at 4-45. Henry Davis dug in to try and stabilise the innings, while debutant Aaditya Mahata counter attacked effectively from the other end. He too was forced to run ones and twos but did manage to hit three particularly clean fours towards the square leg boundary. The pitch unfortunately had his number when a mistimed pull shot was skied and comfortably taken, out for an attractive 30. Declan Thomas was dismissed without troubling the scorers. It took a good catch, hit hard and flat. 6-70 after 25.

Henry Davis was out for 10 trying to pick up the scoring; he got decent hold of a pull shot in front of square straight to the fielder. Durant and McGrath boxed the ball around with good intent. They put pressure back on the bowling with a quick-fire 20 run partnership. Durant felt hard done by to be adjudged lbw for 12. Perhaps he got a tickle on it? Few could corroborate his feeling on the day.

Murtha was the last batter in, and solidly negotiated the final ball of the over back down the pitch to the bowler. The equation was 21 runs to win off 12 balls, McGrath on strike loaded up for the big pull shot, which had been a feature of his innings so far, but unfortunately picked out the man right on the boundary, out for 21 and closing out the innings. Murtha stranded on 0* entertained with a tongue in cheek request to bat alone, smiles all round.

Despite the outcome a good time was had by all at the beautiful Reg Bartley oval, the game was played in excellent spirit against a good side. Post-match underneath an orange sky the teams shook hands and shared beers and recollections of the enjoyable match and the hopes for even more fixtures in the future.

The Team was: – Michael Carman 15, James Bonkowski 1Rhys Longbottom 16, Luke Holman 1, Henry Davis 10, Aaditya Mahata 30, Declan Thomas (w) 0, Mick McGrath 21, Adam Durant 12, Jamie Murtha (c) 0* Toby Forbes absent

The Result was: 

Reg Bartley XI: – 8-134 (35 overs) (R. Longbottom 3-18)


C.C.N.S.W.: – All out 112 (33.1 overs) (A. Mahata 30)

By 22 runs

FoW: – 1-4 (J. Bonkowski); 2- 32 (R. Longbottom); 3-38 (M. Carman); 4-43 (L. Holman).5-93 (A. Mahata); 6-93 (D. Thomas); 7-105 (H. Davis); 8-108 (A. Durant ).; 9-112 (M. McGrath); 

The Bowling was: – J. Murtha 3-0-19-1, A.  Durant 6-1-25-0, M.  McGrath 6-3-6-1HDavis 3-1-13-0, A.  Mahata 3-0-20-0, R. Longbottom 7-2-18-3, T.  Forbes 5-1-24-1,  L. Holman 2-0-11-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 2 to D. Thomas (w) and one to A. Durant

Run outs: – One to M. McGrath

Player points (awarded by captain): – 3 points to M. McGrath; 2 points to R. Longbottom; one point to D. Thomas


Another hot humid day at Camperdown Park. No one was looking forward to running around in the heat so Andy Dadswell winning the toss and electing to bat was well received by all. Lindfield only had 9 players (including one child filling in) so we agreed to lend them a fielder. A late withdrawal due to illness from CCNSW meant it was 10 v 10 in the field – game on. 

The opening partnership of Rob Lawther (16) and Ed Cross (14) was steady if relatively uneventful. The pitch was a bit slow with the odd ball keeping low, with batsmen wary of going on the back foot. Eventually both openers were removed lbw (both adamant it was sliding down leg, obviously), bringing Dan Turner and Paul Nash to the crease. Some solid batting brought us to 2-80 at drinks – a “solid platform” as described by the skipper.

From there Nash and Turner continued their great partnership, accelerating the scoring and each retiring at 40* in style. Dadswell had a swashbuckling innings, featuring some lovely drives over cover, finally undone being bowled for 39 going for one big shot too many. Some big hitting by Michael Johnston in the final overs saw him to a quick-fire 21* not out, and brought the team to a very respectable 5-215 off our 40 overs.

After a few too many ‘twisties’ and ‘choccy bikkies’ it was time to take the field. Ben Stanic and David Abreu opened the bowling knowing we needed a good start to apply some pressure to the Lindfield openers. They did just that, keeping the runs down and watching the required run rate slowly creep up. Abreu got one of the openers to play across the line and pinned him lbw (smashing middle, obviously). Stanic then had the perfect set up the next over – first a long hop which was smashed for four through midwicket. Then a length ball just outside off which was back-foot cover driven with ferocity to the pickets. Finally one just short of a length that didn’t get up and cannoned into the base of middle stump. Classic.

With the Lindfield openers gone and the run rate going up, some great tight bowling from Jose Poothokaren and Johnston meant Lindfield were never in the hunt. Pick of the bowlers was Poothokaren with 3-11 off 6 including a one-handed ‘speccy’ by the keeper, rob Lawther diving to take an under-edge that wouldn’t have carried to first slip. Special mention also for Johnston’s miserly spell of 1-4 off 6, including some of the best long (and lone!) lbw appeals you’ve ever hear. Eventually Lindfield limped to be all out for 74 after 32 overs.

Thanks to Lindfield for a good day of cricket played in the right spirit, and good work to the CCNSW boys on a good win.

The Team was (playing 10): – Rob Lawther (w) 16, Ed Cross 14, Dan Turner 40* ret not out, Paul Nash 41* ret not out, Sanjeet Bhandari 1, Andrew Dadswell 39, Michael Johnston 21*, Jose Poothokaren 4, David Abreu 6*, Ben Stanic dnb, Peter Constantinou dnb (absent ill)

The Result was: –

C.C.N.S.W.: – 5-215 (40 overs) (P. Nash 41* ret not out; D Turner 40* ret not out; A. Dadswell 39)


Lindfield CC: – All out 74 (9 players) (32 overs) (J. Poothokaren 3-11)

By 141 runs

FoW: – 1-26 (E. Cross); 2-37 (R. Lawther) 3-111 (S. Bhandari); 4-191 (A. Dadswell); 5-195 (J. Poothokaren).

The Bowling was: – B. Stanic 6-1-22-1; D. Abreu 6-1-21-1; M. Johnston 6-2-4-1; J. Poothokaren 6-0-11-3, E. Cross 4-0-8-0, A. Dadswell 4-1-4-1

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – One to R. Lawther

Catches: – One to R. Lawther (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to A. Dadswell; 2 points to P. Nash; one point to D. Turner


A performance for the ages by the Prez!

A hot 32°C and humid day with plenty of sunshine and only a slight breeze. No rain in sight or forecast.

A top of the table clash with the Central Coast only a couple of points behind us and only two losses like us and two teams in third and fourth place only a few points further behind.

The pitch was well grassed but a bit soft in patches where there was no grass after 40mm rain mid-week. Phone calls were made by Central Coast reassuring us that the wicket would be ready and covered the night before but they failed to inform the groundsman. No covers but luckily no rain overnight and the groundsman had an hour to prepare. Luckily there was a game played on the same wicket on the Saturday so it did have some preparation on the Friday. Even though the wicket looked dodgier than a vindaloo left out in the sun, the groundsman said 200 runs were scored on the Saturday and with the current stifling heat and humidity the decision to bat was made after winning the toss.

It was apparent after a few overs that this was going to be a difficult wicket to bat on and we were to be told,  half way through the game by a local, that 100 runs is a good score in 40 overs and typical of many Vintage games here. CC took advantage of the seam and slow bounce by bowling on a good length and letting the ball do the work. As nothing was coming off the bat we had to work the singles and the thick kikuyu outfield meant aerial was the only way to get boundaries.

The CC fielding was sublime when Frank Baliotis (2) smashing a rare loose ball hard to mid-on and was snapped up.1-2 off 3 overs. There followed a bizarre run out of John Finucane (4) initially turning back  for a second run after his good aerial shot over mid-on but then  deciding not to go, His bat appeared to get stuck in the grass, while he was trying to slide it into the crease. 2-16 off 10 overs.

CC’s fine fielding continued with finger tips scraping the grass diving forward to get Gerry O’Shea (16) cutting a short ball that popped on him. 3-26 off 16 overs. 

Peter Rolls (10) and Greg Brooks were starting to get some momentum when Peter flicked a ball hard off his pads towards mid-wicket when the 70 yr old CC  Captain Grieg Buscombe stuck his right hand out at full stretch at short mid-wicket for it to stick. 4-50 off 25 overs.

Mick McCormick  (0) tried to go aerial too early off a ball that bounced slowly off the pitch which meant his off drive went straight up in the air and was  caught. 5-57 off 26 overs.

Greg Brooks threw his quality willow at anything slightly full or short for five boundaries including a mighty 6 and soon retired not out at 30. A much needed one in the bank with smart aerial play on this “tennis ball” bounce wicket.

Mel Lucas (0) replaced Greg and had no choice but to throw the bat as soon as he entered the fray with only 11 overs remaining in a fine show of team spirit. A good cut shot but straight to point who held it. 6-71 off 29 overs.

Ajoy Roy(4) in his first game for 12 months (after having long Covid and other health issues) looked in command until a poor umpiring decision had him caught behind hitting the ground with an attempted drive. Even Garry James at the non-striker’s end,  saw a 4 inch gap between the bat and ball as it went past the outside edge. 7-76 off 32 overs.

Garry James (17) had combined well with Greg Brooks, then Ajoy Roy and then Stuart Ridge until he got one of the occasional massive off cutters that skittled his stumps. 8-92 off 37 overs.

Paul Georgiadis (0) was a gracious team man again (like against Southern Highlands) in throwing his bat at the onset and was bowled off the second ball he faced. 9-92 off 37 overs. Paul’s great team spirit allowed the return of a recycled Greg Brooks for what would be the finest display of big hitting I have ever seen in Vintage cricket. With three overs to go Greg and Stuart ridge put on a show for the last wicket that was cheered every ball. Even when Stuart blocked the last ball of an over he got a cheer as we knew Greg would get to face the next over. Over 38 went for 19 runs; over 39 went for only 3 runs but over 40 went for 18 runs with balls dispatched in all directions for a total of 9-133 and a score with “hope” for our bowlers. Greg 64* (including a further two 6s and four 4s) and Stuart 10*, both unconquered.

At tea, a well earned breather for all from the humidity and then we took the field with a spring in our step with the wicket still doing a bit. CC needing 3.3 per over.

Stuart Ridge  fresh from representing Australia in Overs 60’s ODI tournament in Barbados (and voted the second MVP for the tournament) was on song (even though congested with a cold from the flight back) and picked up our first wicket in his second over courtesy of a stunning reflex one handed catch at first slip by Greg Brooks when the ball was edged between keeper and first slip. 1-6 off 3 overs.

Paul Georgiadis opened at the other end and bowled a good line and length except for the odd short ball which CC pounced on as they knew they would get nothing from Stuart who took our second wicket in his fourth over bowling their number 3 with an in-swinger. 2-18 off 7 overs.

Both Stuart and Paul bowled only 4 of their max 7 overs due to the humidity and saving them for later. Greg Brooks replaced Stuart Ridge and kept it tight with a great line and length and Garry James  came on after Paul Georgiadis to great effect with two wickets in his first over (one bowled and one caught Ridge at cover). Wickets 3 and 4 for 33 off 10 overs.

Garry James then bowled their dangerous swinging left handed opener on 20 with an ‘offie’ he pushed through quicker. 5-40 off 14 overs.

Greg Brook’s fine spell was rewarded in his fifth over with an lbw. 6-48 off 17 overs. He was rewarded again in his sixth and seventh overs with a wicket in each (bowled middle peg and caught by a superb outstretched one handed grab from a snick by keeper John Finucane). 8-57 off 21 overs.

Then in the next 12 overs, a partnership developed between their numbers 6 and 10. Our fielders were throwing their bodies around like Greco-Roman wrestlers (which is not easy at our age) but Frank Baliotis, Gerard O’Shea and Mel Lucas saved many runs with their acrobatics. This CC partnership got them to 100 in the thirty third over by smart cricket just waiting for the odd loose ball from Mick McCormick, Gerard O’Shea and Ajoy Roy  who all put in sterling efforts under tense pressure. Even Stuart Ridge came back for one over to try to get a break through. Hopes were fading with only 35 runs required off 7 overs. (5 per over).

Enter partnership breaker Paul Georgiadis and in his second returning over, he had their number 10 hole out to Stuart Ridge at mid-wicket with a good and important catch. 9-100 off 33 overs.

The CC number 11 could also hold a bat and was feeding the strike to their number 6 who had reached 30 but continued batting as the last wicket was in. Over 34 went for 5 runs; over 35 went for 3; over 36 went for 5.

Stuart Ridge returned for over 37 and on his second ball CC number 6 made a strong cut shot that flew behind square.  Greg Brooks fielding at deep fly slip, launched like NASA, diving to his right to take a spectacular one handed catch to win us the game. Euphoria erupted from the team with hugs to Greg, lifting him off the ground which is some feat for this massive man.

A win by 18 runs but it felt like a win by one run so the beers went down well with Greg the stand out man of the match winner with 64* not out, 3 wickets and 2 excellent catches to get a bottle of red he knows his wife will love. (Ed note: Greg is a teetotaler) An individual performance I have not seen before in Vintage cricket but still also ten other players that all contributed in different ways to make this a special team effort. 

A tough final match against Northern Stars on Sunday 12 March to finish the season. Let’s hope we can all put in a big effort to finish on a high to stay on top with what has already been a special season of good sportsmanship and fun camaraderie.

The Team was: –  Frank Baliotis 2, Gerard O’Shea 16, John Finucane (w) 4 , Peter  Rolls (c) 10, Greg Brooks 64*, Mick McCormick 0, Garry James 17, Mel Lucas 0, Ajoy Roy 4, Stuart Ridge 10*, Paul Georgiadis 0

The Result was: 

C.C.N.S.W.: – 9-133 (40 overs) (G. Brooks 64*)


Central Coast: – 10-115 (37.2 overs) (S Ridge 3-8; G. James 3-9; G. Brooks 3-21)

By 18 runs

FoW: – 1-2 (F. Baliotis); 2-16 (J. Finucane); 3-26 (G. O’Shea); 4-50 (P. Rolls); 5-57 (M. McCormick); 6-72 (M. Lucas); 7-76 (A. Roy); 8-92 (G. James); 9-92 (P. Georgiadis).

The Bowling was: – S. Ridge 5.2-1-8-3; P. Georgiadis 7-0-33-1; G. Brooks 7-1-21-3; G. James 7-3-6-3; G. O’Shea 5-0-15-0; M. McCormick 2-0-14-0; A. Roy 4-0-14-0

The Fielding was: –

Stumpings: – Nil

Catches: – 2 to G. Brooks; 2 to S. Ridge and one to J. Finucane (w)

Run outs: – Nil

Player points (awarded by umpire): – 3 points to G. Brooks; 2 points to S. Ridge; one point to G. James



Game cancelled by Army as ground not available; being used for other military purposes.