Organisation & Policies

These policies apply to all the CCNSW  Club teams/members whether they play in C&S, Veterans or social games and were voluntarily adopted by the Club. Additionally our Constitution contains provisions for the Cricketers’ Club  to deal with misbehaving members on or off the field.

CCNSW Committee Roles and Management Organisation

CCNSW Players Code of Conduct

CCNSW Procedures re. On-Field Misbehaviour

CCNSW Member Protection Policy

CCNSW Privacy Policy

CCNSW Helmets Policy

CCNSW Active Transport Policy

CCNSW Good Sports Policy

Further to the above club policies, Cricket NSW requires that all teams in all competitions affiliated directly or indirectly to Cricket NSW  sign up to their “Integrity Guidelines” .


Note that these policies apply in C&S cricket but not in other games as the Masters Association (I.e. Masters/Classics/Vintage)  is not affiliated to Cricket NSW.