City and Suburban

Back row: Adam Khamis, Soren Hughes, Alex Cumming, Henry Davis, Matthew Leong, Jim Hadley, Gerry O’Shea
Front row: Mick McGrath, Declan Thomas (w), Jamie Murtha (c), Tom Robertson, Toby Forbes

Playing for CCNSW in the City and Suburban Competition

The Cricketers’ Club of New South Wales home ground is the very attractive tree lined ground at Camperdown Park in Mallett Street, Camperdown. The ground has full facilities including full square covers, sightscreens, a supersopper, and a new pavilion opened in March 2017, which includes an air conditioned canteen, change rooms and showers. Adjoining the ground on one side is a café and on the other side a licensed restaurant called “Camperdown Greens

Playing for CCNSW in the City and Suburban Competition

Want a hit? Contact Jamie Murtha (c) or Soren Hughes (v/c) at

The Club welcomes and needs new players. All ages are eligible. The 2023-2024 season starts on Saturday 7 October and end on Sunday 24 March and constitutes approximately 20 games.

Matches are played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  All are on turf wickets with 4-piece balls generally commencing at 1.00pm (sometimes 1.30pm) and are generally 35 overs per side though this season some games will be 40 oves p side starting at 12.15pm. Apart from the post Christmas KO rounds of the Jack Pace Shield, games are generally player umpired.

There is no overall league table and points are not formally awarded  in non “Jack Pace Shield” games. However, there is a five round pre-Christmas Jack Pace league from which the eight leading teams progress into a three round quarter final, semi final and final competition after Christmas for the “Jack Pace Memorial Shield”. C.C.N.S.W. has won the Shield four times, and made the semi-finals in 2021-22 but last season finished sixteenth.

In addition there is an 8 team T20 Wednesday evening competition at Reg Bartley Oval, Rushcutters Bay. Currently CCNSW does not currently participate in this.

The City and Suburban Association 1903 Inc. was founded in 1903. The 20  teams participating in the 2023-24 season are : Barker Old Boys, Beavers, Colleagues, C.C.N.S.W., Hunters Hill, I Zingari (Australia)*,  Knox Old Boys, Marrickville C.C., Nondescripts*, Old Aloysians, Old Cranbrookians, Old Sydneians, Paddington, Primary Club of Australia, Rangers , Reg Bartley XI, St George Veterans, Sachin Tendulkar XI, Sydney University Lions (formerly known as Sydney University Veterans)*  and Yaralla* .

(* means one of the Foundation Clubs in 1903).

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2022-2023 City and Suburban Cricket Association Annual Report

Full match details of every game are on the PLAYHQ website.