Back Row: Paul Brandon, Stuart Ridge, Greg Brooks, Mick . Knox, Glenn Mortell, Curtis Murray; 
Front Row: Soren Hughes, Brett James, Tom Robertson, Pauline Knox (Scoreboard Official), Simon James, Mark Henwood.


ADELAIDE TOUR: t b a:  Contact Secretary for time being at

CANBERRA: TOM ROBERTSON: 0410 818 528 (Mob);

NSW POLICE: SOREN HUGHES: 0432 835 106 (Mob);

RAGA XI: PETER ROLLS:  0448 820 077 (Mob);

SCG XI: SOREN HUGHES: 0432 835 106 (Mob);


XXIX CLUB: GREG BROOKS:  0409 450 334 (Mob):

The Cricketers’ Club of New South Wales is one of the leading “social” cricket Clubs in New South Wales. The Club has arranged 15 ‘social’ fixtures this season, some on Sundays and some midweek and including three or four on a short tour to Adelaide in January. 

These games are an important part of the Club’s cricket program and enable occasional players to mix with players from our regular C&S/Masters/Classics/Vintage and LMS teams in serious competitive games outside the confines of a formal league competition. Standards and age varies but in general terms the standard is equivalent to that of our C&S and Masters games, sometimes slightly higher, sometimes lower.  60 people played in these games for CCNSW last season.

Almost all games are played on turf wickets. Grounds vary from international venues like the SCG or Bradman Oval, Bowral, to small country grounds. 

There is no overall captain of our social sides. Match Managers are appointed for each game and you are encouraged to apply directly to the individual match manager if you want to play; do not hang back.

2023-24 Social Match Fixture Card